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Aaron Smith Apr 13, 2019
All set up and ready to go at UNI at the McLeod Center for the scholarship fundraiser. This is going to be fun.
Aaron Smith Apr 12, 2019
This weekend’s shows: Friday 12th - LeRoy’s, Aurora: 8-midnight Saturday 13th - Generations, Oelwein: 8-11 Hope to see you out!
Aaron Smith Apr 11, 2019
I'm so excited to announce that my new EP, "Goodbye Chicago," will be available May 24th! It will be available for pre-order beginning May 3rd at iTunes. I will also have physical copies, along with brand new merch, including t-shirts, hats, and Koozies, available for pre-order beginning May 3rd. Anything pre-ordered from my online store will be shipped prior to the release date. I'm so excited to share the project with you. Alexander Webb worked so hard on this project at Studio 516, and I can't wait to finally show you all what he did. I'll have more info and pre-order instructions coming soon! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the continued support and for supporting local music!
Aaron Smith Apr 04, 2019
This weekend’s shows: Friday Night - Aphea’s Pizza Parlor - 9pm - Midnight Saturday Night - Bank Bar & Grill - 9pm - 1am Hope to see you out!
Aaron Smith Mar 10, 2019
Ready to go at this cool new bar in Clermont, T's Brick City Pub Playing till 4. Get up here!
Aaron Smith Feb 15, 2019
With streaming music being the popular method to get your music nowadays, it’s still important to buy music that you really love to support the artist. Every time one of my song is streamed on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, etc, I earn a measly $.0004. I’m glad my music is being heard, but it makes it hard to continue to record music, with each song costing 1000’s of dollars. With each purchase of a $.99 song, I earn close to $.60 each. You then own it and can listen as much as you’d like while knowing you truly support the artist and the art. While being an Apple Music subscriber, I choose to buy music whenever I truly love an artist. This is my favorite album of 2018. Thank you Jordan Davis for providing me with my soundtrack for the last year. I pretty much always choose vinyl anymore, because they usually come with a download and I don’t have a CD player in any of my vehicles anymore. Please, support the arts, and support live music. #vinyl Edit: the best way to support an artist is by going to a live show, and buying merch directly from the artist. Merch bought directly from the artist benefits them 100%. My friends know I love merch at live shows, but it’s my way of supporting the artist. #gotoconcerts #buytshirt #buyhats #buykoozies #buyalbums
Aaron Smith Jan 11, 2019
I’ve only got 1 gig booked right now in March and I would like to get another couple. I’ve got 3 dates that I’m not currently busy with other stuff. The 1st, 15th, or 29th. Any suggestions or tags from bar owners or managers would be great. Thanks!
Aaron Smith Nov 26, 2018
This dude is a true artist and songwriter; left his label so he could produce music the way he wanted and not be a part of the machine. Can’t wait to hear the album Tucker Beathard!
Aaron Smith Nov 15, 2018
I hope y'all dig my version of this great tune from a great new artist.
Aaron Smith Oct 12, 2018
Happy National Farmer’s Day to all my fellow farmers!
Aaron Smith Sep 20, 2018
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Sep 16, 2018
Unfortunately, I will not be playing today at Okoboji Grill. I’m a little under the weather as they say and it’s left me with very little voice. I hate having to do it but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be much of an entertainer today. I have faith though that y’all will find a way to enjoy this beautiful Sunday.
Aaron Smith Sep 11, 2018
It’s been a great year so far and I’d love to close out September with some great shows. Then I’m taking a few months to focus on Ashley and my wedding in December and then hopefully party with everyone on NYE. Thanks always for the support and I’ll see ya out! Friday, September 14 - Sunset Sharkeys Clear Lake 8pm - 12am Sunday, September 16 - Okoboji Grill Independence 11am - 2pm Friday, September 21 - Leo’s Oelwein 8pm - 11pm Thursday, October 25 - Leo’s Oelwein 6pm - 9pm Monday, December 31 - Leo’s Oelwein 8pm - ?
Aaron Smith Aug 18, 2018
Not a bad backdrop for tonight’s gig.
Aaron Smith Aug 18, 2018
Playing at The Landing tonight in Clear Lake 7:30-10:30.🎙🎸🎼
Aaron Smith Jul 26, 2018
2 shows this weekend Saturday: Walker Pickle Days 1pm-3pm Saturday: Generations Lounge Oelwein 8pm-11pm Hope to see y’all out!
Aaron Smith Jul 21, 2018
All set up and ready to go for 96.5 Kiss Country Ride for a Cause playing here at Wolfey's Wapsi Outback. Thanks to Ronnie Wolfe and Katheryn Foxx Kiss for letting me be a part of it! Happy to support great organizations like St. Jude Children's Research Hospital whenever I can!
Aaron Smith Jul 17, 2018
Busy week this week. I hope to see some familiar faces Wednesday - Hugos Naperville 6pm-9pm Thursday - Francesca’s Passagio, Naperville 6:30pm - 9:30pm Friday - After The Fair Party, Independence 8pm-11pm Saturday - Wolfey’s, Quasqueton (St Jude’s Ride) 11:30am - 1pm Saturday - Sumner Days 4pm - 8pm Sunday - Country Chrome, Hawkeye 1pm-5pm
Aaron Smith Jul 10, 2018
Ready to get down at The Buchanan County Fair! Hope to see some familiar faces!
