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HTID: Heaven-sent Tekno Impakting Dancefloors, or Hardcore Till I Die
Tannhauser Acid Works III
Tannhauser Acid Works III
Ghost Systems Rave
Ghost Systems Rave
Man Out of Dubs
Consciousness EP
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The Clouds with Falling Joys at The Factory Theatre (November 4, 2017)
Venue: The Factory Theatre (Marrickville, NSW, Australia) Find tickets
The Clouds with Falling Joys at The Factory Theatre (November 5, 2017)
Venue: The Factory Theatre (Marrickville, NSW, Australia) Find tickets
The Clouds with Falling Joys at Metropolis - Fremantle (November 10, 2017)
Venue: Metropolis - Fremantle (Fremantle, WA, Australia) Find tickets
The Clouds with Falling Joys at The Croxton Bandroom (November 17, 2017)
Venue: The Croxton Bandroom (Thornbury, VIC, Australia) Find tickets
The Clouds with Falling Joys at Main Room, The Gov (November 18, 2017)
Venue: Main Room, The Gov (Hindmarsh, SA, Australia) Find tickets
The Clouds with Falling Joys at The Triffid (November 24, 2017)
Venue: The Triffid (Brisbane, QLD, Australia) Find tickets
The Clouds with Falling Joys at The Solbar (November 25, 2017)
Venue: The Solbar (Maroochydore, QLD, Australia) Find tickets
Clouds Oct 22, 2017
This is how it went in Kiev, amazing atmosphere and an incredible crowd! Next Friday we are starting the tour with Saturnus and Abigail in London so please make sure you don't miss it!!
Clouds Oct 20, 2017
Hey everyone ! We have the great pleasure of presenting you all with our dear friend Gogo's band Aeonian Sorrow and their first single called Forever Misery, off the upcoming album! Give it a listen and trust this will be amazing music!
Clouds Oct 19, 2017
These awesome hoodies will be available for our mini tour with Saturnus and Abigail starting in London on the 27th of October and will not be available online until we the tour is finished! Thanks to BeatrizWolf-Artworks for the awesome design! Make sure you mark down any of the dates we have starting with London! They are limited to only 50!!
Clouds Oct 15, 2017
Kiev, you are amazing! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Clouds Oct 06, 2017
Something good to be announced regarding this amazing drawing by @Beatriz Aguilera In the meantime we are overwhelmed by tour support regarding the crowdfunding campaign initiated yesterday. We've also received some bad news from some of you who wanted to help out but their debit/credit cards have not been accepted. You can get in touch with us via PM and we can discuss alternative ways. A new link for the campaign is below Thank you so much!!
Clouds Oct 05, 2017
Important message from Daniel: Hi everyone, I thought about this for a long time and finally came to the conclusion that professionally I wouldn’t do this, but personally, I didn’t find any other alternative to sell these items without looking or being perceived as an asshole. Yes, I could go on discogs and sell for a ridiculous price, but that’s not me. Yes, I could organise a raffle but these are illegal in the UK. So I thought about a legal way to raffle these items and the only legal way was to have a ‘fundraising’ to where people can drop one or 2 euros or whatever amount they would like. I will then go on any of the randomising websites and choose 1 winner for these 3 items. My goal is to invest in new equipment, create music videos for it and provide enough funds to keep doing what I do. I am not simply asking for a funds, I will be offering something in return by selecting random people from the helping crowd. There will be three unique and very rare items, three cds in a handmade digipack case for three albums. There are -never published before- bonus songs included, as well as considering these cds as the test cds before sending out the albums to a pressing plant. They are as follows: 1.Eye Of Solitude – The Ghost This is the test cd before it was sent to the pressing plant, which also contains 2 unpublished songs which didn’t make the album. It has a rudimentary colour printed cover, blank cd with black marker writing ‘Eye Of Solitude – The Ghost - Master’ which I will also sign. 2.Clouds – Doliu This is the test cd before it was sent to the pressing plant, original draft of master and 1 song which was never published and didn’t make the album. It was originally planned to be in a handmade digipack case and this is the very first prototype of it. I will also sign both cd and cover 3.Clouds – Departe This is the test cd before it was sent to the pressing plant, original draft of master and 2 songs which were never published and didn’t make the album. Also in a handmade digipack case. I will also sign both cd and cover I feel ridiculous to put them on a bid or to sell them at ridiculous prices thus I am offering the chance to fans and other people to offer a small amount of money, however, having said that, people can put in a small amount and have the chance to win these items instead of paying a ridiculous amount of money to someone who could sell them for a much higher price. Thank you, Daniel
Clouds Oct 04, 2017
