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Latitude Festival Latitude Festival 2018
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Clark Mar 18, 2018
Congratulations Melanie Lane for winning the Keir Choreographic Awards! Lots of fun constructing juicy cello improvisations around her spell binding choreography. An absolute honour to be involved. Also massive props to Carriageworks, Dancehouse and the other artists involved: Amrita Hepi, Bhenji Ra, Branch Nebula, Lilian Steiner, Luke George, Nana Biluš Abaffy, Prue Lang
Clark Mar 15, 2018
Very happy to present my improv cello score for Melanie Lane's 'Personal Effigies' at Carriageworks, Sydney tonight, as part of the Keir Choreographic Awards.
Clark Feb 12, 2018
Looking forward to returning to Latitude Festival this summer. One of only a handful of special Death Peak shows this year. Tickets
Clark Feb 07, 2018
Thanks for all the kind words re: Kiri music! Can’t bleeding wait to finish the Kiri album - refining and extending it is proving to be most PLEASURABLE
Clark Jan 10, 2018
'Kiri' starts tonight on Channel 4 (UK). This has been the most satisfying score I’ve worked on yet. It’s a great show and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sinking my teeth into it.
Clark Dec 13, 2017
Too embarrassed to watch this myself, but you might enjoy. Picking my way through some fave records in a sleep deprived state. Thank you Amoeba.
Clark Dec 11, 2017
Death Peak. 📸 Sebastian Matthes / Manox
Clark Dec 09, 2017
Love to WHP thank you. What splendid fun this year has been!
Clark Dec 08, 2017
Final Death Peak show of 2017 - tonight at Manchester Warehouse Project
Clark Dec 07, 2017
Clark Dec 06, 2017
PIG. The riff in this sounds bit a tropical to me. (you kidding m8?) From a rainy grey skyed uk perspective at least! Again it’s a simple hardware improv. I started messing with my friend Yamila’s vocals and crunching out these luscious Oberheim synth recordings I made. I wanted to write something that started out as a fluid, slightly muddy blur, muted euphoria, warm, then the landscape coarsens and distorts. I like that effect, from soft and sympathetic to quite brutal, angular patterns and more bling production. Just because I can produce now it doesn’t mean I don’t still love lo-fi grit :) They mutually enhance each other. The synth at the end is a counterpoint to that. It’s something I made of my wife Melanie singing on a skype call captured with a laptop mic. I’m quite chuffed with it. No presets allowed! It’s got a glow to it that reminds me of her.
Clark Dec 04, 2017
Clark Dec 02, 2017
Very happy to have scored 'Woof', an amazing new work by Melanie Lane for Sydney Dance Company 😍 It’s running until the 9th of December at Carriageworks Sydney as part of the #SDCNewBreed season. 📷 Pedro Grieg
Clark Dec 01, 2017
Clark Nov 24, 2017
All my bangers in a neat n tidy place. P.S. Chaos (still) rules.
Clark Nov 23, 2017
Thank you London. Exceptionally fun evening. Props to Brian Kiani and Sophia for making it extra special!
Clark Nov 18, 2017
10 PM tonight - Death Peak penultimate show of the year, in the @printworkslondon rave vault.
Clark Nov 13, 2017
Very excited to bring the penultimate 2017 Death Peak live performance to The Hydra @ Printworks London this Saturday. Tickets here
Clark Oct 20, 2017
'HONEY BADGER' on Spotify
Clark Oct 19, 2017
DEATH PEAK LIVE. Streaming from Simple Things Festival - Bristol this Saturday.
Clark Oct 19, 2017
These 2 tracks are my favourite part of the Death Peak live show, releasing them now feels essential! About 96% of Honey Badger came together as an improv with an elektron RYTM and OB6 synth. I got really into sequencing out of phase patterns with drums that swing and knock, that you want to move too. You can maintain legit swing at 138 bpm I reckon. I like how the zero swing straight synth is what give it funk though. Swung synths AND swung drums = proper lol cringe they need to yin and yang off of each other. I was really pleased, it didn’t even need mixing, just some careful mastering. It was just one stereo track master from the original improv that I chopped into a 7 minute piece because there was about 30 minutes of it. The ending feels like peak rush ecstasy to me. I got that Reese bassline in at the end and thought yipppy that’s the perfect full stop to this track. Game over.. 'Honey Badger': Pre-order 12":
Clark Oct 19, 2017
‘Honey Badger / Pig’ 12" out 1 December on Warp Records. Stream/Download: Pre-order:
Clark Oct 19, 2017
DEATH PEAK LIVE 2017 OCTOBER 19 – Prague, CZ @ Lunchmeat Festival 20 – Amsterdam, NL @ De Marktkantine (ADE Festival) 21 – Bristol, UK @ Simple Things Festival NOVEMBER 18 – London, UK @ Hydra at Printworks w/ Marcel Dettmann, James Ruskin +more DECEMBER 08 – Manchester, UK @ The Warehouse Project w/ Jeff Mills, Nina Kraviz +more
Clark Oct 18, 2017
I captured a Honey Badger from the wild and turned it into techno. Enjoy!
Clark Oct 17, 2017
Looking forward to Simple Things Festival - Bristol on Saturday! Tix -