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No Man's Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe (Original Soundtrack)
Wild Light
We Were Exploding Anyway
Heavy Sky
Escape from New York
The Destruction of Small Ideas
One Time for All Time
The Fall of Math
65daysofstatic Nov 23, 2018
live from the 65 samizdat workshop.
65daysofstatic Nov 19, 2018
65Propaganda151118: UK Tour Starts Next Week -
65daysofstatic Nov 15, 2018
65daysofstatic Nov 05, 2018
65Propaganda051118: UK Decomposition Theory Shows Start in Two Weeks -
65daysofstatic Nov 02, 2018
Welcome to the latest attempt to do some last minute promo for our upcoming UK tour, especially the Gateshead show, in which 65days overthink the answers to some pointless questions and it gets published to the internet FOREVER.
65daysofstatic Oct 26, 2018
OUR LONDON VILLAGE UNDERGROUND SHOW HAS SOLD OUT. As a way of saying thanks, here's an exclusive behind the scenes video from the algorithmic wing of 65LABS. Tickets for other UK shows still availabe:
65daysofstatic Oct 11, 2018
65daysofstatic Sep 26, 2018
not too long now until this short tour of our beat-heavy installation/performance project. tickets here:
65daysofstatic Sep 17, 2018
Hi everyone. We've been busy trying to write music that isn't also a song at the time. So - here is some brand new music from us. It is a live take of some machines we made to make music like we make, except in ways we might not have thought of ourselves. If you'd like to see ~60 minutes of this kind of thing in the form of a 65 A/V installation-performance thing, then you are in luck. Because we are doing a run of experimental shows where every night will be unique. for tickets and dates and all that. HOPE TO SEEEE YOOOOOU THERE.
65daysofstatic Jul 02, 2018
Hi. Today we're really excited to announce two special Decomposition Theory shows in Amsterstammmmmm & Berrrrrrrrrrlin this October. These are in addition to the already announced Barcelona festival & a week of UK dates in November. Also very pleased to announce Johanna Bramli as support for all the UK shows. For ticket links & this news again but with more paragraphs, you should read the latest 65propaganda mailout -> THANKS 65X
65daysofstatic Jun 15, 2018
see you tonight at Meltdown. we’re on 20.45.
65daysofstatic May 25, 2018
the new 65propganda mailing list is online! if you wanna subscribe, go here: the old one was ditched cos we weren't sure about GDPR (and also it was dead expensive). please refer to this diagram for a detailed explanation about what this means for our collective futures. thanks, 65.x
65daysofstatic May 24, 2018
Tickets on sale now for this nice small warm-up show for Meltdown. Leicester, 13th June, at Dryden Street Social. There's gonna be only a *very* few regular 65 shows this year. Just FYI.
65daysofstatic May 09, 2018
Facebook Data Centre/NSA! Please archive this message, left mostly unseen as we're not gonna give you cash to boost it: Tickets for the Decomposition Theory UK shows are NOW ON SALE. Full ticket links back over on the open web:
65daysofstatic May 08, 2018
65daysofstatic May 08, 2018
's cover photo
65daysofstatic May 08, 2018
Morning. We're really excited to announce a run of special A/V shows around the UK as part of our ongoing Decomposition Theory project. Each show will be a unique, live collaborative performance with generative music algorithms we made. When we started this project, it was a way to try and imagine better futures from the mire of the outmoded music industry... Automation as emancipation, not alienation! Didn’t turn out that way though. We don’t trust the thoughts we’ve coded into our machines. They don't trust us either. Tickets go on sale 10am tomorrow. Check for links.
65daysofstatic Apr 11, 2018
Got a couple of shows lined up on the way down to Meltdown festival since we've not played any yet this year. We're at Dryden Street Social in Leicester on 13th June and then in Wales for the first time in a loooooong time on 14th June - Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. Tickets on sale now! Leicester ones available here: Will add a Cardiff ticket link when we have it. Get them while they're fresh. See you see you see you. 65.x
65daysofstatic Mar 22, 2018
Pleased to announce that we're bringing Decomposition Theory, our algorithmically-driven live A/V noise installation/performance, to AMFest in Barcelona this October. GRAN RUIDO. Yes yes. Tickets on sale from today: Facebook event:
65daysofstatic Mar 15, 2018
Tickets for Robert Smith's Meltdown Festival went on sale this morning. We are playing Meltdown Festival. Yes. We are. Come one come all it's gonna be goooooooood.
65daysofstatic Mar 06, 2018
Ten years ago we toured with The Cure, opening up for them in arenas all over Europe and the U.S. It was great. A little later Robert Smith was kind enough to lend us his vocals for Come to Me and also kind enough not to be bothered when we cut them into glitchy pieces and covered them in distortion. Now he's been kind enough to invite us to play his Meltdown festival alongside some of the greatest bands in the history of bands. So that's what we're doing. We're playing 15th June. Tickets are on sale from 13th March if you're a member of the Southbank Centre, or 15th March if you're not. S E E Y O U T H E R E. 65.x
65daysofstatic Jan 15, 2018
t h r e a d s
65daysofstatic Jan 05, 2018
FYI everyone who has been playing the long game re: owning 65 shirts. If you use code OFFER40 at you get 40% off. Which is a lot of percent off. Weep at our entrepreneurial skills.
65daysofstatic Dec 15, 2017
you don’t have to thank us spotify, just doing our bit to help your execs keep their place in the parasitical-overclass-rich-people-death-cult. #happyholidays!
65daysofstatic Nov 29, 2017
newwwwwwwwwwwcastle. coming up next week to have a play in this new boiler shop venue. sounds good. support from warm lights. still tickets. last UK show of the year, penultimate everywhere-show of the year. tckststsz: