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Acid House Kings Aug 23, 2019
AHK related: Red Sleeping Beauty and Cristina Quesada collaborate on sensationally great double A-side single.
Acid House Kings Aug 17, 2019
Yes, have now bought this Unknown Pleasure inspired t-shirt for tourists.
Acid House Kings Aug 09, 2019
Now that was pretty beautiful!
Acid House Kings Aug 04, 2019
Song of the day: Singletons “Wasting Time”. Josh of Holiday releases “new” music after 23 year hiatus.
Acid House Kings Jul 18, 2019
AHK related: New Red Sleeping Beauty EP including a cover of The Field Mice’s classic single.
Acid House Kings Jul 17, 2019
Acid House Kings Jul 13, 2019
Acid House Kings Jun 21, 2019
Happy Midsummer!
Acid House Kings May 26, 2019
Yes, those were the days.
Acid House Kings May 03, 2019
Song of the day: Dylan Mondegreen “Ikkje Gråt for Me, California” (Red Sleeping Beauty cover)
Acid House Kings Apr 29, 2019
“Bigger than Jesus” - classic headline from 2011.
Acid House Kings Apr 28, 2019
Goal when 61 years old: to be as cool as Robert Forster. Great concert tonight!
Acid House Kings Apr 17, 2019
In Spain with sunglasses = good.
Acid House Kings Apr 13, 2019
AHK related: Red Sleeping Beauty release new, brilliant album Stockholm.
Acid House Kings Apr 07, 2019
The Assembly "Never Never" is now on Spotify, so we have updated our essential Best Old Music playlist!
Acid House Kings Apr 05, 2019
Now that’s a really great Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark song.
Acid House Kings Apr 02, 2019
Song of the day: Prefab Sprout "I Trawl the Megahertz"
Acid House Kings Mar 30, 2019
AHK related: Red Sleeping Beauty share lead single The Swedish Winter from upcoming album Stockholm. It’s a smash!
Acid House Kings Mar 22, 2019
It’s Johan’s birthday! 🎂🎁
Acid House Kings Mar 22, 2019
Eight years ago today. Is it enough for it to be called a timeless classic?
Acid House Kings Mar 16, 2019
Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package! Re-evaluate the songs Double-pack with a photograph Extra Track (and a tacky badge)
Acid House Kings Mar 01, 2019
Acid House Kings Feb 19, 2019
From Mondays are like Tuesdays and Tuesdays are like Wednesdays photo session.
Acid House Kings Feb 16, 2019
Original member Joakim returns to the Alps for the first time in 20 years. In style.
Acid House Kings Feb 08, 2019
Sambassadeur have recorded new songs. If they can, maybe we can?