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Hit My Ego (Remixes)
Over & Over (feat. Holly Miranda) [Remixes]
Fast Cars
Come Together (Remixes)
One Beat Away (Remixes)
Future Love
Your Love
You Got Me Feeling
Psycho Thrills
Cicada (Special Edition)
Cicada Oct 12, 2017
The second snippet off our second track ‘Out of Focus’
Cicada Oct 10, 2017
Another track, another scream. 'Out of Focus'
Cicada Oct 09, 2017
Single art for our next track, ‘Out of Focus’
Cicada Oct 05, 2017
The second snippet of our new single 'Downpour' This one should get the mosh going 😈
Cicada Oct 03, 2017
End of the long weekend got you down? Bring yourself back up with a sneak preview of our new track 'Downpour'
Cicada Aug 27, 2017
We have been getting tagged in videos from all around the world from LA, to Rio to the U.K. of you guys playing our music and we are absolutely loving it! As an update the two new singles are completely done. Just organizing a shoot for a music video and we will have them out as soon as possible! Sneak peek at the single art below ;)
Cicada Jul 21, 2017
Today I woke up to the news of yet another one of my musical heros killing himself. Listening to Meteora and Hybrid Theory gave me a new benchmark for rock vocals and dynamics and provided for many like me, an entry point into rock music as a young teenager. His power was unmatched. I think for the same reasons that musicians are able to harness their strong emotions to create art, it is also these strong emotions that lead to their undoing. Less than two months after Chris Cornell and on Chris' birthday too. I would say rest in peace, but with that scream, there won't be many sleeping. - Daniel -
Cicada Jul 19, 2017
- Singles Release Update- Both new tracks are completely mixed. They will be sent over to LA to be Mastered this week with a release date to come very soon! While you wait, our original EP is still available at our Bandcamp account below. $5.00 AUD for the album, or $1.00 AUD per track. - Daniel -
Cicada Jun 21, 2017
Vocals are done, onto mixing and then to add final touches before they get sent over to LA for Mastering. Follow our producer Joe de la Hoyde on his Instagram below.
Cicada May 25, 2017
When you're meant to be helping construct the bass parts but you find a lightsaber in the studio 😂😂😂 SINGLES UPDATE - Bass, guitars and drums are all done. Vocals to come.
Cicada May 22, 2017
We didn't want to say anything until it was confirmed but we are all extremely saddened by the untimely passing of Chris. We have all been influenced by his music in Soundgarden and Audioslave and his talent was unrivalled in its originality and melodic complexity. He will be remembered as one of the most dynamic front men of rock and one of the greatest voices of all time. Now go teach those angels how to really sing.
Cicada Apr 29, 2017
Wishing an epic happy birthday to our king of the skins Clint Jones!!!
Cicada Apr 24, 2017
We are very lucky to be working with the supremely talented Joe de la Hoyde again to lay down two brand new tracks. We finished up drums on the weekend and got half the guitars done. New tracks: 1. Out of Focus (soft) 2. Downpour (heavy) Our existing EP 'Cicada' is still available to download for free, you can grab it at the link below:
Cicada Jan 31, 2017
We are booked in mid next month to lay down 3 brand new tracks. Link below to our EP which is still FREE to download!!
Cicada Dec 22, 2016
Got together tonight to discuss our plans for 2017 and what the aims will be for the band. Finished up the session with a quick writing session and punched out this heavy little number. New song coming up soon 👌🏼
Cicada Oct 16, 2016
=== Unreleased Single Live at Frankies ===
Cicada Sep 19, 2016
== FULL LIVE FOOTAGE == We finally have live footage of the guys! Here is a full clip in HD of Cicada doing 'Apathetic' off their EP live at Frankie's 18/09/2016
Cicada Sep 18, 2016
We hit the stage in a little over a hour. It's filling up quick!
Cicada Sep 08, 2016
WE ARE BACK!!! Sunday 18th of September we are hitting the stage with Khan at the iconic Frankie's Pizza. Come down for a slice and some rock and roll music. We will be debuting a brand new song, which is one of our heaviest yet 😈😈😈
Cicada Jul 05, 2016
We stumbled across this review of our EP on a fans blog last week. So good to see our music spreading itself to the distant corners of the web. Have a read!
Cicada Jun 30, 2016
We had another solid session last night with the boys and we are going to be hitting the studio soon to put out another couple of singles. Our EP is still free to download, wrap your ears around our original 5 tracks below:
Cicada Jun 15, 2016
Our very own Stephen Palmier is part of an upcoming documentary on the music scene here in Sydney. Check out the link below for a sneak peek at what's to come!
Cicada May 21, 2016
OUR FULL LENGTH EP IS NOW FREE TO DOWNLOAD!! Grab your digital copy now at the link below. We don't do it for money. We do it for the music.
Cicada May 21, 2016
"I'm hope that some day you will let me go, release me from my dirty cage"
Cicada May 18, 2016
One good riff can save the world...