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Beneath the Scars
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12 Stones
12 Stones Jan 16, 2019
This Saturday, we will be playing at Venue 182 in Raceland, La. it’s going to be an awesome night!!! Share this post and tell everyone you know that we are coming in HOTTTT!!! Let’s make this night one to remember. More shows to be posted soon. Stay tuned. PM
12 Stones Dec 19, 2018
Merry Christmas from 12 Stones!
12 Stones Nov 22, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving!!
12 Stones Oct 05, 2018
Click here to support Eric Weaver medical fundraiser organized by Paul Mccoy
12 Stones Oct 04, 2018
Some of you may already know that I asked for prayers and support for a close friend recently. That friend is Eric Weaver, lead guitarist for 12 Stones. Eric was hospitalized last Sunday with life threading medical issues. He spent several days in ICU in a local hospital. He is currently stable and the doctors are working hard to get him better. We will be playing our show this Saturday at Bottle and Tap in Baton Rouge, La acoustically due to the fact that Eric isn’t able to play. The venue has agreed to give a portion of the proceeds to Eric to help with his overwhelming medical expenses. He has a very long road ahead of him and his life will be forever changed. Please come see us play this Saturday and help us raise some money to help Eric and his family during this trying time. We respectfully ask that everyone give Eric and his family some privacy for now. This has been a big ordeal for all of us and we appreciate everyone for their kind words and compassion. Please come to bottle and tap in Baton Rouge this Saturday, Oct 6 to see Jon and I play an acoustic set in support of our brother. For those wishing to make a donation towards Eric’s medical bills, I will set up something and posts link soon. Thanks for reading this and thanks for anything you can do!! We love you all and hope to see you Saturday!! Best wishes, Paul McCoy
12 Stones Jul 31, 2018
I want to thank everyone that takes the time to support live music. I have been lucky enough to spend the better part of 18 years playing music that I believe in with my brothers. We know that we can’t please everyone and that sometimes, people just won’t like what we do. I promise that every time we take the stage, We give 100000000%. Regardless if we are playing for 5 people or 50,000 people, we play the best that we can. I would like you to remember that musicians are people too. We have feelings and we have pride. It takes so much to get on a stage in front of friends, family and strangers to share what we go through and how we feel. We, like so many others bands, write songs about our lives and what we know. There will always be people that try to make you believe that you’ve lost the touch and that you are “done”. Well, news flash.....I’m too stupid to ever stop writing and playing music that I love. Thanks to those that have always been there supporting us and thanks to those that hat drive us to be better with their “opinions” and hatred for bands like us. I play music because it’s therapy. It’s an escape from the every day issues that I go through. Life can be hard, but music always seems to soothe the crazy that lies just below the surface. I’m sorry for the rant. I just feel like I needed to get a few things off my chest. I may never be a billionaire but I’m rich with family, friends and music. Please continue to support LIVE music. Every band (big or small) is a local band somewhere. Think about your life without music or art in general. It would suck. 12 Stones isn’t going anywhere. As long as there’s someone coming to the show, we will give everything we have. Thanks for reading this long post. We love making music and we thank all of you that have made that possible for us for 18 years. Cheers.....PM
12 Stones Jul 10, 2018
I want a roll call of all our friends that we are going to see at Tree’s in Dallas Texas on Friday the 13th!!!! Let’s rage!!!!
12 Stones Jul 10, 2018
Houston, Tx.....we are coming for you this Thursday, July 12th at the Scout Bar!!! Come rage with us and bring ALL your friends and family. Spread the word!!!!
12 Stones Jun 29, 2018
Wow. Tickets for the 12 Stones / Stonebreed Show @ Martin’s are rolling today. Guess everyone is waiting to the final hours which is fine. Thank you Jackson. This is going to be an amazing show. Great turnout. Energy galore. VIP tickets and GA tickets still available until 7 PM tonight or you can wait until tomorrow at the door but day of show goes up $5 so save some money and the line. See you tomorrow night. Doors at 9 PM. VIP ticket holders only : 7 PM Sharp and starting at 7:15 PM. Tickets at Eventbrite.
12 Stones Jun 28, 2018
To all VIP EXPERIENCE ticket holders for this Saturday’s 12 Stones / Stonebreed show at Martin’s, please check your email immediately. Thank you in advance. VIP Tickets are still available through tomorrow at 5 PM CST so get in while you can folks.
12 Stones Jun 28, 2018
Happy Thursday. What a weekend DOE has planned. Real quickly, fir those who haven’t gotten 12 Stones tickets yet, do so now and save money and skip the line or pay more at the door and wait in line. We are super stoked about the show Saturday @ Martin’s. Doors are at 9. VIP tickets can only be purchased through tomorrow and end at 5 PM. Grab yours now. That’s where the rock party will be Saturday night. 2 NATIONAL ACTS. Get your tickets at Eventbrite below.
12 Stones Jun 27, 2018
We got folks left and right today taking advantage of the 2 for 1 Tuesday ticket special for the 12 Stones / Stonebreed event at Martins, Saturday night. Good move folks. Sale ends at midnight and then we are done with the freebies. Take advantage now. Eventbrite is your place to go.
