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The Discovery
Cloudkicker Feb 22, 2018
This album has been dramatically improving my mood in the deep days of winter, it's like a hug from a warm blanket.
Cloudkicker Feb 12, 2018
My secret guilty pleasure is when Logic updates and changes all the keyboard shortcuts that I've been using for 10 years
Cloudkicker Feb 10, 2018
Cloudkicker Jan 26, 2018
FYI I tweaked the new track slightly and re-uploaded it. Minor stuff but augmenting the fact that I only spent ~30 minutes on the mix yesterday.
Cloudkicker Jan 26, 2018
Recently I've felt a sense of writer's block, and that I just couldn't find the time to develop the sort of momentum I'm used to when I get into a creative streak. So today I decided that I was going to simply force myself through it. I sat down at about 10 am in front of an empty project with no idea what would happen. It's now just past 7:30 pm and I have this. (To answer your question, I have no idea when I'll have a full album done.)
Cloudkicker Dec 02, 2017
This new Faith No Mor-I mean Glassjaw album is pretty great
Cloudkicker Nov 28, 2017
Why, hello. Here are current merch numbers for any that are curious. Still one more of those extra small hoodies available! Small people, please take all these XS things away from me. Shirts are $5. Use them to shine your shoes or buff your car.
Cloudkicker Nov 12, 2017
Check out this album, it's like high-energy Map/Territory-era Cloudkicker mixed with AAL.
Cloudkicker Oct 03, 2017
I love this new Propagandhi album so much. Not only do the songs rip super hard, but this band consistently forces me to revisit my perspective and beliefs in a way I get from almost nowhere else.
Cloudkicker Aug 18, 2017
Any (preferably good) shows in Cbus tonight?
Cloudkicker Aug 14, 2017
It's too bad this band never got big
Cloudkicker Aug 14, 2017
Attention small people: Price drop on merch at : Shirts are $5 and the hoodie is $15 now. At the moment my plan is to sell everything out and then reassess the merch situation.
Cloudkicker Aug 08, 2017
25,000+ professionally digitized 78rpm records courtesy of The Internet Archive
Cloudkicker Jul 31, 2017
Manchester Orchestra - The Moth I've had this album on repeat for about 5 days now, a classic grower.
Cloudkicker Jul 09, 2017
Wow give this guy some love for putting however much time into this that he did, this is awesome!
Cloudkicker Jul 07, 2017
Ok, this isn't really new music, but for the vast, vast, VAST majority of you it will be, and I'm confident the other 3 will be as hearing it for the first time. A long time ago in a reappropriated warehouse far, far away, three friends wrote an album of music that for various and uninteresting reasons never really went anywhere. For 12 years it has been basically collecting dust in tucked away corners of the internet, almost immediately obscure and forgotten. Behold! It has been remixed and remastered! Maybe because I've felt nostalgic recently, or maybe for not any good reason at all. But I think this is what these songs always should have sounded like. This is three people that took a lot of time writing and revising and practicing their music and then recorded it in a matter of days. There were no tricks or fancy equipment (including click tracks), and even though we were in our early/sub 20s, in a lot of ways these songs still represent something I can aspire to in what I have yet to write. It has been really fun listening to this again and learning riffs that made sense to my brain over a decade ago. And I'm proud that I was artistically mature enough to record an album in the mid-oughts that only had 2 pinched harmonics on it. This album was done in collaboration with my friends Adam Castle (who I worked with on the Cloudkicker album Fade as well) and Christian Johansen. I used to give Adam so much shit for his drumming but looking back on it, he was absolutely killing it. And Christian's bass riffs are so on point it makes me bummed that I always just kind of tolerated his style because it was different than mine. But these are 30s feelings, not 20s feelings. Now join me as we travel back to a time when I hadn't even started listening to Meshuggah yet, when calling things "post-something" was just coming into vogue, when breakdowns were king, and when having a part-time job was considered a burdensome responsibility. Before Cloudkicker, before BM Sharp on Myspace, but we were definitely starting to get the hang of it. Enjoy!
Cloudkicker Jul 07, 2017
Geotic - Find Your Peace This album (Mend) is like a dreamier, washier, more complete version of Loop. If you're into that.
Cloudkicker Jun 19, 2017
Check out this podcast I did with my buddies Sacha and Dan. We talk about how good these bands were and how bad they are now but how it kind of doesn't matter. Also add9's.
Cloudkicker Jun 06, 2017
Great chill, thoughtful song, haven't listened to the whole album yet
Cloudkicker Jun 04, 2017
Great song and the album is worth a listen too. Makes me want to get into movie soundtracks again.
Cloudkicker May 29, 2017
To everyone that has ordered something from Bandcamp in the last month: Apparently the link between Bandcamp and Whiplash (my shipping provider) was severed sometime in mid-April and no one noticed it. I have no idea how that happened as the page where one sets that up is in a fairly obscure section of the website that I don't click through often if ever. I don't monitor the status of whether or not shipments are making it from Bandcamp to Whiplash because there haven't been any major problems in the 5 or so years I've been using them. But I'll take the blame for not staying on top of things. That said, I really wish Bandcamp would work on their shipping/third-party link interface instead of doing stuff like creating a subscription service that I find less than useless. I've made a handful of suggestions but I think that since I'm not a typical user they get filed in a pretty deep cabinet somewhere. What this means for you is that I'm in contact with Whiplash to try to fix the problem (of course I noticed it the day before a long weekend) but it might take a few days to get it sorted. I'm sorry about the waits some of you have experienced.
Cloudkicker May 11, 2017
This new Slowdive album is legit as hell. It came out 5 days ago, how is it making me feel nostalgic?
Cloudkicker May 10, 2017
All hail Botch! This album is old enough to vote and it still beats the pants off of most of the new stuff I hear.
Cloudkicker May 01, 2017
Sad news today. I got word that fan and personal friend Colby Murphy has shuffled off this mortal coil. Colby first got in touch with me in 2011 as many people do, via email and with questions about various aspects of music. We wrote back and forth regularly, and I even sent him my copy of the book the song titles from Beacons were sourced from. When I went on tour in April 2014, we ended up spending the better part of a day together before and after the show in Atlanta. What struck me most about he and his girlfriend (to be wife) Loriel was how kind and genuine they were, and what good company they made. It really helped set the tone for the tour and how many good people I would meet and solidify some kind of relationship with. The last time we talked was in October of this past year, when he wrote me with the news that he and Loriel had just gotten married. It was clear to me that he was excited about life and I congratulated him and told him how great marriage was going to be. I can't imagine the kind of pain she is feeling right now. I don't have a real point. Maybe because I've been fortunate to have a life mostly devoid of tragedy this feels more like a punch in the stomach than it should, but it does. Seeing him post about the love in his life just a few days ago serves as a reminder to me about how quickly things can be taken away, and maybe it can serve as a reminder of the same for you. Whether you believe in prayer, meditation, universal truth, the terrible void of non-being, karma, or if you think believing in stuff is silly, think about offering some kind of positive thought or deed into existence to compensate not just for this tragedy, but any tragedy that might be on your mind as well. Godspeed Cody. Hopefully Jesus or Vishnu or Satan or the DMT Tykes have killer music.
Cloudkicker Apr 27, 2017
Hey, try this album on for size