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BLD Remixes B
Es war einmal Indianerland (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Acid Pauli Aug 16, 2019
Happy Friday! :-) My remix for Noema
Acid Pauli Jul 30, 2019
Music :-)
Acid Pauli Jul 16, 2019
Moscow on Saturday! :-)
Acid Pauli Jun 01, 2019
Acid Pauli May 17, 2019
Nico Stojan and me did an EP. :-) Bandcamp:
Acid Pauli Apr 29, 2019
Armenia! Can't wait to play Cercle. :-)
Acid Pauli Apr 15, 2019
While there are a lot of people just trying to suck the last $ out of this beautiful and miraculous place called Tulum, there are some who really do care. Amongst them my friend Milana, who came to dance at my Boiler room set 4 years ago, just hours before she gave birth to her first child. Ever since she calls me the "midwife". I will quote her now: "Everyone loves Tulum, but no one wants to take care of it" So if you are one of the Tulum lovers, please consider to help! Thank you! Peace Pauli
Acid Pauli Mar 19, 2019
Straight from the desert to the coast for the Lost In A Moment Israel After Party this weekend. Tickets here:
Acid Pauli Feb 04, 2019
Acid Pauli Jan 30, 2019
One more day left...
Acid Pauli Jan 23, 2019
Hello everybody, we recently celebrated the 10th release on our label Ouïe with this "First X" compilation featuring an unreleased remix by Nico Stojan. The next release is already on it's way and for a limited time it will be given away fro free, so stay tuned. Thank YOU for your support and thank you for the music. ap
Acid Pauli Jan 21, 2019
BLD Bonus. Out on 1st February 2019.
Acid Pauli Dec 31, 2018
Acid Pauli's cover photo
Acid Pauli Nov 26, 2018
Vinyl available now:
Acid Pauli Nov 19, 2018
Very happy about Jonathan Kaspar's upcoming release on Ouïe .
Acid Pauli Nov 13, 2018
Hello everybody, here is some new Orgon Energy:
Acid Pauli Oct 28, 2018
Acid Pauli Oct 26, 2018
Happy to be part of Watergate Records 25 mixed by Adana Twins!
Acid Pauli Oct 21, 2018
Das Warten hat ein Ende! Dear Listeners, It’s been overwhelming how many of you have written and asked for this year’s Fusion set. One person even counted the weight of the tears he had shed every time he came here, and found the set was not online yet. So why did it take so long? It was a very intense four hour set at the Palapa, and it was a very intense week before that. To go back and revisit those moments required quite a bit of strength, which I didn’t have until now. Obviously the intensity of revisiting those moments at the Palapa had a lot to do with the death of our dear friend Bas Engels.� You might think that I'm loco for saying this, but I know Bas was there with us, celebrating life and death, guiding me through the set and even creating some magic, when my computer froze and I had to restart it, while improvising on a drum machine. Normally the recording would be lost then, but this time it was just there as if nothing had happened. Without him you wouldn’t be able to listen to this now. I want to thank Bas for the special magic he created on so many occasions. Also I want to thank Eule and his team for their foresight and faith to pull me slightly out of my comfort zone, and into this perfect Sunday morning setting. And, of course, I also want to thank all of you, because music sounds better with you. Peace #Fusion2018
Acid Pauli Oct 20, 2018
Acid Pauli Oct 19, 2018
Acid Pauli Oct 18, 2018
Thank you for your patience.
Acid Pauli Oct 18, 2018
SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
Acid Pauli Sep 28, 2018
Had been very happy to contribute to the spirit of Burning Man, even without being physically present. ► Eva Kaczor & Acid Pauli – Mayan Warrior ◄
Acid Pauli Sep 19, 2018
Watergate Records