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All the Way Down
A Broken Silence
A Broken Silence
All For What
A Broken Silence May 19, 2019
A Broken Silence Jul 07, 2018
1 year from today we dropped this: New LP to come 2019👊
A Broken Silence Jun 30, 2018
1 year 1 month today we released this... New LP will be ready for 2019, ✌
A Broken Silence Jun 01, 2018
Massive thanks to everyone for buying / streaming the new L.P! We are excited to announce its done well enough to put album 4 in the works! We have also managed to get some new merch! Shirts, hoodies, zip ups, you name it. Our featured design goes out to our fans that have been with us since our first L.P! Can you's guess which one it is? 🤔😝
A Broken Silence May 27, 2018
Track with ABS from our great friend Robar
A Broken Silence May 19, 2018
7 years from today we released Hope👊✌
A Broken Silence May 01, 2018
10 years ago today, we dropped this👊✌
A Broken Silence Feb 15, 2018
L.P preview
A Broken Silence Feb 15, 2018
A Broken Silence: Build it Up - Official Music Video
A Broken Silence Feb 04, 2018
We hope you are all enjoying the new L.P - feel free to like / share!
A Broken Silence Jan 29, 2018
Rapcore / Hiphop / Rock. A Broken Silence, new L.P is out now!
A Broken Silence Jan 23, 2018
A Broken Silence - New L.P preview
A Broken Silence Dec 24, 2017
All the Way Down
A Broken Silence Dec 12, 2017
's cover photo
A Broken Silence Dec 12, 2017
To our fans, First of all, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for the love and support this past few years. This has been the toughest album yet as we have dropped all label support which has proven a daunting and epic experience. We are happy to finally announce that the “All the Way Down” video will be out on the 17th followed by our new full-length L.P on the 29th December 2017! We have sold all our music gear to fund the New LP promotion over the coming months. What we make from the album will go to funding the next L.P which is set to be recorded in June 2018. If you like the new L.P when it drops, please feel free to share it with your friends on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Facebook etc. That would be immensely appreciated on our part. Also, to our Indiegogo supporters. As most of you ordered the new album amongst other things, for obvious reasons we could not send it out until the release date. We have not forgotten you but once again, thank you so much for your patience and support. Much love to all and thanks for being a part of the journey thus far. Peace -ABS
A Broken Silence Dec 12, 2017
A Broken Silence
A Broken Silence Dec 01, 2017
New single out now!
A Broken Silence Nov 15, 2017
A Broken Silence
A Broken Silence Nov 15, 2017
's cover photo
A Broken Silence Oct 22, 2017
Many thanks to our fans Worldwide! We have No Label & are doing this on our own. Hope is on the way to 2 million plays ... New LP is coming soon, thanks for your patience.
A Broken Silence Sep 09, 2017
Due to Unforseen circumstances unfortunately our next Single / Video will not appear until early next week. This was out of our control & we promise to have it out early next week plus some more amazing music to follow right after. We appreciate your patience.✌
A Broken Silence Sep 06, 2017
Finally got a release date for the new single! Thanks for being so patient, this release is without label support so it can be painful at times. Peace -ABS
A Broken Silence Aug 17, 2017
A Broken Silence
A Broken Silence Aug 16, 2017
's cover photo