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Different Creatures
Young Chasers
Circa Waves Oct 17, 2017
Our next show is on home soil at 2Q Festival - Lincoln. Tickets are available now! πŸ“· Katy Cummings
Circa Waves Oct 10, 2017
We had the best time out in the US, can't believe it's over 😭 πŸ“· Caljam17, Katy Cummings
Circa Waves Oct 05, 2017
Tour is done. Cal Jam 17 you're up next, see you on Saturday! πŸ“· Katy Cummings
Circa Waves Oct 02, 2017
Had such a great time on tour with Two Door Cinema Club, can't believe it's the last night tonight 😭 πŸ“· Katy Cummings
Circa Waves Sep 27, 2017
Having a blast out with Two Door Cinema Club in the States. Here's some behind the scene's footage of me and Alex from Reading Festival. πŸ“Ή Josh Halling
Circa Waves Sep 25, 2017
Having an awesome time in the US πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ“· Katy Cummings
Circa Waves Sep 20, 2017
One week in and this tour is incredible! El Paso tonight!
Circa Waves Sep 15, 2017
Two shows in and this tour is incredible! The Meadows Music & Arts Festival we will be seeing you later πŸ™Œ πŸ“· Katy Cummings
Circa Waves Sep 11, 2017
UK festival season is done! USA, you're up next!
Circa Waves Sep 10, 2017
Oh man, 6 months since Different Creatures was released. Time flies!! Had so much fun playing these new tracks live this Summer.
Circa Waves Sep 06, 2017
Playing some acoustic track's for Annie Mac tomorrow! Kieran and Joe will be live on BBC Radio 1 from 7pm sharp!
Circa Waves Sep 03, 2017
Reading Festival you were something else 😎 πŸ“Ή Joshua Halling
Circa Waves Aug 30, 2017
Here's Fire That Burns from Reading Festival, keep an eye out for a special guest πŸ‘€
Circa Waves Aug 28, 2017
Reading and Leeds you were incredible! #RandL17
Circa Waves Aug 24, 2017
Get on T-shirt Weather at TRNSMT Festival!!!! Reading Festival and Leeds Festival this weekend, gunna be BIG! Reading, we're on the main stage Friday at 4:30PM / Leeds 3:55PM.
Circa Waves Aug 22, 2017
Thank you Summer Sonic you were amazing ✌️ Reading Festival you're up next, see you Friday!
Circa Waves Aug 21, 2017
Foos meet Waves
Circa Waves Aug 19, 2017
Listen back to our BBC Radio 1 take over. We smashed it. It's boss. It's about movie soundtracks πŸ‘
Circa Waves Aug 15, 2017
Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, that was boss 😎 We're having a great time exploring Incheon!
Circa Waves Aug 14, 2017
Circa Waves Aug 13, 2017
One month til we hit the US with Two Door Cinema Club. Really can't wait for this!
Circa Waves Aug 11, 2017
We've touched down in South Korea. Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival we'll see you tomorrow, on stage at 3PM KST!
Circa Waves Aug 04, 2017
Kieran had a chat with Alternative Press about getting back on the road in the US, have a read here πŸ‘‰
Circa Waves Aug 03, 2017
HEY! Can't wait to get back to the US! We'll be headlining these two AWESOME shows while we're over there. Tickets on sale now.
Circa Waves Jul 27, 2017
Maaaaan so looking forward to Kendal Calling tomorrow! Gunna be incredible.....on stage at 6.25pm.... πŸ“· Anton Coene