There are moments in life when musicians can be left speechless. And this is one of them. Thanks to D. and P. for sharing this with us and for giving their consent to us to share their words. Greetings, I wanted to extend my sincerest gratitude to the band, especially the primary songwriters. Your music is held near and dear to my wife, P. , and me. We experienced a very turbulent period in late 2016. However, one of the key moments where things began to turn around was when we took a drive to Natick, MA, on a chilly and cloudy day, just as "Departe" had been put on Bandcamp for streaming. We listened as we drove and bonded over how the album touched us both so deeply, even on the first listen. I remember taking in the scenery as I drove, which perfectly complimented the album: Teal-grey skies which threatened rain but stayed serene as they flowed across the sky, trees in various stages of autumnal death, and lakes which reflected the surrounding scenery with cold lucidity. Meanwhile, the lyrics of "How Can I Be There", "In The Ocean of My Tears", and "I Gave My Heart Away" cut me deeper than any I had heard before. It felt like I was emotionally connected to music on the first listen, whereas all prior experiences with music had been after the fact (hearing the song first, then finding a connection in the lyrics later). Similarly, P. was left speechless and enthralled by the experience. Since then, subsequent listens to "Departe" as well as "Doliu" have yielded further emotional attachment, as well as strengthening my relationship with P. Things are very different today than they were last year-- better in every conceivable way. The road towards a healthy marriage has ups and downs, and we travel them carefully. I want to thank you for creating music which gave us a good day when, for myself, all hope seemed to be lost. It's our sincerest desire to witness you perform live someday. Until then, we will savour your gift to the world with gratitude and reverence. Thank you, so very much. Best regards, D & P
Clouds Oct 02, 2017
Week starts with an awesome contest! This is one of the prototypes we've made when we thought be boxes through and now it's looking for an owner. The box contains the CD, vinyl, t-shirt, sticker and patch. All you have to do is share the link below and the winner will be chosen and contacted personally on the 27th of October. Good luck !
Clouds Sep 24, 2017
Practice day at last, though we are missing our beloved Stef on guitars. Doom Over Kiev is slowly drawing near and we are so ready!
Clouds Sep 22, 2017
It had to come to this…. Good friends, we make limited edition merchandise in order to offer you something unique, something that has a lot of symbolism and through our manual work (as much as it is) we strive to offer something beautiful, as a good memory. Yes, there will be times when not everyone will get the chance to acquire one of these editions and we are terribly sorry for that. However it pains us to see people trying to make this a profitable business and try to extort people by selling these limited sold out items at ridiculous prices. The pictures below come from where this particular individual is selling not ours alone, but also other bands’ limited edition merchandise at extortionate prices. We never wanted to extort any of you in any way and sometimes the profit, if we can call it that, has been almost inexistent. Wood, materials in general, labour, accessories, packaging, tracking, shipping and postage costs, all of these are contributing to increasing costs of production. Wooden boxes, handmade digipacks, artworks, everything we’ve made so far had been made with love and passion and were not intended to create a business or make huge profit. And it saddens us to see such individuals trying to make money from other people who were not fortunate enough to get one of these items. Yes, it isn’t fair, and yes, we wish we’d make enough for everybody so that there wouldn’t be any situations as below. The band isn’t signed to a label for a reason, a reason that we’ve explained one too many times, and will explain yet again now: We don’t want to become a business. We don’t want people to make money off our backs. We don’t want to become an [insert name] LTD thing. We don’t have many shows, but those we do, will be special, we print merchandise, we make handcrafted items and we offer special bundles from our own pocket and we never complained about it nor raised funds in advance like other bands have. We are insignificant as status, as trend, as legitimate way people usually see a band. We make music out of love, grief, remembrance, respect and passion and this will never change. We respect you, first of all, by trying our very best in music and in merch, otherwise why do it? We are sorry we had to put on this message, but this has got to stop somehow… even though at this stage, age and day is pure utopia …
Clouds Sep 21, 2017
It is with great honour we announce the participation of a distinguished guest for our next album, a musician that needs no introduction, a musician whose voice and talent are amazing. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr ICS Vortex!!! Please stay tuned for more awesome announcements as we have plenty of them to reveal to you all!
