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A Change of Pace Apr 08, 2019
Come party with us on June 22 at The Van Buren for Pop Punk Nite RSVP HERE:
A Change of Pace Mar 29, 2019
POP PUNK NITE at The Van Buren!! We are so stoked to headline this event! Come party with us!! The night will be filled with pop punk DJ sets, pop punk themed drink specials, and every band will be playing originals + covers. RSVP HERE - - >
A Change of Pace Mar 29, 2019
's cover photo
A Change of Pace Mar 29, 2019
A Change of Pace
A Change of Pace Mar 12, 2019
June 22. AZ. Let’s Party. Tag your friends. We promise this will be a night you won’t want to miss. Announcement soon...
A Change of Pace Feb 02, 2019
JUNE 22, 2019.
A Change of Pace Aug 12, 2016
We are selling the banner from the last show for $200. 100% of the funds will go to a friends family that just lost their son to cancer. If you live in Arizona, message us or comment on here and we will deliver it with no shipping charge. Thanks to you guys shopping on the store, we have already raised over $1,000!!
A Change of Pace Aug 10, 2016
Please read, please share… My wife’s friend, and a man who was loved by so many tragically passed away from cancer last week. Jonathan Sloan was 30 years old, hilarious, smart, beautiful, and taught 3rd grade. I spent a few hours last night cleaning out the A Change of Pace storage unit and created an online store. There are shirts, CD’s, banners, scrims, etc. Everything has already been paid for, so 100% of every dollar spent at this store will go directly to Jonathan’s family. If you like mediocre-slightly above average pop-punk music, go buy something. It’s for a good cause. Also, fuck cancer. Jon
A Change of Pace Aug 07, 2016
A Change of Pace
A Change of Pace Aug 01, 2016
A Change of Pace Aug 01, 2016
How many people love/collect Vinyl?
A Change of Pace Aug 01, 2016
A Change of Pace
A Change of Pace Jul 30, 2016
Prepare The Masses...
A Change of Pace Jul 29, 2016
A Change of Pace
A Change of Pace Jul 29, 2016
Final rehearsals for Saturday!! We can't wait to see everyone!! Get your tickets now at the link below!! If you buy a ticket, it will let you stay in the venue for the after party with the band!!! Help us out and share this post. See everyone in 2 days. Lets party.... Tickets:
A Change of Pace Jul 27, 2016
Remember that time we shot a music video for Shoot From The Hip and didn't release it? Well.. is 10 Years too late? Get tickets for Saturday's show at this link. Anyone with a ticket will have access to the after party with the band:
A Change of Pace Jul 15, 2016
Below is a link to order our NEW SHIRT!! All of the funds are going towards helping pay for the show, and ALL excess money is going to be donated. SO PLEASE help us out by ordering a shirt. If you order this weekend, shipping is FREE! If you are coming to the show, the shirts will be available for pick up at the merch booth. Please like, share, comment on the this post! Thanks and we can't wait to see everyone at the 2 shows celebrating 10 years of Prepare the Masses!! Love, A Change of Pace
A Change of Pace Jul 03, 2016
YES!!!! Less than a month away until we celebrate 10 years of "Prepare the Masses" with 2 shows!! Here is a throwback to one of the first shows we played after the album came out. We can't wait to party with everyone. Get your tickets now and RSVP to the event pages!! They are going fast!!! July 30th @ The Pressroom - Phoenix, AZ Event Page: Tickets: August 6th @ Chain Reaction - Anaheim, CA Event Page: Tickets:
A Change of Pace Jun 16, 2016
Rehearsals for the 10 year anniversary of Prepare The Masses have begun. We are playing the album in it's entirety. What song are you most excited for?
A Change of Pace Jun 05, 2016
Arizona!!! Less than 2 months until our show with Greeley Estates (Official Band Page), It's Like Love, Ded, and Rival Tides The show is free, but if you buy a ticket it guarantees entree into the show! The tickets are donation based and start at only $5. Get them now at the link below!!!
A Change of Pace May 18, 2016
Here is a clip from the last show... Make sure you RSVP to the FREE Arizona show we announced yesterday by clicking this link -->
A Change of Pace May 16, 2016
Announcement Tomorrow....
A Change of Pace Mar 09, 2016
Arizona. 10 year Prepare the Masses show this summer.
A Change of Pace Jan 08, 2015
A Change of Pace Oct 16, 2014