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Deafer Dumber Blinder - 20 Years Anniversary Box
Life Will Kill You
Life Will Kill You
The Price We Pay
Little Baby (Charity Single)
Hate Yourself with Style
Hate Yourself With Style
Hate Yourself With Style
A Whole Lot of Nothing
Use Your Brain
Deaf Dumb Blind
CLAWFINGER Jan 28, 2018
Just when we thought that The Fernetz had disappeared for good this stupid interview pops up where their crap vocalist makes a fool of himself and ridicules Clawfinger in a totally unacceptable way. Fuck The Fernetz!😑
CLAWFINGER Jan 06, 2018
Ladies and germs, apparently our first video wasn't cool enough for the European MTV market so we re-recorded it back in 1993. Not sure it's any better than the original but 25 years later who the fuck cares, thank you all for the massive support since then!❀️
CLAWFINGER Jan 04, 2018
The Fernetz have dragged Clawfinger's name through the mud once again. This time they even forced Clawfingers guitarist to record vocals, harmonies and guitar parts in a lousy attempt to cash in on their name. Enough is enough, may they burn in hell!
CLAWFINGER Dec 25, 2017
No, thankfully The Fernetz haven't stolen any music from Clawfinger this time but they're still fucking ridiculous assholes so please don't listen to them no matter what they do, they don't deserve your attention so just ignore them totally. Merry Christmas!😎
CLAWFINGER Dec 20, 2017
Oberhausen and Turbinenhalle, thank you so much for having us on Saturday, what a magical evening it was. An extra special shout out to Eisbrecher, thank you for inviting us to your show and for going on after us. We know we're not an easy act to follow but you were very brave and you won our audience over in the end!πŸ˜‰β€οΈ Photos by: and Sabine Tomm/Rookie-Pictures
CLAWFINGER Dec 18, 2017
Not only are The Fernetz tasteless musical thieves, they're also bad, childish and ugly. Somebody please make them stop before they completely ruin Clawfinger's legacy and destroy good music in general!
CLAWFINGER Dec 17, 2017
Papenburg thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We did not expect over a thousand beautiful people to show up and we didn't dare dream that our merch would almost sell out. Thank you for showing us so much love!❀️
CLAWFINGER Dec 15, 2017
CLAWFINGER Dec 12, 2017
Some covers are awesome, others are AWESOME! Great job! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜
CLAWFINGER Dec 10, 2017
Those bastards in The Fernetz have done it again. This time they've ripped off the guitar riff to Prisoners (go to 49s). Have they no shame whatsoever?😎
CLAWFINGER Dec 03, 2017
Apparently some unknown shit band from fuck knows where have ripped off one of our classic songs. The Fernetz will be hearing from our lawyers very shortly!😎
CLAWFINGER Nov 09, 2017
Throwback Thursday: That time last Saturday when we played the only new song that we've even written in ten years, it was the second time ever and we almost got everything right!😎
CLAWFINGER Oct 29, 2017
When your old friend Mambo Kurt asks you if you can make a video jingle for his 20th anniversary then of course you say yes. He's an easy listening legend for god's sake!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‚
CLAWFINGER Oct 12, 2017
We know, it's only Wacken woll but we like it. Here are some more great live shots courtesy of Karolina Vohnsen and Rocking Photoart. She's managed to catch some monumental, majestic, magical, amusing and amazing moments!πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
CLAWFINGER Oct 11, 2017
Without further ado, we're happy to present the best 11 minutes of any Clawfinger interview ever!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‚
CLAWFINGER Oct 02, 2017
JAK 2017 Eisbrecher Festival
CLAWFINGER Sep 30, 2017
The sad fuckers in the extreme right-wing Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) marched through Gothenburg today. Here are the pictures they didn't want you to see!πŸ˜‚
CLAWFINGER Sep 25, 2017
Ladies and germs, may I introduce to you all CB Sunset featuring Zak. It's not quite Clawfinger but it will have to do. This song was originally written and recorded in 1979 by legendary Swedish punk band Dr Zeke and it's called: "I'm never gonna die". It's based on a true story!😎
CLAWFINGER Sep 17, 2017
You need this painting on your wall so get the bids in now. You have 40 minutes left to make this piece of art yours. It's going to be worth a fortune so what are you waiting for?😎
CLAWFINGER Aug 30, 2017
That's the price we pay – To get the full 360Β° video live experience from Wacken 2017. Have you ever been this close to the band?
CLAWFINGER Aug 29, 2017
Teffli-Rally, what an amazing audience you were and what a lovely little festival. Thank you all for the wonderful party we had together and thank you for making us feel so special. What a perfect way to end the festival season. Respect and one love!❀️
CLAWFINGER Aug 16, 2017
In case you missed it 😎 NEW SINGLE "Save Our Souls" is out now! πŸ”Š
CLAWFINGER Aug 13, 2017
Brutal Assault, what an amazing crowd, you were all fucking crazy. Thank you for staying to watch us despite the late hour and the bad weather and thank you for going opeshit together with us, what a great fucking party we had. Respect and love to all of you!❀️
CLAWFINGER Aug 05, 2017
Wacken Open Air, what an awesome festival and what a totally awesome crowd. Thank you all for making us feel special and for making our day totally fucking awesome. You made us wanna wacken woll all night & party every day!😊🀘❀️ Photos by: Marco Stalder / azure art
CLAWFINGER Aug 04, 2017