12 Stones Jun 26, 2018
BIG CONTEST. Last Contest and Ticket special besides the 2 for 1 Tuesday. Listen up. The first person to buy 5 VIP Experience tickets today will get a brand new guitar autographed by both bands on Saturday night, June 30 for the 12 Stones & Stonebreed Show. We will immediately announce the winner. So, get to ordering. And yes, you will get a FREE VIP Experience ticket on top of that. This is huge news. We are always going above and beyond for you guys because we live you and we live music. What a freaking deal !!! Crazy things we do. I’d suggest moving fast now.
12 Stones Jun 26, 2018
Posting with excitement. 4 day countdown. Today is Two for Tuesday. Buy 2 of any type ticket and get one free. Eventbrite is the place to go. Saturday night, it’s 12 Stones and Stonebreed and only at Martin’s, Jackson, MS. #Share #Tag #Post Enjoy.
12 Stones Jun 26, 2018
The 12 Stones Ticket Special is extended through today at midnight. There was some confusion out there and we had several write us so we are extending it through today. It’s 2-4-1Tuesday. Basically, buy 2 tickets to either General Admission or the VIP Experience and get a 3rd FREE. That simple. When you buy your tickets on the Eventbrite site, just buy 2. We manually email you your 3rd ticket free in real time as we get notified immediately on the sale. That’s how it works. So, just put 2 in your cart, check out and we handle the rest. Ticket link is below. Saturday night, June 30th, 12 Stones and Stonebreed are rocking faces at Martin’s. Join us Saturday night. Get your tickets early , save money and beat the line.
12 Stones Jun 26, 2018
Alright guys, count down is on. Last ticket special for the huge rock show this Saturday night featuring grammy award winning Paul Mccoy and 12 Stones and the badasses from Hollywood, CA, Stonebreeed. Buy 2 tickets and get 1 Free. This does apply to VIP EXPERIENCE package tickets as well. So, don’t wait guys. You get in first, no lines and the VIP Experience is rad and includes both bands. You have until midnight. Live a little and take advantage of this bc NO ONE ELSE in this city does what we do for y’all. Show a little love and we will see you Saturday night. Doors at 9 PM. Please follow the link below for tickets. ONLY AT MARTIN’S , Downtown Jackson, MS. #DirtyOutlawEntertainment
12 Stones Jun 24, 2018
12 Stones w/special guests Stonebreed next Saturday, June 30 and only at Martin's Restaurant & Bar. Both bands are on fire and are ready to rock Jackson. Get your tickets now at Eventbrite and there are some VIP Experience tickets left. Not many. Please share and tag for your chance to win a ticket. Here’s a message from the ragin’ beast, Paul McCoy of 12 Stones. See you guys next Saturday night. #DirtyOutlawEntertainment
12 Stones Jun 22, 2018
Good morning Friday. A beautiful day to be alive. I am beyond stoked that in 8 days, 12 Stones and Stonebreed are going to rip the roof off of Martin's Restaurant & Bar on June 30th. We know you’re excited and ready as well. Had folks asking if VIP were still available and yes, we do have some left. Also, why wait in line and in the heat, when you can do the DOE Fast Pass and go directly inside with an advanced ticket. So, get them today and get the best seat, or at the very front, etc because you were advantageous enough in that you got an advanced ticket. Contest time : Boom. But 2, get one free for 12 Stones and that includes VIP tickets as well. We are crazy with our contest but hey, we are excited. Get your tickets now at Eventbrite and immediately receive a 3rd ticket for FREE via email. Sale only today and then it’s over. Can not wait to see all of you . RAGE ON. #DirtyOutlawEntertainment
12 Stones Jun 21, 2018
Jackson, MS .... I’m not sure you’re ready for the RAGE that that this band brings, and on top of that, next Saturday night, you also get the Hollywood bad boys, Stonebreed. Two National Acts. 1 night and only at Martin’s. I’m pumped. RAGE ON ....
12 Stones Jun 21, 2018
Man, what an awesome night June 30th will be at Martin's Restaurant & Bar for the 12 Stones / Stonebreed Show. Tickets are doing well and it’s not too late for you to join us in the Dirty Outlaw House Of Rock Concert series at the best live music venue in town. There are still some VIP Experience tickets available and ours are the best value you can find. Grab yours today below in the link. We are super pumped about this show. #Share #Tag #DirtyOutlawEntertainment
12 Stones Jun 21, 2018
12 Stones Jun 21, 2018
Are you Ready Mississippi?? Listen Up!!!
12 Stones Jun 20, 2018
Back to where I come from!!! I better see all you crazy people at this show!! No excuses
12 Stones Jun 19, 2018
So while I wait around, wanted to throw a quick round up on who is joining us for the awesome 12 Stones / Stonebreed Show on June 30 and only at Martin's Restaurant & Bar? Sound off and go. And share. Time to get excited. Rock is back in Jackson. In venues, on the radio, etc. So who is going? Time to get your tickets. Let us know who you are 🤘
12 Stones Jun 14, 2018
"12 Stones" live photos from the show on May 30th!