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Hs001 - Ep
HTID: Heaven-sent Tekno Impakting Dancefloors, or Hardcore Till I Die
Tannhauser Acid Works III
Tannhauser Acid Works III
Man Out of Dubs
Ghost Systems Rave
Ghost Systems Rave
Consciousness EP
Legendary Demo
We Are Above You
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USB Islands
Clouds Mar 12, 2018
This has been long in the making but we are very happy to please our Italian fans! 6th of May, Rome, please expect us alongside In Mourning and Antarktis! This will be a special show!
Clouds Mar 12, 2018
Be on a lookout on this page today. We're preparing quite a surprise
Clouds Mar 01, 2018
Thank you Immortal Affliction Photography for the very kind words! An extremely beautiful read about Clouds.
Clouds Feb 26, 2018
These items have now been added to the store. These are the items we have had available for our show in Belgium and as promised, they are now available for sale! - Hand painted tshirt - Destin hand made digipack - Destin tshirt (limited edition) Happy hunting!!! Please note: All items bought this week will be sent straight away. All other orders which are made starting next week will be send starting 24 march!!!
Clouds Feb 23, 2018
With a bit of luck something nice will happen here. Details soon!
Clouds Feb 19, 2018
We are preparing a big surprise for our Italian fans! Keep close !
Clouds Feb 18, 2018
I wish i was alone. So alone that the only companions I'd like to hear are the sounds of my own heart beating. I wish I was somewhere else. Where the only road are my own thoughts I already tread on. I wish there was silence. So much silence so I'd hear the waves breaking on the shores of my broken dreams. And yet there is nothingness. A cold gaze into the broken mirror of my own soul. A dialogue with my own self, meeting myself halfway on an empty staircase towards neither a beginning nor an end. And yet there is dark. So dark that the fiery thoughts drown in this emptiness. This old house creeks and sweats fear. These windows are blank, yet they mirror my loneliness. Where am I? What have I become? And mostly... how long has it been since....?
Clouds Feb 17, 2018
Clouds Feb 17, 2018
Clouds Feb 14, 2018
Five years have passed and the pain is still there, bigger than ever it seems. For many of you this is V Day, which we hope you spend with your loved ones. Cherish them, tell them you love them, make them feel loved and hug them like you've never done it before and make the moments together the most memorable ones. In this camp it's a sad day, like every 14th of February every year. And this is the only way to cope with the pain. Hope you all like it. Available on bandcamp as well for those who feel generous. This is "Do You See Me" Bandcamp:
Clouds Feb 09, 2018
Just a few left and thanks for the amazing support all of you guys! Didn't think these items were going to be successful but it looks like quote a few of you like them. Do you guys have any other suggestions of what we should do next as a limited jewellery item or any other limited merch ? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hand made wooden medallions with hand painted tree of life design. Spray varnished on the drawing side. Come on a waxed black chord with stainless steel hoops and lobster claw. Please make sure you read carefully the details on bandcamp!!!
Clouds Feb 08, 2018
Funeral portrait. By Gillian - Passion 4 pics
Clouds Feb 07, 2018
Just 15 available!! Hand made wooden medallions with hand painted tree of life design. Spray varnished on the drawing side. Come on a waxed black chord with stainless steel hoops and lobster claw. Please make sure you read carefully the details on bandcamp!!!
Clouds Feb 04, 2018
The mo(u)rning after. The shows, the atmosphere, our guests, the crowd, the man behind it all, the most amazing venue ever, Funeral and Sylvaine, the feels, the chills, the emotions and the performances. This sums it all for last night's Funeral February. There is much to say and much to feel, however none would justify the experience, the respect, the love and passion that was put into last night's show. Thank you to the man behind it All, a true super human who will not back out of anything to make everyone feel special and taken care of, Filip, our love for you is an endless stream. Thank you to our guests, Gogo, Natalie Koskinen, Ana Carolina, Pim and Mihai for their extraordinary performances, for accepting our invitation and for being the true musicians and professionals that they are. Thank you to Funeral and Sylvaine for their outstanding performances and for the good times. Last but not least, Thank you to all who have attended this evening and for your support and love. Photo credits Gillian - Passion 4 pics
Clouds Feb 02, 2018
Funeral February is happening tomorrow ! VIPs we are welcoming you from 3PM for soundchecks, meet and greet, photos and free drinks! Please note there are still tickets at the door for those of you who couldn't get one in advance!
Clouds Jan 29, 2018
In addition to some very cool hand painted shirts for the show in Antwerp on Saturday we will also have another limited item. Hand painted wooden medallions such as the one in the photo. They will be available to purchase on our bandcamp and on the day of the show. PLEASE NOTE - The medallions come on a faux leather waxed string, varnished on both sides - They will only be available for this show so those of you who will purchase one will be able to pick it up at the show. There will be no shipping costs. PLEASE DO NOT BUY UNLESS YOU ARE COMING TO THE SHOW!!! - There are only 20 available !!!!
Clouds Jan 18, 2018
Important update for those of you who would like to upgrade your regular tickets to VIP
Clouds Jan 16, 2018
This is the link to the VIP tickets for the Funeral February show. VIP tickets include: - Early access / full sound check - Clouds beer - hand painted t-shirt - meet and greet - access to afterparty with transportation.
Clouds Jan 10, 2018
You Went So Silent - Multicam Live at Doom Over Kiev Thanks to Kirai gigs: concert videos & photos and Doom Over Kiev
Clouds Jan 08, 2018
Finally it's approved and logistics have been arranged. Our last guest for the February show is Ana Carolina of Mourning Sun singing The Wind Carried Your Soul. This will be a great and very special show !
Clouds Jan 05, 2018
Two great news at the end of the week!! Customs informed us all parcels have been released so expect them shortly! And we would like to introduce our next guest for the February show with Sylvaine and Funeral, interpreting "Nothing But A Name" mr. Mihu of Romanian band Abigail
Clouds Jan 02, 2018
Our next guest for the February show needs no introduction, welcome Pim Blankenstein of Officium Triste who will sing "Driftwood" Looks like the setlist is shaping up nicely !
Clouds Jan 01, 2018
How awesome to start the year by receiving another Clouds tattoo. Truly overwhelmed! Inspired by Departe. Thank you for the awesome picture and support Raluca!
Clouds Dec 31, 2017
We'd like to wish all of you Happy New Year. Thank you for being close to us, supported and understood us, thank you for believing in us and helping us in our tough moments. We love you!!! Even mr. Eek who is behind the camera and can't be seen in the photo.
Clouds Dec 29, 2017
Our next surprise is none other than Ms. Natalie Koskinen of Shape of Despair Official interpreting "In The Ocean Of My Tears" Would please help us in offering her a warm welcome ?