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Offworld Trading Company (Original Soundtrack)
The Drop That Contained the Sea
Calling All Dawns
Christopher Tin Jul 18, 2018
I have classy friends who give classy gifts. Thanks UN Chamber Music Society!
Christopher Tin Jun 29, 2018
Just saw the program for this year's World Choir Games, and was pleased to see that Baba Yetu is being performed by six different choirs in the competition. So now I know who I'll be rooting for! Go AMICI, Royal College Choir, Voices of Hilton, NCA North West Youth Choir, Loreto School Queenswood Senior Choir, and Frank Pietersen Music Centre Combined Choir!!! :D
Christopher Tin Jun 26, 2018
Penny at 5.5 weeks!
Christopher Tin Jun 25, 2018
I was finally able to track down a copy of my concert at Llangollen, Wales last year. Here it is! I'm conducting the Welsh National Opera Orchestra and Celebration Chorus, with Elin Manahan Thomas, Joel Virgil, Nathalie Pires, Shanul Sharma and Nominjin. This was the original broadcast and web stream by S4C, the Welsh TV network. Hope to do more concerts like this in the future! Christopher Tin: Live at Llangollen - 'Calling All Dawns'
Christopher Tin Jun 18, 2018
Our first #fathersday.
Christopher Tin Jun 05, 2018
I'm sort of amazed at how much Baba Yetu has taken off within the Mormon community, and I think I have Alex Boye' and the BYU Men's Choir to thank for that. And holy moly, did they pull out all the stops on this performance at Temple Square Friday night. Bravo. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra sound fantastic, and what a solo by Alex. (I am not a religious person--however, I greatly respect devotion and faith in all forms, especially as it exists on a personal, spiritual level.)
Christopher Tin Jun 02, 2018
This weekend, my favorite choir the Angel City Chorale will be premiering a new piece of mine called 'O For a Voice Like Thunder', commissioned for their 25th anniversary. I'm super happy to call these great and passionate singers my friends, especially their inimitable director Sue Fink. If you're in LA, come check them out! I'll be at the concert Sunday.
Christopher Tin May 23, 2018
When your new daughter's name is Penny Rose, people send you a lot of roses. :) Thanks tyDi and Sam for the beautiful bouquet!
Christopher Tin May 21, 2018
Friends, please meet my three day old daughter Penny! (Full name Penelope Rose Tin.) She was born Friday evening, and has been bringing us joy and happiness around the clock (and boy do I mean around the clock!). Delivery was very smooth, and mom is recovering well. Penny's got some serious lungs! Maybe she's destined to sing on some of her dad's albums in the future. :)
Christopher Tin May 15, 2018
People keep sending me these impressive Twitch live streams of people reinterpreting my music. Nicely done JonathanOng! Love the trumpet line at the end. Spectacular! (Music nerds... since the song modulates so much, I was wondering how he was going to do it with looping... turns out he just loops the entire 3:30 song! Talk about stamina.)
Christopher Tin May 11, 2018
Meeting at the War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco...
Christopher Tin May 10, 2018
For those of you in New York on Sunday, the United Nations Chamber Music Society (of which I am honorary artistic advisor) is presenting a benefit concert for education for children on Navajo reservations. They'll be playing Baba Yetu, amongst other selections on a fascinating mixed program. Go check it out!
Christopher Tin May 09, 2018
Sooo........ I just got an invitation to a conference at the Vatican, with an audience with Pope Francis! I think this is an appropriate time to trot out these emoji: 🙏😇 (They've used my music before for events, which is an honor in itself, but this is another level!)
Christopher Tin May 04, 2018
Six years ago in a small town far, far away (Mt. Vernon, IN), the mayor declared by official decree that May 4th would forever be 'Christopher Tin Day'! Thank you Mayor Tucker for the honor, and to the students of Mt. Vernon HS, I salute you with a can of Ski and bag of Grippos!
