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A Day's Past Jul 30, 2012
Like this status if you want to hear some really good news ;)
A Day's Past Jun 18, 2012
Wondering what our old members are doing?? Our drummer Tyler is drumming for 1978 Champs. Go add them you will NOT be disappointed. EPK will be uploaded soon!
A Day's Past May 27, 2012
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A Day's Past Apr 28, 2012
A Day's Past Mar 08, 2012
Miss A Day's Past?!?!?! Well so do I. But I'm not giving up on music just yet. Here is an acoustic song Davon and I worked on together, that we hope you guys can enjoy as well! It may not be heavy, but A Day's Past always had a soft side to it anyways. Tell us what you think! Also, if you visit my soundcloud at, you can download this song, or either of the other 2 I've recorded, absolutely free! Thank you guys so much for all the support though the years. I wouldn't still be doing music if it wasn't for you all! <3
A Day's Past Mar 01, 2012
Hey everyone, Landon and Davon just finished a new acoustic song. It's probably going to be released in the next week or two and we'll post it on the A Day's Past page for you all to listen. It's just a little side project we've been doing for a few months and we want some feedback. Mind you, this song is not related in anyway to A Day's Past. Sorry :P.
A Day's Past Feb 25, 2012
here ya go.
A Day's Past Feb 01, 2012
A Day's Past Dec 04, 2011
Thank you guys for everything :)
A Day's Past Dec 04, 2011
Go check out our good buddies Nightmares ! They just posted a new song from their studio time at Chango Studios. It deserves a listen.
A Day's Past Dec 03, 2011
For those who do not understand or even remotely know what is going on with A Day's Past, here is the breakdown. We have enjoyed what we did over the past year to the fullest extent. We are so proud to have said that we preformed for so many of you and wish we could do it one more time everyday, however this hiatus is closing and we are no longer together. New projects will hopefully unfold for all of us, while some of us have already found something new. We only hope to have left some kind of mark and that you enjoyed what we were able to produce. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH -ADP
A Day's Past Dec 01, 2011
Follow Jordan Steel on twitter! :) @suttersteel
A Day's Past Nov 24, 2011
Happy Thankskilling
A Day's Past Oct 21, 2011
Once again for those of you who haven't seen it!!
A Day's Past Oct 21, 2011
It's Here!!!!
A Day's Past Oct 21, 2011
Okay, I know I've been slow, but I promise to have the update video posted by midnight! Thank you for your patience :) -Mitch
A Day's Past Oct 13, 2011
We will be posting an update video tonight, stay tuned.
A Day's Past Oct 08, 2011
Hello everyone. I would like to inform you that we are in the midst of making a lot of changes within the band. One of these changes being that we have parted ways with our guitarists Grant and Davon. They are still part of our family, it's just that they have chosen to follow different paths in life, and we respect that. We will keep you updated and informed some of the moves we make, and we will also let you guys know when we start our search for new additions to the band. Have a great night.
A Day's Past Oct 06, 2011
Yeah, so we have a lot of big news coming soon.
A Day's Past Sep 26, 2011
Go check out Enemies Past Counting's new song "Treasures." It's a sick song AND it has our one and only, Landon Jones, in it :]
A Day's Past Sep 22, 2011
We've had this up for a while. Figured now would be a good time to share it again with you guys!
A Day's Past Sep 21, 2011
We have a surprise for you... ;)... We could post it right now.. but we don't think you want it bad enough.. Change our minds by commenting below with what you think about it!
A Day's Past Sep 21, 2011
So this new Facebook? :(
A Day's Past Sep 16, 2011
Hey everyone, it feels so good outside! What are your plans this weekend? Hmmm??? WE WANNA JOIN!
A Day's Past Sep 14, 2011
Last person to comment on this gets a hug from all of us ;)