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Acid House Kings Nov 22, 2018
Song of the day: Marianne Faithfull “The Gypsy Faerie Queen”
Acid House Kings Nov 09, 2018
AHK related: New Red Sleeping Beauty single out today! And it's a Zara Larsson cover 🙂
Acid House Kings Oct 06, 2018
The rarest Acid House Kings record. #inswedish
Acid House Kings Oct 01, 2018
Song of the day: Soccer Mommy "I'm on Fire"
Acid House Kings Sep 18, 2018
Sporting the official Felt t-shirt. 👌🏼
Acid House Kings Sep 11, 2018
Clip of the day.
Acid House Kings Aug 30, 2018
That time a pre-Acid House Kings demo cassette sold for an insane amount of money. #flashbackfriday
Acid House Kings Aug 27, 2018
Today we discussed songs.
Acid House Kings Aug 25, 2018
My wandering days are over. Nah, just began.
Acid House Kings Aug 17, 2018
That time four years ago when the original lineup had a go at kite surfing. #flashbackfriday
Acid House Kings Aug 10, 2018
Family photo from 1984. Album cover from 2005. 🤔
Acid House Kings Aug 01, 2018
Original lineup member Joakim showing the (only?) Knausgård approved beach.
Acid House Kings Jul 31, 2018
Julia is planning for a September release. Child, that is.
Acid House Kings Jul 22, 2018
If new songs are not written here, they never will be.
Acid House Kings Jul 09, 2018
New summer playlist from Labrador! Starts and ends with the masters of summer song titles, yes that’s us :)
Acid House Kings Jul 06, 2018
AHK related: “Perfezione pop”, “sounds like a classic already”, “one of the world's top synth pop acts”, “can’t deny the catchy powers”, “it’s just too delicious”, “melodies are wonderful”, “cuatro deliciosas canciones synthpop”, “a Nordic gem of the highest order”. New Red Sleeping Beauty EP receives a lot of praise. ❤️
Acid House Kings Jul 04, 2018
Hello from Indonesia! 🇮🇩 ☀️😍🌴🏄‍♂️
Acid House Kings Jun 22, 2018
AHK related: New 4-track Red Sleeping Beauty EP out now. "Sounds like a classic already" according to the interwebz. ❤️💥🙌 Spotify: SoundCloud: Limited edition digipack CD:
Acid House Kings Jun 20, 2018
AHK related: Club 8 (Club8music) working on new material (already!).
Acid House Kings Jun 19, 2018
Would you say 10 Euro for this original 1950s Omega Seamaster is a good price? 🤪
Acid House Kings Jun 14, 2018
Song of the day: Ring snuten "Natur/natur"
Acid House Kings Jun 11, 2018
AHK related: Unofficial World Cup song from Red Sleeping Beauty​! Go Sweden!! ⚽️🇸🇪⚽️🇸🇪⚽️ Spotify: w SoundCloud:
Acid House Kings Jun 10, 2018
AHK related: Red Sleeping Beauty release World Cup song Dressed in Yellow and Blue. Go Sweden! ⚽️🇸🇪⚽️🇸🇪⚽️ Listen? Spotify: SoundCloud:
Acid House Kings May 29, 2018
Acid House Kings May 26, 2018
Song of the day: Ljus “Vendetta”.