Christopher Tin Apr 30, 2018
I can finally talk about this! I had the thrill of arranging a few jazz tunes for Warner Brother's "Crazy Rich Asians", including my very first big band chart. I took a couple popular Chinese tunes, from as far back as 1930s Shanghai, and rearranged them as jazz songs for the movie. IT WAS A BLAST. This is a really important movie for the Asian American community... we suffer from our own lack of representation on screen and behind-the-scenes, yet we've never been a large enough population to really command the headlines like a lot of other underrepresented minority groups. I for one am extremely grateful I got to play a small musical role in this one. I'm super grateful to Jon M. Chu for going out of his way to make sure this film showcased AA talent, both on and off-screen, and for bringing me on board this. Also SUPER grateful to the entire music department at Warner Brothers. I told them this was my first time writing for big band. They said, "Here, have a three hour session with the best jazz players and a huge string session." How awesome is that? :) Hoping that when the film comes out I can share these tracks with you all!
Christopher Tin Apr 26, 2018
Impressive! A Twitch streamer did an on-the-fly piano cover of Sogno di Volare. Great playing Lara6683! (Thanks to Ivan for finding this and sending it to me!)
Christopher Tin Apr 25, 2018
Major congrats to my friend and amazing soprano Elin Manahan Thomas for being selected to sing at the Royal Wedding! We shared a stage at Llangollen last summer, and we were both presenters/judges on Côr Cymru as well. (Now I get to tease her about 'still singing wedding gigs'!)
Christopher Tin Apr 17, 2018
I’m making my Carnegie Hall conducting debut next year! DCINY is once again organizing a concert of my music, and we’re auditioning choirs and individual singers who are interested in performing with me on this exciting concert with full orchestra in the most legendary venue of all time, Isaac Stern Auditorium in Carnegie Hall. The weekend residency starts on June 6 with the concert on Sunday June 9, 2019. Follow this link to apply:
Christopher Tin Apr 09, 2018
I've been seeing more and more evidence that London is actually the city with my biggest audience. I got the most number of Kickstarter backers from London, and my Spotify metrics this last month show that London listens to my music more than any other city (followed by Oslo, Stockholm, and Los Angeles). Who knew?
Christopher Tin Apr 03, 2018
I’m thrilled to support my friend Austin Wintory (Journey, Assassin’s Creed) and partner Anthony Lund as they take their ‘Light In the Void’ Kicktarster to a whole new level: new music/science rewards and new partnerships with some great artists and collaborators. In case you haven’t checked their campaign yet, I’m re-posting the link below. TEN DAYS LEFT to join this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!
Christopher Tin Mar 24, 2018
Tonight at 7:00 PM in New York City! The UN Chamber Music Society will be performing a benefit concert for the victims of the Haiti earthquake, and will be including Baba Yetu on the program. Also on the program is a special chamber version of the The Haiti Project: Symphony of Hope, a project masterminded by my brilliant friend Christopher Lennertz and conducted and arranged by my other brilliant friend Lucas Richman. If you're free, come to All Saints Episcopal Church on 230 E 60th St. Free concert, but donations are welcome!
Christopher Tin Mar 23, 2018
I've been interviewed by Storyophonic! The podcast that interviews music industry veterans about all aspects of the music business. It was a real pleasure to do this one. Give it a listen!
Christopher Tin Mar 19, 2018
There are a few Kickstarter campaigns that my friends are running, that I’ve been waiting eagerly for, and I’m really excited to share this one with you. ‘A Light in the Void’ was finally launched and it is a never-done-before music-meets-science project with a score written by my good friend Austin Wintory (Journey, Assassin's Creed Syndicate and Abzu). Think TED Talks live at an orchestra. Think your favorite planetarium show, but with live narration and orchestra. Super cool. I’ve already personally pledged to get an autographed conductors score. I’m a big fan of Austin’s work and I imagine a lot of you are too!
Christopher Tin Mar 16, 2018
Time to repost this! One of my absolute favorite covers of any of my music!
Christopher Tin Mar 15, 2018
I flew all the way out to London for a single meeting in this building... and tomorrow I fly back to LA. But no distance is too far when you're chasing your dreams.