Clouds Sep 18, 2017
Good morning everyone ! As shipping for the bundles, cds, and t-shirts starts today we also have the pleasure of presenting you with another limited item! This is the Destin wooden box! The package contains a wooden box 18x18x8 cm with pyrographed logo ( just as the large wooden boxes), an 8x8 cm round patch ( black with white logo) and the cd disc of course which will have a special packaging as well. This edition is limited to 33 copies and will start shipping on November 1st. Preorders are up now!
Clouds Sep 14, 2017
Something big is coming related to this song!
Clouds Sep 13, 2017
Dear friends, Besides the awesome gigs we have lined up for this fall, we want to make a special announcement for the show we will have in London on the 27th of October alongside Saturnus and Abigail as the first date of our tour. We are most honoured to announce we will have some very special guests such as Mikko (Swallow The Sun), who will be interpreting Fields Of Nothingness, Gogo (Aeonian Sorrow) who will be interpreting In This Empty Room, Natalie (Shape Of Despair) and Andrei (E-an-na) who will be playing his magic pipes alongside Natalie on In The Ocean Of My Tears. This will be a very special show to us with a special setlist, so make sure to mark the date down and come grieve with us! At these shows you will also be able to get the Drown Your Sorrow beer at a very special price and we will make it a special tasting event for enthusiasts! To keep the happy news flowing, we have already started working on the mini wooden boxes and preorder links should be up soon! For this edition there will be only 33 boxes!
Clouds Sep 06, 2017
Another great review from Rockcult! Thanks to Daria for the kind words !! 9.5/10
Clouds Sep 04, 2017
While the packing for the limited digipacks is progress, we are happy to announce we will participate at Gothoom open air fest's next year edition along Vader, Obscure Sphinx and many more! We will come back with more news soon!
Clouds Sep 02, 2017
The limited digipacks are now done and ready to be shipped on Monday morning!!!
Clouds Sep 01, 2017
The day has come and we are proud to announce the official release for Destin, our brand new EP. We'd like to thank all the people involved in this project, Ana, Mikko, Mihu, Gogo, Arthur, Oana, David. We'd also like to thank you, our fans, who have always supported us and been close to us. This is Destin
Clouds Aug 23, 2017
Boxes almost ready to be shipped! The last process is now taking place !!
Clouds Aug 23, 2017
In The Ocean Of My Tears with Natalie Koskinen live at Doom Over Bucharest III
Clouds Aug 17, 2017
Ticket link for our show in London on the 27th of October with Saturnus and Abigail
Clouds Aug 16, 2017
Big announcement coming very soon! And finally it involves a lot of visuals!
Clouds Aug 06, 2017
A brand new lyric video for "Nothing But A Name" featuring Mihu from Abigail Enjoy and give it a share if you'd like.
Clouds Aug 06, 2017
Another amazing review for Destin coming from!! Thanks very much for the kind words!!
Clouds Aug 04, 2017
The limited digipacks are shaping up nicely. The hard covers are now wrapped in black velvet and we've added an aged paper texture slip wrap which is due to be hand painted as well. We have also thought about the small CD sized wooden boxes and we are definitrly doing them. More details soon!