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Chris Yong - Rock Musician Aug 14, 2018
Grant Seton kindly reminded me of the time I signed a drum skin for Vision100 NewZealand a little while ago 😎🎸🎶 Tadpole memories.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Aug 11, 2018
What the?! This is just insane when it kicks in.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Aug 11, 2018
Seeing kids react to older rock music is amazing! Think this is my new favourite YouTube channel.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Aug 08, 2018
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Aug 05, 2018
This is why Metallica is one of my greatest influences, their music has such deep and significant meaning. My appreciation for Hardwired To Self-Destruct just went to another level! === 1. Hardwired To Self-Destruct
Are we going to self destruct because of our egos? 
Is our default to die earlier than we are supposed to, destroy, wreck, are we hardwired to self destruct? 2. Atlas, Rise!
There are people thinking they are the martyr for people who can’t speak, taking responsibility a little too far, and then putting others down when they don’t believe or support you…how could you not support this?
 3. Now That We’re Dead
 It could mean lots of things, you are actually dead and onto the next life, or you have gone through something horrible as a couple and are now on the other side of it. 4. Moth Into Flame 
It’s an obsession with being famous, being popular.
The main inspiration was the Amy Winehouse movie where it was like she got brainwashed in a way...she believed that myth that fame is the best thing there is. 5. Dream No More 
The media…you are looking at the horrible stuff going on and you can’t look away. You eventually turn numb to it all.
 6. Halo On Fire 
The juxtaposition in all of us, good and evil, when does it come out and show it itself?
 Some people portray themselves as real saints, making up for all the things they think are really bad, just coming to terms with that. 7. Confusion PTSD is everywhere in lots of different forms, things that happen in your childhood, or anyone who wears a uniform and portrayed a life of service, using force or power to go out there and get ‘em. 
 8. ManUNkind
 Trying to reset, get back to zero, back to the goodness of man.
There are some unkind people out there but having faith that we get through that, or they learn about it, somehow they become more part of the solution instead of the problem. 9. Here Comes Revenge
 A couple that has followed us on tour for a long time has been very instrumental in this song. Their daughter was killed by a drunk driver, she loved Metallica. The way this family is staying connected with her is coming to Metallica shows and enjoying what she enjoyed. How could you not be angry at the person who took your child’s life? That is real strength to me. 
You ask forgiveness but I give you sweet revenge cause it is payback time. 10. Am I Savage? You inherit things and the whole anger behind a good intention. My good intention here is to teach you something, and then when you don’t want it I get angry, and it is more about where did that come from?
 From my dad using anger as a tool in the house to be heard, same with me, that was my inheritance. I started to pass it down to my boy and stopped. 11. Murder One 
Murder One was his rig, the name of his favourite amp. 
Just paying respect to Lemmy, cause without him, I don’t think Metallica would be around at all, and probably lot of other bands. 
He was an inspiration, an unwavering strength but not unapproachable. 12. Spit Out The Bone
 The wonder and fear of what is happening to man. Just the possibilities of Terminator, stuff like that. Why do I have to worry with all these emotions? Falling in love and getting your heart broken doesn’t do anybody good, it is in the way of efficiency. 
We could be a much more efficient race if we just allow computers to help us.
 And yeah, they are helping us and how far does that go?
 Spit Out The Bone - bones aren’t needed, they just break.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Aug 01, 2018
Excellent! Satch is coming to NZ
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Jul 14, 2018
Powerful. Intense. Moving. Machine Head - Auckland 14 July 2018
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Jul 12, 2018
Mates in These Four Walls have a kick ass new track, check it out!
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Jun 29, 2018
If you are interested in the history of Tadpole...
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Jun 27, 2018
Start saving now...
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Jun 24, 2018
"There is no messing around, Meteract have come to play and are taking no prisoners."
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Jun 23, 2018
Extremely sad. Pantera was a huge influence on me growing up, Vinnie's drumming was incredible. He soldiered on courageously after the tragic death of his brother Dimebag some years back. RIP Vinnie Paul.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Jun 05, 2018
SO FREAKIN' EXCITED! New single unleashed this Friday. Release show next Friday.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Jun 02, 2018
Finally saw Mr Big and Extreme live in Brisbane. It showcased what incredibly talented musicians and songwriters they are. PS Paul Gilbert and Nuno Bettencourt are guitar gods!
Chris Yong - Rock Musician May 16, 2018
New OLD Guns n Roses track (Appetite era)!
Chris Yong - Rock Musician May 06, 2018
New OLD Guns n Roses track (Appetite era)!
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Apr 23, 2018
Such an interesting watch. The singer from Garbage suffered from major insecurity, imposter syndrome and self harm. Wouldn't know it from her public persona but the clues were there in her lyrics. Being a public figure doesn't make life easier, 'fame and fortune' won't make the grass greener. Wherever you are at, whatever you do, enjoy the journey. With every upside, there is always a balancing downside, duality seems to be how the universe works so rather than fight it, embrace it.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Apr 08, 2018
His Masters Voice - The Devil's Blues on day 2 of Groovefest NZ in Christchurch.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Apr 07, 2018
Took a few snaps of Heavy Metal Ninjas at Groovefest NZ, a 2 day music event of riffs goodness in Christchurch.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Apr 02, 2018
"That's my boss on stage!" My fondest memory of Redline supporting Evanescence in 2007 was someone telling me after our set, "That's my boss on stage!" referring to our bassist Simon. It wasn't common knowledge that by night, he was a rocker. By day, he was a senior corporate executive. I guess that employee never saw his boss quite the same way again after that concert. — Products shown: Trapped Inside EP.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 31, 2018
In the mid 2000s, Redline and Cell played lots of shows together. Our shared love of alternative metal must of formed a strong band because over a decade later, I finally caught up with Cliff and it feels just like yesterday that we gigged together. Cliff and his brother Gideon are still rockin' audiences and making a difference, only through a different platform now. They may revive some of their metal magic *nudge nudge*, will just have to wait and see 😀🎶
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 30, 2018
Sharne and I met Billy Gould from Faith No More not so long ago. Billy was overwhelmed by the whole experience.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 29, 2018
This one time, someone thought it would be a good idea to jump on a trampoline and take photos mid-air for NZ Musician magazine
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 26, 2018
"Paul, you need to play your bass lower!" That's what I remember most from this Tadpole video shoot. Not that it was shot in a factory in South Auckland, not that Renee had to learn to sing the song backwards in parts but that Paul needed to play his bass lower. Paul's normal style was to play his bass much higher which, in fairness, actually made it easier to play. Thing is, it wasn't very ROCK as popularised by rock stars like Slash whose instrument would hang down by his knees. Looking back, despite his best efforts, Paul looks slightly awkward and I realise now it was not a good idea asking him to deviate from his normal playing style for the sake of a video. The moral of the story is - just be who you naturally are, even if you have pesky people (or bandmates) suggesting otherwise! On a slightly different note, anyone who wants to read what this song is really about can find out here: === Released in 1999, Backdoor was the third single from The Buddhafinger (2000) and reached #12 on the NZ Top 50 Singles chart.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 25, 2018
Remember when cassingles were a thing? The year was 1991 #GnR #UseYourIllusion