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Reports from the Abyss
Access To Arasaka Jun 25, 2013
displacer is my hero.
Access To Arasaka Jun 16, 2013
I have been sans internet for a good long while. I finally am connected again. My phone never lets me see private messages on here, so I will respond to them this weekend. Sorry, and thanks!
Access To Arasaka May 19, 2013
To all who have purchased écrasez l'infâme, thank you. Your donations help to ensure that CRL Studios will continue to bring amazing music to the masses. I tip my proverbial hat to all of you, as does the entire CRL team.
Access To Arasaka May 16, 2013
SALE!!! 50% OFF ALL Tympanik Audio CDs and DIGITAL RELEASES - 1 WEEK ONLY. Go to and enter discount code TYMPANIKAUDIO when you add item(s) to your cart. Discount applied automatically at the Tympanik mailorder shop:
Access To Arasaka May 16, 2013
So, there's this little thing I did. All proceeds go to CRL Studios, so help them out for being awesome: Also, sorry that I suck at the internet. I'll respond to all messages soon, I promise.
Access To Arasaka Apr 18, 2013
Teamed up with TOKEE and lucidstatic to benefit a friend. Grab a copy, help someone in need, and get some pretty rad music plus good karma out of it.
Access To Arasaka Mar 24, 2013
Stellar compilation from Crime League!
Access To Arasaka Mar 16, 2013
Killer new album from CRL's Human Error, with great remixes from mangadrive and r.roo. Grab a copy. Because you're worth it.
Access To Arasaka Feb 22, 2013
Surprise CRL Studios compilation!
Access To Arasaka Dec 28, 2012
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and may 2013 bring you all wonderful things.
Access To Arasaka Dec 25, 2012
A merry corporate defection run to all, and to all a good fight.
Access To Arasaka Dec 04, 2012
Available now!!
Access To Arasaka Dec 03, 2012
Access To Arasaka Dec 01, 2012
Part 2 of the VoxxoV Records debut! Even more amazing artists on this one.
Access To Arasaka Dec 01, 2012
New label, new compilation, new tracks from tons of great artists. Show VoxxoV Records some love!
Access To Arasaka Nov 30, 2012
*squee again!*
Access To Arasaka Nov 30, 2012
Access To Arasaka Nov 21, 2012
This. You need this. This is exactly what space sounds like. I've been there, so I know.
Access To Arasaka Nov 21, 2012
New compilation, strictly Tympanik artists, 42 tracks. Pre-order now. This is going to be epic, to say the least.
Access To Arasaka Nov 19, 2012
Video for tapage's "Circles" is rad. :)
Access To Arasaka Nov 17, 2012
My personal love for Haiti requires me to urge you all to help some good friends raise money for their documentary!
Access To Arasaka Nov 16, 2012
What happens when Aphorism and Millipede get together? This happens. And it's absolutely incredible.
Access To Arasaka Nov 15, 2012
One more short interview with Wounds of the Earth blogzine, as well as a great interview from Tineidae!
Access To Arasaka Nov 14, 2012
Just bought the new Acnode from Raumklang Music Records. Can't stop drooling over how bloody good this is.
Access To Arasaka Nov 14, 2012
Another quick interview, this one with Des cendres à la cave, for their upcoming massive compilation. Complete with unreleased AtA remix of lucidstatic's Misplaced.