Aaron Smith Jun 14, 2018
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Jun 04, 2018
Tune in to 96.5 KISS Country out of Cedar Rapids at 4 today. I’ll be doing a little interview and maybe Facebook live some tunes. If you’re not in the area, go to and tune in there!
Aaron Smith Jun 01, 2018
Here it is! The official lyric video for my new single, "Baptized in Black Dirt" I'm so excited for y'all to see this and hear this song! This video was shot during harvest of 2017 as well as at one of my gigs this spring. I hope this song and video make you feel the love for agriculture and small town living that I feel every day. Please share with friends, family, everyone. And add "Baptized in Black Dirt" to your playlist, as its available everywhere digital music is sold. As always, thanks for the love and support and lets see if we can't get this song heard all over the midwest!!! iTunes: Song Production: Alexander Webb at Studio 516 Video Production: Allen Mast at Broken Bucket Productions
Aaron Smith May 27, 2018
This is about to happen. Come hang with me Missfitz Bar and Grill in Harpers Ferry!
Aaron Smith May 25, 2018
After 2+ years, I’m beyond thrilled to finally bring y’all new music! This song means the world to me. It embodies every part of the reason I am who I am today. I’m so grateful to be able share this with you. Alexander Webb gave his everything to produce this thing. Special thanks to Kevin Couch for lending his talents on the drums for this track. Please, go to iTunes and spend the $.99 to purchase this track and share the picture with all your friends doing so. Let’s get this thing out to the world and get it heard. Your support could mean the world of difference for giving this thing wings. I love y’all and thanks for sticking by me while I made this a project a reality. *This song is dedicated to everyone who works in agriculture. Your work doesn’t go unnoticed. Be proud and keep doing what you’re doing! **Music video by Allen Mast at Broken Bucket Productions coming soon! 📷: Zakary Kriener
Aaron Smith May 22, 2018
Its going to be a busy, but fantastic summer. I hope ya'll can find a date or 2 to come out and catch me live! May 25 - Private Event, Waterloo, 8pm May 26 - Missfitz Bar and Grill, Harpers Ferry, 8pm - 12am June 2 - The Market at White Barns, Hawkeye, 9am - 3pm June 2 - Meadowbrook Country Club & Golf Course, Sumner, 5pm - 9pm June 6 - Hugos Frog Bar & Fish House - Naperville, Naperville, IL, 6pm - 9pm June 7 - Francesca's Passaggio, Naperville, IL, 6:30pm - 9:30pm June 9 - New Hampton Heartland Days, New Hampton, 5pm - 7pm June 9 - Private Event, Greene, 8pm - 11pm June 10 - Okoboji Grill at River Ridge Golf Club, Independence, 11am - 2pm June 15 - Hawkeye Days, Hawkeye, 6pm - 10pm June 17 - PromiseLand Winery, Guttenburg, 2pm - 5pm June 21 - Wolfey's Wapsi Outback, Quasqueton, 7pm - 10pm June 23 - Opening for Adam Sanders - Fairbank Island Days, Fairbank, 6:30pm - 7:30pm / 9:30pm - 12am June 24 - Private Event, Aurora, IL, 2pm June 29 - Private Event, Waterloo, 8pm - 11pm June 30 - Boyd's Bar, Fairbank, 9pm - 1am July 1 - Music in the Park, Denver, 6pm - 9pm July 6 - Buchanan County Fair, Independence, 8pm - 12am July 18 - Hugos Frog Bar & Fish House - Naperville, Naperville, IL, 6pm - 9pm July 19 - Francesca's Passaggio, Naperville, IL, 6:30pm - 9:30pm July 21 - Sumner Days, Sumner, 4pm - 8pm July 22 - Country Chrome, Hawkeye, 1pm - 5pm July 24 - Fayette County Fair - West Union, IA, West Union, 7pm - 9pm July 28 - Walker Pickle Days, Walker, 1pm - 5pm July 28 - Leo's Italian Restaurant & Generations Lounge, Oelwein, 8pm - 11pm July 30 - Private Event, Waucoma, 5:30 - 8:30pm August 3 - Private Event, Spillville, 6pm - 8pm August 10 - Private Event, Waterloo, 8pm - 11pm August 11 - Independence Motor Speedway, Independence, 10pm (tentative) August 12 - Country Chrome, Hawkeye, 1pm - 5pm August 17 - The Landing on Clear Lake, Clear Lake, 7:30pm - 10:30pm August 18 - Private Event, Fredricksburg, 6pm August 22 - Hugos Frog Bar & Fish House - Naperville, Naperville, 6pm - 9pm August 23 - Francesca's Passaggio, Naperville, 6:30 - 9:30pm August 25 - Meadowbrook Country Club & Golf Course, Sumner, 5pm - 9pm