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Symphonic Terror (Live at Wacken 2017)
The Rise of Chaos
Blind Rage
Stalingrad (Bonus Track Version)
Blood of the Nations (Bonus Version)
Accept All Areas - Worldwide (Live)
Death Row
Objection Overruled
Staying a Life (Live)
Eat the Heat
Russian Roulette
Metal Heart
Balls to the Wall
Restless and Wild
Baltic Open Air Festival Baltic Open Air Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Schleswig-Flensburg, Germany) Find tickets
Accept at Baltic Open Air (August 23, 2019)
Venue: Baltic Open Air (Schleswig, Germany) Find tickets
ACCEPT Aug 20, 2019
ACCEPT rhythm section rehearsal with Martin & Christopher yesterday as we all get ready to head off for BALTIC OPEN AIR later this week. "Accept rhythm section rehearsal. Metal AF!" ~ Martin Motnik
ACCEPT Aug 10, 2019
The crowd in Oulu was insane last night ! Let’s see what happens at “Rock in the City “ festival tonight .... Finland Rocks !!! #finland #festival #accept #theriseofchaostour #metal #tourlife
ACCEPT Aug 07, 2019
ACCEPT has joined the line up for the Area 53 Festival 2020!!! Until August 31st, you can still order the early-bird ticket at Only as long as stocks last!
ACCEPT Aug 04, 2019
Thank you Rockstadt Extreme Fest for an incredible crowd making us feel at home!
ACCEPT Aug 03, 2019
From last night.....
ACCEPT Aug 01, 2019
We're so excited to be a part of #FOAMHENGE '19. Hosted by @EddieTrunk, the lineup also includes @ace_frehley, @HighonFireBand, @powertriptx, @PATTRAVERSBAND & @Narco_Wasteland. It all goes down Nov. 10th @karbachbrewing in #Houston. Tickets on sale now -
ACCEPT Jul 27, 2019
Last show of the Symphonic Terror run and we have some very enthusiastic orchestra members tonight ! We gonna Rock this town !!! #kemerovo #russia #symphonicterror #tourlife #metalband #accept
ACCEPT Jul 25, 2019
Men At Work? Hell No! It's ACCEPT having some unique fun blowing stuff up in the mines of Siberia before our last Symphonic Terror show. It's metal direct from the mine! Gets the juices flowing for some new music! \m/
ACCEPT Jul 25, 2019
ACCEPT & WOLF HOFFMANN: KLASSISCH! Pick up the new Gitarre & Bass Magazine’s August 2019 issue with the Wolf Hoffmann and ACCEPT feature story. Definitely check it out!
ACCEPT Jul 22, 2019
Wonderful memories of our previous show in Oslo. Thanks to Jon Glittenberg for the fantastic photo! #symphonicterror #wolfhoffmann #oslo #norway
ACCEPT Jul 08, 2019
ACCEPT's cover photo
ACCEPT Jul 04, 2019
Let Freedom rock everyone! Be safe out there ~ Wolf, Mark, Martin, Uwe and Christopher
ACCEPT Jul 02, 2019
ACCEPT fans, take a moment to read.....
ACCEPT Jun 08, 2019
Today is Mark Tornillo's birthday. Everyone raise your glass to Mark and send some love . Happy Birthday to you man!
ACCEPT Jun 03, 2019
ACCEPT featured in July's BURRN!, exclusive coverage and interviews!
ACCEPT Jun 03, 2019
ACCEPT's cover photo
ACCEPT May 27, 2019
MÜNCHEN, wir sind in dir! Wer ist heute abend alles am Start und feiert mit uns? 🤚🏽 20Uhr, Circus Krone 😎
ACCEPT May 16, 2019
Last night was incredible! Second half of Symphonic Terror started up last night in Prague, Czech Republic at Kongresové centrum Praha . A special thank you to our dear friend Nicola Bernard of Nicola Bernard - photo for capturing some amazing photographs from the show!
ACCEPT May 09, 2019
Symphonic Terror Show in Oslo, Norway with KORK - SOLD OUT!
ACCEPT Apr 20, 2019
Our new single "Life's A Bitch" is out now and we instantly made it onto Spotify's amazing "Heavy Metal" playlist cover. Check out "Life's A Bitch" and subscribe here: we're also on "New Metal Tracks" and on "Hard Rock":
ACCEPT Apr 17, 2019
Martin Motnik has joined ACCEPT on bass and world renowned violinist, Ava-Rebekah Rahman, joins The Orchestra Of Death for the not to be missed Symphonic Terror Tour. See both Martin & Ava this Saturday, April 20th, for their first performances with ACCEPT at the historic Stadthalle Wuppertal in Wuppertal, Germany.
ACCEPT Apr 04, 2019
ACCEPT Mar 19, 2019
For our special opening show for the Tons Of Rock Festival at the Opera in Oslo - only have few tickets left, get your tickets here:
ACCEPT Mar 14, 2019
JUST ANNOUNCED: ACCEPT is excited to join the line-up of Rockstadt Extreme Fest Tickets: Event