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A Rocket To The Moon Dec 08, 2018
We see y’all. Thank you for the continuous love, friends.
A Rocket To The Moon Apr 11, 2018
Hi everyone! We added a few shirts from our last show for order over at! Grab them before they're gone!
A Rocket To The Moon Dec 14, 2017
A Rocket To The Moon
A Rocket To The Moon Jan 22, 2017
Thank you one million times, 8123 fest.
A Rocket To The Moon Jan 20, 2017
See you tomorrow, 8123.
A Rocket To The Moon Aug 31, 2015
Nick Santino has started a new full band by the name of Beach Weather. Beach Weather is Nick Santino, Reeve Powers, Austin Scates and Ian Halubiak. They're first EP "What A Drag" is available now on iTunes. Check it out and make sure you follow them on Twitter/Instagram: @Beachweather and in Facebook at!. WHAT A DRAG EP:
A Rocket To The Moon Oct 13, 2014
Crazy to think this ol' gal is five years old today. Even though we are no longer a band, I'd like to sincerely thank you for the continued support and love that you all still show the four of us. I will forever be grateful for what you guys have allowed me to do as a musician and as a human being. I've experienced more than I ever thought was possible and I have all of you to thank for that, along with Justin, Nick, & Andrew, of course. You guys are the best and I can never thank you enough. Here's to what comes next. You know that my love is on your side. -Eric
A Rocket To The Moon May 29, 2014
Hey everyone, Nick Santino here! I wanted to let you all know that my new album "BIG SKIES" is on Itunes now! I spent the last 3 months anxiously waiting for the day you all could listen to this record. Check it out now and let me know your thoughts in the comments! I will be chatting in the comments over the next few days. Big Skies (LISTEN NOW) - - Nick
A Rocket To The Moon May 27, 2014
Nick Santino has released his debut full length album "Big Skies" on iTunes now! If you were ever a fan of a rocket to the moon before I strongly urge you to give this record a listen! It's exactly where rocket left off. Hope you enjoy!
A Rocket To The Moon Apr 16, 2014
Hey Everyone! It's Nick Santino here. I wanted to let you know that my new single 'Can't Say I Miss You' from my debut solo record, Big Skies, is out now! Check it out below!
A Rocket To The Moon Mar 26, 2014
Hey amigos, it's Halvo. Just wanted to drop by and say that my friends and I put out an EP today under the name Eagles in Drag. We would love for you to check it out! It's streaming over at and is also available on vinyl (10" bone/black, limited to 500 copies) and on iTunes. The band also features John & Jared from The Maine, Ryan from This Century, and Trey Nickelsen. It was a real good time making it and I'd love to hear what you think about it. Hope all is well! -Eric
A Rocket To The Moon Feb 25, 2014
A few Wild & Free and Group posters are still available at
A Rocket To The Moon Dec 20, 2013
You can purchase Wild & Free and the Ever Enough Video for just $9.99 over at the FBR iTunes Room
A Rocket To The Moon Dec 10, 2013
$5 t-shirts and 50% off hoodies during The Fueled By Ramen Holiday Sale!
A Rocket To The Moon Nov 11, 2013
NEW MUSIC ALERT: Nick Santino - The Ones You Meet Along The Way.
A Rocket To The Moon Nov 11, 2013
"Like" Nick Santinos official Facebook page:
A Rocket To The Moon Nov 11, 2013
Pick up the new EP from ARTTM singer Nick Santino today on iTunes! If you were a fan of the music ARTTM created then you will LOVE this record. Tell all of your friends! iTunes link:
A Rocket To The Moon Oct 24, 2013
This is from the show in Jakarta a few months back. I think this is the only group shot I ever got on film of us. -Halvo
A Rocket To The Moon Oct 15, 2013
Hey everybody, its Halvo! Just wanted to stop by to say hey and that I threw the first half of my photos from this summers 8123 tour onto Flickr. You can check those out and a bunch of other stuff from the past few years right here: Hope you enjoy! Talk to you all soon! Love, Eric James Halvorsen
A Rocket To The Moon Sep 23, 2013
'If Only They Knew'
A Rocket To The Moon Sep 19, 2013
The 'Classic' hoodie is available for only $14 in the webstore while supplies last:
A Rocket To The Moon Sep 07, 2013
There are $6 t-shirts and $14 hoodies in the webstore:
A Rocket To The Moon Sep 06, 2013
Congratulations to Julie James from Wilmington, Delaware on winning the signed Kingman SCE acoustic Fender Guitar and thank you to everyone who entered!
A Rocket To The Moon Sep 06, 2013
4 hours left to win Nick and Justin's Fender Guitar from the final shows:
A Rocket To The Moon Sep 05, 2013
Photo by Marissa Leigh for Showlights Concert Photography