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Civil War (the band) Mar 14, 2018
Very very cool news are coming up soon!!! A big dream will come true finally!! Stay tuned!! //Civil War 🀘
Civil War (the band) Mar 09, 2018
Sabaton Open Air Festival
Civil War (the band) Mar 07, 2018
GERMANY!!!! We will be back!!!! 🀘😎🀘
Civil War (the band) Feb 27, 2018
Civil War (the band) Feb 27, 2018
Yes Yes Yes!!! 🀘😎🀘
Civil War (the band) Feb 24, 2018
In this moment! We just released our Civil War Imperial Stout. Thank you for everyone who showed up for a taste. And our Civil War Imperial IPA still Rocks!
Civil War (the band) Feb 22, 2018
One more beer in the Civil War family! This saturday we release a new beer at the Uppsala beer and Whisky festival. This time it is a Imperial Stout brewed once again together with Bryggeriet Γ…ngkvarn. At 14.00 hours we will for the first time have a taste and you can be a part of it. We will also be serving our Imperial IPA.
Civil War (the band) Feb 18, 2018
Civil War (the band)
Civil War (the band) Feb 09, 2018
Hello there!! Have a great weekend people!πŸ€˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ€˜
Civil War (the band) Feb 05, 2018
Civil War (the band) Jan 29, 2018
What a great tour we had! All the way from Hamburg to London (with some huge detours along the way)! Many thanks to all of you that showed up on the gigs to make all of them into nights to remember! Can't wait to get back out there and see you all again! A huge thanks to Gloryhammer for getting this all together and for being great guys! And last but not the least....a big rounds of applauds for the guys in Dendera! You saved the tour multiple times. If it wasn't for you this could have been a huge mess. But your friendliness and determination has helped all of us to pull this off. So this little picture would have never been possible without you guys (especially since you're the ones that bought us the bottle)! Cheers from us to you all! //Kelly,Daniel,Daniel,Rikard & Petrus
Civil War (the band) Jan 28, 2018
Last gig London! What an amazing evening! First time here, but definitely not the last!
Civil War (the band) Jan 27, 2018
What a glorious morning! Bus broke down during our trip over to England. So we now sit here and enjoy some coffee with a lovely view over the parking lot that is surrounded by the wonderful white cliffs of Dover! A great start on the last day of the tour!
Civil War (the band) Jan 26, 2018
Belgium Vosselaar Biebob!! We had some quality beers and an incredible good crowd!! THANK YOU!! Tomorrow we end this 24 day long tour in London...
Civil War (the band) Jan 26, 2018
Daniel Mullback Slowmo
Civil War (the band) Jan 25, 2018
Sold Out Siegburg!!! Amazing Crowd!! 🀘
Civil War (the band) Jan 24, 2018
Sold Out tonight! Great Crowd!! Thank You Arnhem!!🀘
Civil War (the band) Jan 23, 2018
Civil War (the band) Jan 22, 2018
Hot,Hotter,Eindhoven! Thanks for an awesome evening!
Civil War (the band) Jan 21, 2018
Sold Out Stuttgart!!🀘 Thank you so much!!🀘
Civil War (the band) Jan 20, 2018
For everyone that hasn't read Gloryhammer's announcement. Todays show in Burglengenfeld is cancelled due to Angus having problem with his voice.
Civil War (the band) Jan 19, 2018
Beautiful venue!🀘 Wounderful hospitality!🀘 AMAZING AUDIENCE!!🀘
Civil War (the band) Jan 18, 2018
AMAZING Switzerland!!! Thank You so much!!! πŸ€˜πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­πŸ€˜
Civil War (the band) Jan 18, 2018
We're happy to announce that Kelly is doing much better today, which means that we will be playing again from now on! Feels great to be back on track! See you in Aarburg tonight!
Civil War (the band) Jan 17, 2018
We're very sorry to announce that our gig in Paris is cancelled. But Dendera and Gloryhammer will do their shows of course! Unfortunately Kelly's health was a bit worse than expected, but he's now on medications that will get him up and running again in no time!