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62 miles from space Jul 21, 2019
Looks like we won't have any 'new' releases this year. So in the meantime, we've decided to put out a couple of compilations of old stuff. About 5 years ago, an album of ersatz 'giallo' cinematic music called 'Disorders of Memory & Learning” was put together, and although the bits that surfaced got a pretty good response, it was shelved and never released. Anyway, there have been some pretty poor versions of some of these tracks kicking around the internet for years, but now you can hear them as they were originally intended in all their, lo-fi, tape-compressed, mono glory. The plan is to release it in two volumes. “Disorders of memory and learning (Volume 1 / Baroque)” is available for download now. It's stylish, sexy, cool and FREE, so please enjoy! Volume 2 to follow soon...
62 miles from space Feb 18, 2019
Yet another new release! Our new track 'Into the Light' is featured on 'Evolutions', Volume 12 of the long-running compilation series 'Your Psych Tunes'. It really is a great selection of tracks from contemporary underground psych bands. It's well worth a listen and we are very happy to be included. Available for digital download on a pay-what-you-want basis. Enjoy!
62 miles from space Sep 01, 2018
We're back! Our brand new track, 'Mare Undarum' was specially written for the new compilation album 'Undulating Waters Vol. 1', on Woodford Halse Records. It's available now for download, or on limited edition cassette (100 copies) with unique packaging including an individually screen printed and die cut outer sleeve and j-card. It also includes a collectable cigarette card with an excerpt from the Woodford Halse mystery on the reverse written by Paul Bareham.
62 miles from space Dec 22, 2017
Interview with us on
62 miles from space Oct 20, 2017
It's here! Out now...
62 miles from space Oct 07, 2017
62 miles from space Sep 22, 2017
We're happy to announce that the vinyl release of our forthcoming EP, 'Time Shifts' will now be accompanied by two brand-new bonus tracks for digital download. You can listen to and pre-order the whole EP, plus bonus tracks here:
62 miles from space Sep 09, 2017
Mega Dodo
62 miles from space Aug 14, 2017
62 miles from space Aug 10, 2017
62 miles from space Aug 06, 2017
Thee Psychedelicatessen
62 miles from space Jul 15, 2017
We're very pleased that our track "Time Shifts'" is included on the excellent new compilation album "Music from the Basement Vol. 2"! Available from the 24th of July. PRE-ORDER:
62 miles from space May 08, 2017
Mega Dodo
62 miles from space May 08, 2017
Great new solo EP, "UAW" by Roma (a.k.a Corell) out now on Concrete Records. Nice one!
62 miles from space Oct 22, 2016
62 miles from space's cover photo
62 miles from space Oct 22, 2016
62 miles from space