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Synthetic Tails (feat. J Tijn)
Gratum Inferno
Unknown Depths EP
Cleric Oct 12, 2017
Len Faki (OFFICIAL) - My Black Sheep (Cleric Y Remix) [FIGURE • 90]
Cleric Oct 07, 2017
Tonight / Tomorrow / Monday : Berghain / Panorama Bar 23:59 // 04:00 Len Faki (OFFICIAL) 04:00 // 06:00 Cyrillic aka KiNK LIVE 06:00 // 10:00 Cleric 10:00 // 11:30 Nocow LIVE 11:30 // 15:30 Viers 15:30 // 19:30 Roman Poncet 19:30 // 23:30 Matrixxman, Setaoc Mass 23:30 // 02:30 Len Faki (OFFICIAL) 02:30 // END Jeroen Search
Cleric Oct 02, 2017
Cleric Sep 26, 2017
Nowhere Fast { Soma Records }
Cleric Sep 13, 2017
Limerick tonight for Me&My as WORKS UNIT
Cleric Sep 08, 2017
Thank you Singapore 🇸🇬️
Cleric Aug 19, 2017
Felt great to be back in San Francisco. Now on route to LA for PrototypeLA Tonight. I got chance to speak with Magnetic Magazine before the show...
Cleric Aug 01, 2017
I've been a bit quiet on here at the moment, but everyday in August I will be uploading a small preview of a track via Instagram that I've been playing recently... Starting with the amazing Kwartz
Cleric Jun 16, 2017
Obrigado São Paulo 🙏
Cleric Jun 07, 2017
Gracias Bogota, Gracias Medellin 🙏
Cleric Jun 05, 2017
Cleric May 30, 2017
Quality weekend at Corvin Club, Budapest and the amazing Life Festival in Dublin. Thursday I will start my South american tour - Bogota / Medellin / Sao Paulo / Buenos Aires 02.06// SYLUM 002 - w/ Cleric & Shinedoe! 03.06// MUTE presenta: Cleric (Figure - Clergy) 09.06// Tantša .:-:. basambela w/ Cleric 10.06 // Underclub, Buenos Aires Peace x
Cleric May 16, 2017
Probably my favourite time playing in Berghain this weekend. It was extra special as I was accompanied by my old man, Stephen Hodgetts Photography. Thank you for creating such an amazing atmosphere for him to experience.
Cleric May 10, 2017
Back at Berghain this weekend... Cant wait to test some new tracks on that system!!!
Cleric Apr 24, 2017
Well KHIDI really lived up to its hype... Up there with one of the best clubs i've played in. Unfortunately I had to leave early for my 04:30 flight, but already counting down the days till im next back!
Cleric Apr 14, 2017
I've picked my 4 favourite Trax Records for Watch The Hype
Cleric Mar 27, 2017
Great being back in London, Cheers Distortion!
Cleric Mar 23, 2017
Back in London this weekend for Distortion. Leading up to it I answered a few questions with Hard Life magazine... Dure Vie (French) -
Cleric Mar 20, 2017
Many thanks De Marktkantine & Duel Beat - Official Page. Definitely the track of the weekend ! Sciahri
Cleric Mar 03, 2017
03.03 - Happy release day! Tonight Cardiff - Head Room 005: Horizon Festival Warm Up: Cleric (Figure/Clergy) Tomorrow Dublin - Jeroen Search & Cleric at Index
Cleric Mar 01, 2017
Bit late on this but Ive been a bit lost the past few days. Want to say thanks to everyone who made it to our C L E R G Y night at Hidden last Friday. Big sets form Dax J and Reflec. It wont be our last party in Manchester I’m sure!
Cleric Feb 13, 2017
Nice work from rybskie at Sfinks700. (Accidentally went over my set by an hour - Whoops) Great night - till next time!
Cleric Feb 04, 2017
Birthday celebrations tonight in Cologne with Minimalistenrudel / Tag X at Artheater - Cant wait!
Cleric Jan 06, 2017
French weekend ahead... Tonight FALL INDUSTRY at Le Bikini in Toulouse Tomorrow im back with Possession at SALÒ in Pairs Traveling soundtrack sorted!!!