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We Bury the Living, Early Recordings 1989-90
Strange News from the Angels
Strange News from the Angels
The Venus Trail
Fish Tales/Swarthy Songs for Swabs
3ds Dec 02, 2017
Just about all you will ever need
3ds Oct 20, 2017
Coyote from Dunedin!
3ds Oct 29, 2013
3ds vinyl in John Peel's record collection. A vinyl copy of The Venus Trail. Knew there were some made but never saw one. Glad John Peel got one though. Thanks Andrew for the link!
3ds Jul 23, 2013
Magic Peter Gutteridge song. Great!
3ds Mar 14, 2012
3ds's cover photo
3ds Nov 18, 2011
this is tonight in melbourne. spiral stairs is gonna come play some songs too. hope you can come.
3ds Nov 11, 2011
i love the great unwashed so much. this month has been so great for listening to the songs you haven't listened to in a while. Peter Gutteridge. You are a genius. 'Born in the wrong time' is on repeat for me today.
3ds Nov 10, 2011
check this out. starts with a cut-up hey seuss. radical.
3ds Nov 05, 2011
Love The Alpaca Brothers. 'The Lie' is a beautiful song. so is 'Hey Man'... underrated. But it doesn't matter anymore, they have some pretty special fans. If you don't know there music go find it. Flying Nun EP, late 80's... i went through two i loved it so much
3ds Oct 30, 2011
so this Nunvember its all 3d's related, just not 3d's. Ghost Club are playing some shows around NZ, you gotta go see that! and for those across the ditch, David Saunders is playing a one-off show in Melbourne on Nov 18th at the Workers Club. It's a Flying Nun celebration show, heaps of great bands. he will be joined by some special friends to help him get over the nerves. Go Along!
3ds Oct 15, 2011
Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks - "Senator"
3ds Oct 07, 2011
new zealand?
3ds Sep 28, 2011
For those in NZ, this is coming up. The Ghost Club are playing some shows around the country. Get along y'all.
3ds Sep 28, 2011
Nirvana In Aus: The Untold Story Pt 2 : Mess+Noise
3ds Sep 09, 2011
Hellzapoppin Vinyl not too far off now... Octoberish?
3ds May 12, 2011
great live clip of otago orientation
3ds May 12, 2011
old skool
3ds Feb 18, 2011
Just received test copy of new 3d's compilation due out on Flying Nun soon. Put together by Bruce Russell no less, it features never released early recordings, Xpressway releases, and the first 2 Flying Nun EP's. It sounds great, and its a good sign of things to come on Flying Nun. Yeah.
3ds Feb 05, 2011
We missed this show due to personal reasons. Such a shame as the poster is tops. And what a bill!
3ds Jan 08, 2011
hey! go check out the flying nun page or go to barkers menswear to get a spiffy new 3d's t-shirt. also clean, bats, and gordons t's available...
3ds Aug 07, 2010
what are 3d's fans listening to in 2010? favourite band or record. one only.
3ds Jul 27, 2010
the new flying nun website is up and running!