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Christofer Drew Aug 03, 2017
HEY GUYS!, It's been a while thank you for the support for this page, please share my friends link and help her reach her goal! 💜💚💛❤
Christofer Drew Sep 27, 2014
Okay I know I have not been to active and I know this page is probably one of those boring pages you forgot about but today... maybe tomorrow THAT WILL CHANGE Looking for fun active Admins that will not change what this page is about and make it about them.
Christofer Drew Jun 19, 2013
Hello fans, I want your thoughts how do you like the latest song and what is your favorite song by NSN
Christofer Drew Mar 01, 2013
:) hello how are you?
Christofer Drew Feb 10, 2013
O: oh wow look at that! 2,000 thank for the likes :)
Christofer Drew Jan 28, 2013
70 more likes till 2k so close(:
Christofer Drew Dec 01, 2012
LoveWayRecords <3
Christofer Drew Nov 18, 2012
Soo who bought the new CD?
Christofer Drew Oct 05, 2012
Hello How are you
Christofer Drew Sep 30, 2012
smile, laugh, and shout...Just don't shout never...
Christofer Drew Sep 22, 2012
Untitled Album
Christofer Drew Aug 05, 2012
Hey if you don't know this take note now.. I love each and everyone of you guys and ----> you're epic people
Christofer Drew Jul 23, 2012
Music is the most POWERFUL art
Christofer Drew Jul 09, 2012
Lets blog maybe? Can I get any Ideas on what is needed for this page it seems empty >.<
Christofer Drew Jul 09, 2012
What's is this I see?! :D 1,032... hehe ^^ may not be a lot but hey I'm damn happy that we got this far (: I love you guys I may not be him but I'm sure he'll say he loved all of us too <3
Christofer Drew Jun 22, 2012
We need 8 more likes and we will be at 1,000 please share
Christofer Drew Jun 04, 2012 Ok first off,I'm hear to say yea they were goof the first time he came around, but Bryan stars has posted lies about Never shout Never I don't like this at all cause if there is a problem with this video and he ended up crying over this and it wasn't as good as the others he shouldn't add it it makes this band look bad it pisses me off how he adds all this extra about the band yea they are silly yea they play a lot but they will end up getting mad if you start a wild fire of lies about the band break up he needs to remove this bull shit.. I'm super sorry for this D: its just he made Christofer look bad when he isn't
Christofer Drew May 05, 2012
Untitled Album
Christofer Drew May 05, 2012
ok so I'm a bit annoyed to come on facebook and see those LMS and useless pictures of like in 3 seconds if.. Came to be connected with friends and family and mostly you.. share this please and stop it all
Christofer Drew May 02, 2012
That moment when music completely takes over you.... and you forgot you were in a room full of ppl!
Christofer Drew Apr 18, 2012
Hey you know I love you right each and everyne of you guys <3
Christofer Drew Apr 13, 2012
We Are Young!!! Everyone else is old(; jkjk
Christofer Drew Apr 09, 2012
Are You Feein' The Music?
Christofer Drew Apr 01, 2012
Christofer Drew's cover photo
Christofer Drew Mar 20, 2012
One Thing About Music When It Hits You Feel No Pain -Bob Marley(Spread The Peace)