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Before the Night Takes Us
Across The Sun Apr 26, 2016
Would anyone be interested if we released a new record?
Across The Sun Feb 15, 2015
Would you rather pee out of your eyes every 30 minutes or poop out of your mouth once a day?
Across The Sun Jan 02, 2015
Happy 2015, you guys! Could this be the year for the new ATS record!? No, probably not.
Across The Sun Dec 16, 2014
Good ol' #musicmonday.
Across The Sun Jun 06, 2014
13,000 likes! Right on! We've now got one like for every year it's taken us to finish this record. #sweet
Across The Sun Mar 28, 2014
I foresee a Star Wars themed show after viewing this.. :) ~Sam.
Across The Sun Mar 01, 2014
Wanna hear ANOTHER teaser of the new ATS material? I posted a clip on my Instagram account late last night! I'll be posting more clips, so follow me to stay in the loop!
Across The Sun Feb 27, 2014
Yeah, that's the ever so dreamy Zac Efron, standing less than thirty feet away from an Across The Sun shirt in the film, "At Any Price" (2012).
Across The Sun Feb 25, 2014
Just reached 5,000 Trackers! - Track Across The Sun
Across The Sun Feb 18, 2014
This is why we love our fans. Keep spreading the word. Let the internet know what's up.
Across The Sun Feb 14, 2014
Happy Valentine's Day, ATS fans! Prepare those heart-shaped buttholes of yours... because they're about to get blown out.
Across The Sun Feb 06, 2014
Over half of the record is done guitar-wise. Sorry we are taking our time on this one but it really will pay off guys :) On a side note, all of my guitar solos and many of the riffs are killing my hands. I am definitely pushing my limits on this one guys!! - Sam
Across The Sun Jan 01, 2014
We hope that you're all as hungover as we are right now.
Across The Sun Dec 18, 2013
Across The Pun
Across The Sun Nov 28, 2013
Everyone have a fantastic thanksgiving! All of us are so thankful to have the most amazing friends and fans!!
Across The Sun Nov 26, 2013
Psssstttt... We started recording our new album and it already sounds magnificent. Don't tell anyone though, ok? We're trying to keep it a secret.
Across The Sun Oct 10, 2013
THROWBACK THURSDAY!!! This is a clip of us playing our cover of 'Separate Ways' originally written by Journey. I think we were in Minnesota at a venue called The Rock.
Across The Sun Sep 30, 2013
Tonight is the end of possibly the best television show of all time, Breaking Bad! Who is as bummed/stoked as we are!?
Across The Sun Aug 22, 2013
Across the Sun has music added on Spotify!!! Punch us in and and crank it up!!
Across The Sun Jul 04, 2013
Dust off the ol' American flag bandana, grab a frosty brew and jam some ATS today while you blow some shit up! If you live outside of the states, do the EXACT same things anyway!
Across The Sun Jun 13, 2013
How to stay focused at band practice!
Across The Sun Jun 13, 2013
How to enjoy a drum solo!
Across The Sun Jun 13, 2013
How to enjoy a guitar solo!
Across The Sun Jun 01, 2013
Do yourselves a favor today and check out TessaracT's new record, Altered State. So impressed with their new front man and musical direction!!
Across The Sun May 09, 2013
THROWBACK THURSDAY! Who remembers this jam!?