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Coheed and Cambria Oct 12, 2017
#PopHeed is here! A playlist of our more pop-leaning ditties! Don't forget to follow!
Coheed and Cambria Oct 11, 2017
Stoked for our friends, Thank You Scientist, hitting Europe for the first time! If they're coming close to you, Go See Them!
Coheed and Cambria Oct 08, 2017
Last chance to pick up our #NYCC2017 exclusives! Hang with Claudio and Chondra at 3pm. We are at booth #2322.
Coheed and Cambria Oct 06, 2017
Coheed saves the child from the evils of the Keywork!
Coheed and Cambria Oct 06, 2017
Thanks to you, we have raised over $10,000 for the people of Puerto Rico. If you haven't yet, Name Your Price for the Chonny and Clyde EP and we can raise even more.
Coheed and Cambria Oct 06, 2017
Coheed and Cambria's cover photo
Coheed and Cambria Oct 05, 2017
Cobalt and Calcium
Coheed and Cambria Oct 05, 2017
Oh Damn, only 150 of these.
Coheed and Cambria Oct 04, 2017
Chonny & Clyde Offer 3 Songs to Support Puerto Rico! With so many disasters coming at us, it’s hard to lend your support to every one of them. Puerto Rico is devastated. Two weeks after Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, the situation on the island remains dire: Only 5 percent of the electrical grid has been repaired, only 17 percent of cellphone towers are working, and more than half of residents don't have running water. Chonny and Clyde is a new project from Claudio Sanchez (Coheed and Cambria) and his wife Chondra Echert. While they were not ready to release this project to the world, they felt doing so now might help inspire some out there to donate to help Puerto Rico. The couple said, "In light of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and subsequent delayed governmental response, we decided that these songs we’d written to originally include on a Chonny & Clyde album would be better served in the here and now to help our brothers and sisters in PR to rebuild and heal. ALL PROCEEDS will benefit UNIDOS POR PUERTO RICO’s efforts to support those affected. The ocean is never too wide to cross for one another in times of disaster. Please pay what you can.” Name your price ($5 minimum) for this 3 song ep, “Celesti” and receive their 3-song ep download. ALL PROCEEDS will go to UNIDOS POR PUERTO RICO. We encourage you to pay what you can to help. About Unidos Por Puerto Rico: United for Puerto Rico is an initiative brought forth by the First Lady of Puerto Rico, Beatriz Rosselló, in collaboration with the private sector, with the purpose of providing aid and support to those affected in Puerto Rico by the passage of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane María. 100% of the proceeds will go to helping the victims afteced by these natural disasters in Puerto Rico. About Chonny & Clyde: Claudio Sanchez and his life partner/collaborator, Chondra Echert have co-written many comic books, including Kill Audio, Key of Z, and the current series, The Amory Wars. While Echert has guested on some of Sanchez’s musical works in the past, this is their first endeavor as a team. Name your price for "Celesti" now and at the same time, help the people of Puerto Rico.
Coheed and Cambria Oct 01, 2017
Never noticed til now that Starbucks has us on their acoustic playlist on Spotify. #props
Coheed and Cambria Sep 29, 2017
New Playlist: #ProgHeed - A Playlist of our progressive leaning songs, and it's LONG. Next week: #PopHeed
Coheed and Cambria Sep 27, 2017
Evil Ink Comics
Coheed and Cambria Sep 21, 2017
NEW Fall Merch in the store! Windbreaker - Messenger bag - camping mug!
Coheed and Cambria Sep 15, 2017
Very flattering.
Coheed and Cambria Sep 12, 2017
The AMORY WARS GAIBSIV Limited Edition Subscription Part II is finally here for issues 7-12! Here: 6 month Subscription (2 issues per month) 12 issues total: *6 issues (7-12) The Amory Wars GAIBSIV – Comic store version (Art by Rags Morales)+ *6 issues (7-12) Subscription Exclusive Variant Cover (can’t get anywhere else - by handpicked cool artists) + *One exclusive Ten Speed pin Limited Edition - Will sell out.
Coheed and Cambria Sep 08, 2017
Stay safe Zach, and all you in Irma's path. ❤️
Coheed and Cambria Sep 07, 2017
Going to New York Comic Con? Claudio, Chondra, and the Evil Ink Comics gang are, too. Oct 5-8, booth 2322.
Coheed and Cambria Sep 07, 2017
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH COOPER! You and your fellow Floridians please stay safe! ❤️❤️❤️ 📸 by Dirty Ern.
Coheed and Cambria Sep 05, 2017
Evil Ink Comics
Coheed and Cambria Aug 30, 2017
Coheed and Cambria Aug 30, 2017
TFTGA 18 is here and concludes the American run of #Neverender . Join us in Chicago, Ohio and New York to end the tour.
Coheed and Cambria Aug 19, 2017
TFTGA (Tales From The Grail Arbor) returns with Episode 17. We hit Kansas City and Pittsburgh in our second to last episode of the American leg of #Neverdender.
Coheed and Cambria Aug 04, 2017
Did we mention free shipping? (On orders over $50 now through Sunday)
Coheed and Cambria Aug 03, 2017
NEW! Coheed Beach Towel. Limited run. Get it now:
Coheed and Cambria Aug 02, 2017
#5 is here!