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When We Blow Up (Remixes)
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General Error EP
Robopop (Vi Tar CDn Dit Vi Kommer)
Wheel du fira hjul med mej?
047 Nov 30, 2018
Released TODAY!!!! Woop woop!!!! X-mas is here!
047 Nov 16, 2018
BOOOOOOMMMMM!!!! Now you can pre-order the classic 047 xmas album "Wheel du fira hjul med mej?" as a limited red vinyl at Bengans Skivbutik! The official release date is November 30.
047 Nov 12, 2018
Today it is the 17th birthday of 047. It is also the 17th birthday of the idea of making this album. How will we celebrate this, you ask? Well, by releasing it on a red vinyl of course! More info regarding purchase location, exact release date (soon) and maybe some more treats in relation to this release to come. Happy 047 day to you all!!!
047 Oct 26, 2018
Hello! Yes, we're still here. Soon there will be some news :)
047 Oct 11, 2018
It is the birthday of our beloved friend, and 047 guest artist, and singer in our side project Hjärta - Tomas Halberstad! Help celebrate him by listening to his brand new single Talking to my Heart! In our opinion, a truly truly great song!
047 Aug 03, 2018
Your new favorite producer trio TÅFAB (047 and Åke from Den Svenska Björnstammen) produced this gem for Maia Hirasawa! Out today!
047 May 11, 2018
Out Today! Maia Hirasawa - Jag väljer inte dig! Produced by TÅFAB (Peter and Sebastian from 047 and Åke from Den Svenska Björnstammen)
047 May 10, 2018
Tomorrow Maia Hirasawa’s new single ’Jag väljer inte dig’ is released! So exciting to hear how much you will love it 🙂 Produced by TÅFAB (Åke from Den Svenska Björnstammen and Peter & Sebastian from 047). #maiahirasawa #tåfab #newmusic #jagväljerintedig
047 May 08, 2018
Piano time! Such a pleasure to work with the brilliant @maiahirasawa! Her first single with us as producers will be released this Friday! #maiahirasawa #tåfab #newmusic
047 Apr 16, 2018
Hello! A while back, we were asked to do a cover of a Secret Service song for a tribute album. We choose LA Goodbye, and today- finally- the result is available! You will find the track practically anywhere you can stream or buy music online! For instance Spotify. Also, make sure you listen to the other great covers. A lot of synth pop going on here :)
047 Apr 09, 2018
Always match shoes with studio floor.
047 Mar 01, 2018
#tbt to one year ago when we released the album &. Can’t begin to tell you how proud we are! What are your favorite tracks on the album? #album #047 #music #throwbackthursday #popmusic #electronicpop
047 Feb 07, 2018
Recording drums. #studiohack #tåfab
047 Jan 18, 2018
#tbt to way way way back (dec 2003), when we did our third gig ever. Highly inviting stage setup.
047 Dec 31, 2017
A great year indeed! Thank you all for your support. Let’s look forward to an exciting 2018! #bestnine2017 #newalbum #live #studio #newmusic
047 Dec 17, 2017
Great weekend in the studio with Maia Hirasawa and Åke (Den Svenska Björnstammen)!
047 Dec 09, 2017
Yesterday, we did a short appearance when Den Svenska Björnstammen played in Gothenburg. We had a great time, and the audience was superb! And Björnstammen was awesome as always!
047 Dec 03, 2017
A small reminder... this album is available, for instance through Spotify! Can there be a more suitable soundtrack now that Christmas is approaching!?
047 Nov 17, 2017
You can still get yourself a copy of our latest album “&”, if you have an urge. And if you’re not in Gothenburg, you can order a copy here: We believe it’s not only a collection of songs that we are extremely proud of - it’s also a piece of art, thanks to the brilliant designer Joakim Bergkvist!
047 Nov 07, 2017
Studio timez #047 #newmusic
047 Aug 31, 2017
047 Aug 25, 2017
Today, our friends in Märtha Frans release their brand new EP Klubb Borderline! We've contributed to the EP by doing a remix of the song Pålåssassocial. Check it (and the rest of the EP) out!
047 Jun 09, 2017
Tonight we're playing a classic venue. Our forth time at Henriksberg. See you there! #047 #killingmusic #wayoutnight #westpride
047 May 20, 2017
So flattering! The Electricity Club ranks out song Kanpai! (2011) as one of their 25 favorite synth instrumentals of the 21st century! Placing us alongside Moby, Royksopp, Daft Punk, Kleerup and other giants. Thank you!
047 Apr 20, 2017
Let's share this sucker again. Looking back on ALL the WORK that we have put into this album - we have to say that we are EXTREMELY proud of the result!