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Over & Over (feat. Holly Miranda) [Remixes]
Hit My Ego (Remixes)
Come Together (Remixes)
Fast Cars
One Beat Away (Remixes)
Your Love
Future Love
Psycho Thrills
You Got Me Feeling
Cicada (Special Edition)
Cicada Mar 19, 2018
This Sunday we are supporting our good friends Cash at The Hideaway Bar in Newtown. Bands start from 2pm 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼
Cicada Feb 21, 2018
Working through some new material tonight with vocals, guitar and Clint on the drums ✌🏼
Cicada Feb 08, 2018
I got reminded of a few very important lessons of song writing while working on some new Cicada material. Simple is always better than complicated, taking away can give more than adding, and melody is always king. We used to have a saying that less is more, and nothing can be closer to the truth. Keen to release plenty more new music in 2018 and get back to the basics of writing good rock music 🤙🏼 - Daniel -
Cicada Jan 25, 2018
Play until there’s blood on the frets
Cicada Jan 21, 2018
Experimenting with some new material last night. Slower tempos and some interesting rhythms.
Cicada Jan 16, 2018
Thanks so much to everyone that came down on Friday night, it was so much fun getting back up there. 2018 has a lot in store for the band, and we are keen to share it with all your pretty faces 😘 Here is a clip from the audience of Feign live @ The Hideaway Bar. Watch in HD!
Cicada Jan 12, 2018
Tonight is the night!! Doors open at 6pm, we are on from 8:30pm for an hour long set. Address: The Hideaway Bar, 156 Enmore Road, Enmore. Entry: Free. If you haven’t heard our older music for a while our last EP can be streamed free below. We will be playing a lot of the tracks of this one tonight! Pumped to see all your pretty faces 😘 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
Cicada Jan 10, 2018
We finished up our last practice before our show on Friday. Pumped to hit the stage and get loud. Had a cheeky little jam with Daniel’s custom painted Stratocaster. This one might make a special appearance at the show 😉
Cicada Jan 07, 2018
This Friday we hit the stage with our good friends Stormbird at The Hideaway Bar in Newtown. Free entry! We are on stage from 8:45. Come down and cure your back to work blues 😉
Cicada Dec 26, 2017
Boxing Day jam session stripped back with just drums and guitar playing through some more Aneurysm by Nirvana 🤙🏼 #Nirvana #Aneurysm #DaveGrohl #KurtCobain #KristNovoselic
Cicada Dec 19, 2017
------ NEW SINGLE RELEASE!! ------ Our second single 'Out of Focus' is now out and live for FREE DOWNLOAD at our bandcamp link below. This track is a little softer than we are known for, and shows a side to the band that may not be expected. Massive thanks to Joe de la Hoyde for his production and strings arrangement and Slavic Livins for his mastering of the track to bring it to life. Always a pleasure working with both of you! We hope everyone enjoys our latest release! - Daniel, Clint & Steve -
Cicada Dec 17, 2017
A little bit of Nirvana at tonight’s band practice. Aneurysm! \m/-.-\m/
Cicada Dec 10, 2017
--- DOWNPOUR SINGLE RELEASE! --- Its out! Our new single 'Downpour' is available to stream and download FREE for the next 7 days exclusively through our Cicada bandcamp page linked below. Thank you to everyone for all their help on making this track sound amazing. Turn this one up!!!
Cicada Nov 23, 2017
We are thrilled to announce our two new singles will be released on the 10th and 17th of December. Sunday 10/12/2018 (7:00pm EST) - Downpour Sunday 17/12/2018 (7:00pm EST) - Out of Focus We worked hard to get these sounding as good as possible, and making some music you rarely hear anymore. We are pumped to share it with all of you!! Peace ✌🏼
Cicada Nov 17, 2017
Exciting news coming soon... we are hitting the stage again!
Cicada Oct 18, 2017
It’s been a busy month for the band. Steve got married last Saturday and Clint gets married tomorrow. I must have missed the memo 😅 - Dan -
Cicada Oct 12, 2017
The second snippet off our second track ‘Out of Focus’
Cicada Oct 10, 2017
Another track, another scream. 'Out of Focus'
Cicada Oct 09, 2017
Single art for our next track, ‘Out of Focus’
Cicada Oct 05, 2017
The second snippet of our new single 'Downpour' This one should get the mosh going 😈
Cicada Oct 03, 2017
End of the long weekend got you down? Bring yourself back up with a sneak preview of our new track 'Downpour'
Cicada Aug 27, 2017
We have been getting tagged in videos from all around the world from LA, to Rio to the U.K. of you guys playing our music and we are absolutely loving it! As an update the two new singles are completely done. Just organizing a shoot for a music video and we will have them out as soon as possible! Sneak peek at the single art below ;)
Cicada Jul 21, 2017
Today I woke up to the news of yet another one of my musical heros killing himself. Listening to Meteora and Hybrid Theory gave me a new benchmark for rock vocals and dynamics and provided for many like me, an entry point into rock music as a young teenager. His power was unmatched. I think for the same reasons that musicians are able to harness their strong emotions to create art, it is also these strong emotions that lead to their undoing. Less than two months after Chris Cornell and on Chris' birthday too. I would say rest in peace, but with that scream, there won't be many sleeping. - Daniel -
Cicada Jul 19, 2017
- Singles Release Update- Both new tracks are completely mixed. They will be sent over to LA to be Mastered this week with a release date to come very soon! While you wait, our original EP is still available at our Bandcamp account below. $5.00 AUD for the album, or $1.00 AUD per track. - Daniel -
Cicada Jun 21, 2017
Vocals are done, onto mixing and then to add final touches before they get sent over to LA for Mastering. Follow our producer Joe de la Hoyde on his Instagram below.