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Crash (Deluxe Extended Edition)
Under the Floor, Over the Wall
Abney Park: Live at the End of Days
The Circus At the End of the World
Through Your Eyes On Christmas Eve
Ancient World
Ranch Hand Robbie and the Wasteland Wranglers - Off the Grid
The End of Days
Æther Shanties
Lost Horizons
The Death of Tragedy
From Dreams Or Angels
Abney Park with Coloring Electric Like and Stariana at Dante's (September 13, 2019)
Venue: Dante's (Portland, OR, US) Find tickets
Kristina of Abney Park Feb 14, 2019
ON SALE NOW! Only At "Abney Park's New Nostalgics" is a collection of songs from the 1900’s-1940’s. We've taken these 80 to 120 year old songs, and recorded them in Abney Park's signature style. Featuring these songs: Strip Polka (1942) Come Take a Trip in my Airship (1909) Here Comes the Boogieman (1938) Minnie the Moocher (1931) Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (1932) A Pocket Full of Dreams (1928) Take Me Up In Your Airship Willie (1904) Brother Can You Spare a Dime (1930) ...and more! Pre orders will go on sale at 9:00 am, pst. You'll get an instant download at that time of all the songs, plus a half hour documentary on the music, and how it was made! We are releasing it before Valentine's Day, as this should make a fun inexpensive Valentine's Day present for someone you love (including yourself!) Actual CD should ship end March. only at
Kristina of Abney Park Aug 23, 2018
Taken at midnight, a couple miles off shore.
Kristina of Abney Park Aug 01, 2016
Abney Park
Kristina of Abney Park Jul 22, 2014
Abney Park
Kristina of Abney Park Mar 12, 2014
*** AAH! HELP! *** Okay, we have a show in Portland in a week and a half, and for some stupid reason the websites been telling everybody the ticket sales were closed! AACK! Could you help us spread the world that the show is back on sale, and by all mean, go buy a ticket! Get your ticket ONLINE, NOW at
Kristina of Abney Park Feb 06, 2014
The Steampunks of France are having a fun raiser to bring us to their lovely city for a performance. We would be thrilled to go! If you think this is a noble cause, please pledge! There are great awards!
Kristina of Abney Park Jan 07, 2014
Kristina of Abney Park Dec 07, 2013
FUTURE OF ABNEY PARK ALBUMS? Let me know if this is worth it to you. What if instead of a plastic jewel case, physical CD's came in a 20 page full color magazine filled with lyrics, cord charts, and illustrations of each song? The CD would be in a little sleeve in the back of the magazine. Then buying the CD would become an "experience" as you sat on your sofa, listened, and read along, or played along on an instrument, etc. It'd be laid out like our current lyrics book (see below). Eventually, you could collect the whole library of magazines like comic books. would this be worth, say $20? This costs me a bit more then pressing a CD, but to me this is way cooler. I'd love to make buying a real thing cooler then just downloading the music.
Kristina of Abney Park Dec 07, 2013
Today is the steampunk version of Black Friday: BRASS FRIDAY SALE! Our sale lasts through Monday, and over 50 other Steampunk stores have joined us! (See post below this for a complete list.) We've got a ton of stuff on sale at
Kristina of Abney Park Nov 13, 2013
Abney Park will be in Portland Oregon on Saturday for The Swashbuckler's Ball
Kristina of Abney Park Oct 11, 2013
*** ABNEY PARK LIVE IN SALEM OREGON NEXT WEEK! *** "ABNEY PARK - The Universe's Greatest Pirate Steampunk Band will be gracing the stage of the GRAND THEATRE in Salem, Oregon on Sunday, October 20th at 7pm. Tickets are on sale at 100% of the proceeds from this show will support the Culture Shock Community Project and the 13 Nights of Halloween community festival, both non profit projects. Tickets can also be bought in person (Starting October 1st) at The Nest (241 State St) or at either Venti's restaurant (cash only at Venti's please). Tickets will go fast, so don't wait too long!"
Kristina of Abney Park Sep 27, 2013
NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: THE CIRCUS AT THE END OF THE WORLD Click the link below to buy out new album as a digital download! (you can also get it on iTunes, but its a big help to us if you buy it directly from us, so we don't have to give apple and amazon a cut.) By now we've shipped the majority of the physical CD's. Most just shipped, so if you still haven't gotten yours, give it a week before you email "[email protected]" for help.
Kristina of Abney Park Sep 14, 2013
ABNEY PARK MINIATURES KICK STARTER! RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures are starting a fund raiser campaign to support the release of a line of Abney Park Airship Pirates miniatures. This are great collectables, and can also be used with the Abney Park RPG. In order to make these cheap to produce, they want to raise enough funds to pay for a major order of them. So if your interested in these, go and pledge!
Kristina of Abney Park Sep 12, 2013
Abney Park
Kristina of Abney Park Sep 06, 2013
Circus At The End Of The World T : Abney Park Market, Steampunk & Neo Tribal Fashion & Music
Kristina of Abney Park Sep 04, 2013
This is a song preview of "Dominion Of Dust" from Abney Parks new album, Circus At The End Of The World, on sale September 7th (this Saturday!) This album has 13 songs, and they are all amazing! Only at (because we don't like to share with corporate record labels!). Repost! Don't listen if you don't like spoilers!
Kristina of Abney Park Aug 28, 2013
Abney Park
Kristina of Abney Park Aug 14, 2013
Abney Park
Kristina of Abney Park Aug 12, 2013
Grandiloquent Word of the Day
Kristina of Abney Park Aug 12, 2013
Abney Park
Kristina of Abney Park Jul 17, 2013
Grandiloquent Word of the Day
Kristina of Abney Park Jul 01, 2013
Abney Park will be at GEAR Con this coming weekend!
Kristina of Abney Park Jun 26, 2013
THE ABNEY PARK CD BUNDLE Our five latest albums as real CD's, $50. Get it here:
Kristina of Abney Park Jun 17, 2013
Airship Pirates
Kristina of Abney Park May 10, 2013
Abney Park