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My Friends All Died In a Plane Crash (North American Version)
My Friends All Died in a Plane Crash
Cocoon Oct 22, 2017
Hey everybody, Today is the 10th anniversary of our first album « My Friends All Died In A Plane Crash ». This record has changed my life, so I think it deserves a little speech : I still remember writing and recording it in my 15 square meters student apartment with a shitty 4-track recorder and a broken acoustic guitar. I remember the days I wrote « On My Way » and « Chupee ». But most of all, I remember when I wrote « Tell me », on the couch of a local student radio : I instantly knew I had something of my own. It was my first real tune and since then, like most artists, I’ve been trying to write the same song over and over again. I remember the first shows, the first record label contract, the first tour, the first time we heard our songs on the radio. My parents were so proud ! And I must admit I was proud too. Cocoon started from the real bottom, with a lot of work and a little luck and bad then good reviews and shitty shows then better shows. I am still very proud to hear « My Friends » songs after all these years. This album has helped me in so many aspects. This album has been certified platinum and the award is now proudly exhibited it in my studio’s toilets. Thank you, and see you next year for Cocoon’s 4th album. Much love, Mark
Cocoon Oct 04, 2017
Well arrived in London for the Spacebomb show at the Barbican Centre on Friday. Feat Matthew E. White Natalie Prass Foxygen Bedouine
Cocoon Oct 03, 2017
Cocoon Sep 20, 2017
Retrouvez-moi à Lyon accompagné de l'immense Quatuor Debussy et de la très talentueuse THEA au piano. Il reste quelques places hurry up ! La Chapelle de la Trinité, le 27 Oct. à 20h30.
Cocoon Sep 20, 2017
Fan Art
Cocoon Sep 06, 2017
New song by THEA, produced by myself. <3 Please share !
Cocoon Sep 04, 2017
Un grand merci à Alcaline Watch it !
Cocoon Aug 09, 2017
Finally it's today ! ☁️💙 Cocoon will be playing at La Plage Saint-Barthélemy tonight 💙☁️ 💚💚 Don't miss it 💚💚 Reservations & Informations :
Cocoon Aug 04, 2017
Cocoon's cover photo
Cocoon Jul 18, 2017
COCOON in a single image
Cocoon Jul 16, 2017
Merci Festival Musilac !
Cocoon Jul 10, 2017
Hello <3 On se voit samedi au Festival Musilac
Cocoon Jul 05, 2017
<3 RFM
Cocoon Jun 23, 2017
Hello, voici notre nouveau clip "Miracle". Une chanson pour tous les papas ! 😊
Cocoon Jun 21, 2017
Les amis ! Pouvez-vous cliquer sur THEA please ? Bisous !
Cocoon Jun 19, 2017
Nice !
Cocoon Jun 16, 2017
Cocoon's cover photo
Cocoon Jun 14, 2017
"Miracle", new music video. Animals by Tom Curtis. Directed by Andy Maistre. Listen to Miracle ▶
Cocoon Jun 13, 2017
Amis de Lyon, nous venons jouer pour un concert exceptionnel le 27 octobre à La Chapelle de la Trinité.
Cocoon Jun 13, 2017
🌴 THEA 🌴
Cocoon Jun 11, 2017
© Yann Orhan
Cocoon Jun 09, 2017
Un superbe souvenir du showcase à l'Université Paris-Sorbonne. Watch it ! Bisous M.
Cocoon Jun 07, 2017
Une petite itv très sympa avant l'été ! Lilimarche ❤️🍋🥖🥑
Cocoon Jun 06, 2017
First Yum Yum Records release, first summer hit ! 🍍 THEA "SUMMER IN A CAGE" 🍦 Recorded & produced by Mark Daumail. 🥑 Mixed by Marlon B. 🍔