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No Man's Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe
Wild Light
Heavy Sky
We Were Exploding Anyway
Escape from New York
The Destruction of Small Ideas
One Time for All Time
The Fall of Math
65daysofstatic Aug 23, 2019
So... Here’s ‘Trackerplatz’. Kind of hard to believe this song made it to the end, it was so close to collapsing so many times in the studio. It feels like a fitting closer to this weird new record we have made. Hope you all like it. x
65daysofstatic Aug 21, 2019
welcome to the weekly 65 live stream experiments. first one beginning in 46 minutes >>>>
65daysofstatic Aug 20, 2019
gonna start doing some live streaming weekly from tomorrow evening uk time. subscribe to our youtube channel for notifications. link in bio.
65daysofstatic Aug 08, 2019
Hey we just saw that in the U.S there is a transparent-orange vinyl available for pre-order for people in the States. Can't remember/possibly never knew why this is available over there & it was clear vinyl over here. The music industry is a mystery to us.!Social
65daysofstatic Aug 01, 2019
Morning. Here's an excerpt from 'nines' off our e.p 'Ptolyweirds', out today for subscribers of our A Year of Wreckage project. Close your eyes with this playing & you might even believe it's stopped raining for a second. to sign up, if you'd like.
65daysofstatic Jul 31, 2019
final reminder: the ptolyweirds e.p, described by scholars of 65daysofstatic as 'colossal' & 'like their old high energy glitchy stuff before they got all sombre' is available to subscribers TOMORROW. full of bangers. except for the slow one.
65daysofstatic Jul 29, 2019
Alongside the forthcoming record, our A Year of Wreckage subscription rolls on. ptolyweirds >> a year of wreckage #4. >> 010819 >> 1. ghost club 2. ptolyweird 3. decapita 4. nines
65daysofstatic Jul 27, 2019
in all the excitement for the new album, don't forget that the A Year of Wreckage series is continuing to put out lovingly sculpted blocks of noise every month. Ptolyweirds is next week. It's... glitchy.
65daysofstatic Jul 27, 2019
>> >> pre-order // pre-order // pre-order // pre-order // pre-order // pre-order // pre-order // pre-order //
65daysofstatic Jul 26, 2019
The new single from forthcoming album 'replicr, 2019'. Streaming in all the usual places. If you'd like to pre-order the record, go here:
65daysofstatic Jul 26, 2019
our new album is available to pre-order now, should you want to. go here: and be astounded at the variety of t-shirt colour options we have offered you. all vinyl comes with a cd inside it too, FYI.
65daysofstatic Jul 25, 2019
hey remember that 'popular beats', the first single from our forthcoming album 'replicr, 2019' is out tomorrow on all the good streaming services. and all the evil ones.
65daysofstatic Jul 18, 2019
65daysofstatic Jul 18, 2019
65daysofstatic's cover photo
65daysofstatic Jul 18, 2019
Anybody need a record that tries to turn all the dread in the air these days into noise? 65daysofstatic - replicr, 2019. released 27.09.19 on superball records. pre-order from for tracklisting and artwork info:
65daysofstatic Jul 17, 2019
65daysofstatic Jul 17, 2019
65daysofstatic Jul 17, 2019
65daysofstatic Jul 17, 2019
65daysofstatic Jul 17, 2019
A new episode of Bleak Strategies is out now. It's called MODE OF PRODUCTION, LOUDNESS WARS, EXPLODING AND SCANNING BEETROOT. Search for 'Bleak Strategies' in your podcast app or listen now here:
65daysofstatic Jul 17, 2019
65daysofstatic Jul 17, 2019
65daysofstatic Jul 17, 2019
65daysofstatic Jul 17, 2019
65daysofstatic Jul 16, 2019