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16volt Dec 01, 2018
When I was a kid my brother and I raced BMX. My mom was an official in the National Bicycle League and she owned two tracks. One of them was “Devonshire Downs” in Northridge, CA. We did national tours, had factory sponsors and had a blast. My brother found this pic online yesterday and it brought back some great memories.
16volt Oct 26, 2018
Statik Industrial TV's excellent coverage on Cold Waves 8 Music Festival - part 1 in NYC Eric from 16VOLT's side band from the 90's "h3llb3nt" was honored to play all three festival's shows this September, NYC/CHI/LA - look for more coverage including H3llb3nt in the next couple episodes - we'll post 'em when they are public!
16volt Oct 17, 2018
Want to play a game? What songs would you want to see 16VOLT play live from the first three albums; Wisdom, Skin, LetDownCrush? Let us know :)
16volt Oct 08, 2018
It's taken me a bit to recover from our 2018 H3llBent Cold Waves Festival adventures. I still can't really form full thoughts on it. It's all random, blurs, flashes in recent memory all melting together... but I will try. It was a whirlwind of no sleep, flying all over and witnessing all the magic that the Cold Waves family creates. 6 Cities (3 of them proper Cold Waves Festival dates, 3 of them with CHEMLAB, 2 of them with Chemlab/ C-Tec. 10 flights, 1 Van trip, a ton of Lyfts and Ubers and 1 Amtrak ride for me, 1 Greyhound ride for Steve Hickey, who was my partner in crime on this one, we couldn't have done it without him. We had John Servo DeSalvo out for our NYC and Chicago shows, he is a beast. I am recovering not because all that was exhausting, it was. I am recovering because of the people, places and moments that are once again gone. From the first call I got from Jason Novak seven years ago Cold Waves has become a part of my life that I am blessed to have. We are all blessed to have. And although it celebrates the life (and always carries a tear for me)of Jamie Duffy after his passing, Cold Waves has created something bigger than all of us. I can't put it to words. It's connection maybe, I don't know. I just know that I am so lucky to be a part of it. There are new people I meet every year and meeting them is usually amazing. There are some standouts for me this year, Mike Love, Ged Denton, jean-luc de Meyer, Rhys Fulber, Rexx Arkana to name a few. And there are my road brothers from decades ago, Dan Brill, Nez Llrlrr, Kraig Tyler, Jason Bazinet, Jim Marcus, seeing them every year is amazing. Band standouts for me this year- CHEMLAB. Jared Louche and his band of merry men simply destroyed every show. Make no mistake, for my money this was Chemlab's festival. They owned it. Marc Heal, Jean Luc Demeyer, Sean Payne, and Ged Denton = C-Tec was heavy, slick and pro every show. ACTORS was awesome to meet and see. They are going to blow up and forget all the little people. So many others... ugh. The Cold Waves enablers, Jason Novak, Kelly Britton-Novak, @Georgia Novak, Dann Szymczak, Mike Welling, Hayley Cody, Aaron Pollak, and more. Thank you, it was a hugely ambitious deal, you guys all killed it and made it great for everyone. Pat MamaKidd Duffy, the always mom of honor, I wish we spent more time together, next year. (Love you). I am forgetting people. I know it. I will probably keep adding to this. It was a fun experiment to bring out H3llB3nt. We really hope people enjoyed it. It was different. We know. We fell in love with doing it. We hope you did too. I am honored to be a part of Cold Waves. I miss you all already. See you next year...
16volt Sep 28, 2018
@16volt @cyanotic @dnalounge
16volt Sep 28, 2018
We’re on the wall! @dnapizza
16volt Sep 28, 2018
Get on tonight’s live stream! Http:// It’s in right now! We’re live and streaming !!! DNA lounge with chemlab/c-tec/H3llb3nt
16volt Sep 28, 2018
Load in at the world famous @dnalounge #h3llb3nt #coldwaves #c-tec #chemlab
16volt Sep 27, 2018
Here we go again. #coldwaves weekend #3 #h3llb3nt
16volt Sep 27, 2018
Tonight San Francisco. #h3llb3nt #coldwaves #chemlab #c-tec @dnalounge
16volt Sep 24, 2018
Jared louche in the groove #coldwaves #h3llb3nt #chicago 📸Chris Christian
16volt Sep 23, 2018
#H3llb3nt #coldwaves 📸 chris Christian
16volt Sep 23, 2018
Legend. I thank this man for all he does. If you know. You know. My step brother 20+ years on the road. Always here for eachother from afar. #coldwaves mastermind.
16volt Sep 23, 2018
My office view for today #coldwaves #chicago #h3llb3nt
16volt Sep 23, 2018
With mamakidd #coldwaves #chicago ❤️❤️❤️
16volt Sep 23, 2018
#coldwaves #h3llb3nt #chicago
16volt Sep 22, 2018
Pano from stage. Metro Chicago!
16volt Sep 22, 2018
Load in #coldwaves
16volt Sep 22, 2018
Back in Chicago!! #coldwaves #h3llb3nt
16volt Sep 22, 2018
My own row. SEA✈️CHI #coldwaves
16volt Sep 21, 2018
Let’s do this! Can’t wait to be in my step city!!! #chicago #coldwaves7 #h3llb3nt
16volt Sep 19, 2018
Did you get your tickets yet? Come see Eric, Servo, and Steve perform H3llb3nt! #coldwavesfestival #chicago @coldwavesfestival
16volt Sep 16, 2018
DC > Chi > pdx Back home to Portland for the week. #nosleeptillportland #coldwaves
16volt Sep 16, 2018
#h3llb3nt #ctec #chemlab
16volt Sep 15, 2018
Load in #WashingtonDC #h3llb3nt