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Offworld Trading Company (Original Soundtrack)
The Drop That Contained the Sea
Calling All Dawns
Christopher Tin Mar 16, 2018
Time to repost this! One of my absolute favorite covers of any of my music!
Christopher Tin Mar 15, 2018
I flew all the way out to London for a single meeting in this building... and tomorrow I fly back to LA. But no distance is too far when you're chasing your dreams.
Christopher Tin Mar 14, 2018
Christopher Tin's cover photo
Christopher Tin Mar 13, 2018
Less than 15 hours to go on Kickstarter!!! We’ve unlocked the long-awaited vinyl release of ‘To Shiver the Sky’ and we still have a shot at issuing vinyl and surround editions for the complete trilogy of my albums: 'Calling All Dawns', 'The Drop That Contained the Sea', and 'To Shiver the Sky'. Kickstarter ends tonight at 11:59 PM Pacific Time so please share the Kickstarter page with everyone you know: Thank you for your support!
Christopher Tin Mar 10, 2018
I’m blown away by all the great feedback we’ve received for my album #COLLIDE. It’s available on iTunes at: Thanks for all the love!
Christopher Tin Mar 10, 2018
I'm about to start my third Kickstarter live stream! Come chat with me for the next hour and a half.
Christopher Tin Mar 10, 2018
Out today! My EDM-meets-orchestra collaboration with @tyDI. Currently the #2 electronic music album on iTunes! Stream/Purchase here: #COLLIDE
Christopher Tin Mar 09, 2018
Last four days of my Kickstarter! Thanks to your tremendous support, we’re on the verge of unlocking the long-awaited ‘vinyl frontier’: a vinyl release of ‘To Shiver the Sky’! Join me for my third Kickstarter Live this Saturday March 10th at 11am Pacific Time, and come ask me anything! Here is the streaming link:
Christopher Tin Mar 06, 2018
We’ve unlocked our FIFTH stretch goal! Come join the highest funded classical music project ever. Kickstarter ends March 13.
Christopher Tin Mar 02, 2018
One week until my collab album with Tyson 'tyDi' Illingworth launches!
Christopher Tin Mar 02, 2018
Here it is!! The study score for ‘The Drop that Contained the Sea’ has been fully revised and is now available on Kickstarter. I’m offering exclusive rewards that combine the study score for my two previous albums and the future study score for ‘To Shiver the Sky’. Check it out here:
Christopher Tin Feb 28, 2018
We're back on Kickstarter LIVE and here is the UPDATED link: PS: Sorryyyyy! The other link failed us miserably.
Christopher Tin Feb 27, 2018
Tomorrow, I’ll be hosting my second Kickstarter Live. Come join me and the ‘To Shiver the Sky’ community on Wednesday the 28th at 11am Pacific Time. About 250 participants tuned in last time and we had a fun time together! Check out the link below where you can subscribe and ask a question in advance. Looking forward to it!
Christopher Tin Feb 27, 2018
Friends! I’m honored and completely thrilled to announce to you that ‘To Shiver the Sky’ has become the HIGHEST FUNDED classical music Kickstarter project EVER! We’ve also unlocked our fourth stretch goal and I’ve posted a video update about it on Kickstarter. See for yourself: Thank you for your support!!
Christopher Tin Feb 26, 2018
Literally $813 away from becoming the most-funded classical music Kickstarter EVER! Could not be more grateful for all your support!
Christopher Tin Feb 24, 2018
Next year I'll be making my conducting debut in NYC! I'll be conducting Calling All Dawns with full orchestra, choir and soloists: tentative date April 28th, 2019 at Carnegie Hall. I’m also offering a special VIP all-access package on Kickstarter: includes rehearsals, backstage pass, signed poster, orchestra ticket, and more! Check it out here:
Christopher Tin Feb 22, 2018
“Gold Blooded” has made its mark on the world, and the response so far has been really great! Check out the latest single from my recent collaboration with DJ tyDi. Full album is dropping on March 9th! #collide #orchestral #electronic
Christopher Tin Feb 22, 2018
We’re currently the fastest growing Kickstarter of all classical music projects ever! Join me in the process of my new album with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
Christopher Tin Feb 20, 2018
My long time friend and illustrious video game composer Tommy Tallarico has launched an OUTSTANDING Kickstarter for LEVEL 6 of Video Games Live: Tommy and I have shared some unique moments together. “Baba Yetu” was actually premiered during Video Games Live’s second show at the Hollywood Bowl, which was one of the most overwhelming moments of my career. Tommy invited me back in 2010 for a special performance of "Baba Yetu" on PBS (also featured on the VGL LEVEL 2 album!). Please consider backing his Kickstarter. PS: link to “Baba Yetu” excerpt from the PBS special
Christopher Tin Feb 20, 2018
Watching Olympic figure skating with my wife, and reminded of when the NEXXICE Canadian synchronized skating team competed to Baba Yetu! Now if Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir would dance to my music too, my life would be complete. ⛸️
Christopher Tin Feb 19, 2018
We’ve already unlocked our ​third stretch goal and passed the 120k ​mark to become the ​second highest funded ​classical ​music Kickstarter ever! THANK YOU for making this album a reality. I am overjoyed that we are on the verge of making history​​​!
Christopher Tin Feb 18, 2018
Completely floored and honored. Kickstarter is featuring my album on their front page. Not nestled in any subpages or anything... straight up on the front page of
Christopher Tin Feb 16, 2018
This is awesome! We've been featured on the official Kickstarter Facebook page. Thanks a lot Kickstarter!
Christopher Tin Feb 16, 2018
NEW SPOTS for the Abbey Road Experience are now available on Kickstarter. We already sold all 5 of the passes I initially offered, so I’ve decided to add a couple extra so more people can join! This $2,000 bundle includes 2 invitations, so it can also be a great gift too! Looking forward to seeing you there!
Christopher Tin Feb 14, 2018
My first live stream ever! Thanks friends for tuning in this morning! It was so great to see familiar names and meet & talk to new people from all around the world. Until the next one, here is the replay link to watch on Google Chrome (recommended) or Firefox: