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Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 18, 2018
This is a solid and beautifully bittersweet album from I AM GIANT. It's unfortunate but for every beginning, there has to be an ending. That's the duality in the universe. Being an artist is a non-stop grind but we do it out of irrational passion, and I take my hat off to these guys for what they have achieved, and the wonderful music they have made. In case you didn't know, Paul and I played together in Tadpole years ago. His band Stylus helped Redline get started by taking us under their wing and playing our first shows with them in 2003. Paul also produced Redline's Trapped Inside and helped me tremendously with my first and nerve-racking vocal recording efforts. I feel like I've known Shelton Woolright forever as he's a really good mate of my brother. Redline supported his band Blindspott on one of their NZ tours... that is until we got booted off LOL. That's a story for another time, there are no hard feelings :) Aja is a GC I've known through the years, we first met when he had a band called State Of It. The bizarre irony is that his State Of It drummer is now in my band Metaract! NZ music is such a small, small world!
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 17, 2018
Thank you Storm The Gates for organising an awesome event. The kiwi bands performed some great sets, a bit rats that the front-of-house sound was hit and miss in places, and that more concertgoers didn't turn up earlier to catch them all. Limp Bizkit - they came, they saw but they didn't conquer. I don't like being critical of artists but I expected more - they were a little sloppy performing, seemed disorganised and spent too long on extended jams and covers. They ignored anything beyond their Significant Other and Chocolate Starfish albums. Would have been great to also hear Faith, Behind Blue Eyes, Gold Cobra and Ready To Go. Still a nice, nostalgic trip down memory lane. Hed PE played a really diverse sounding set, hard to believe their vocalist, Jared, is 54 by the way he stalks the stage, cusses obscenities and screams. Suicidal Tendencies kept you pumped up with their life coaching advice to always be yourself and live life on your terms. Plus they had the biggest circle pit of the day. Sublime With Rome had the biggest crowd sing-a-long with Wrong Way, What I Got and Santeria. Last but not least, it was wonderful to bump into and catch up many people I hadn't seen in a while :) Did you go? What was your highlight?
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 09, 2018
My first ever music video. Director: "You are going to play in a toilet." Me: "Oh wonderful."
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Mar 08, 2018
Real artists going through the creative process. Even these veterans describe ideas like: - make it more "bow chika bow wow" - it needs a little "doomf doomf" - "stay higher on something" - more "ARRRGGGGHHHH". Most pop artists are given finished songs and told how to sing them by their producer. They will never understand the creative journey like this.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Feb 24, 2018
The recording studio - a scary and rewarding place. No matter how many times I've been in one, I always get the same mixed feelings. It's exciting to see an idea transform into a finished song. It always ends up sounding better than I could imagine. On the flipside, it's daunting knowing your efforts are put under the microscope with every flaw exposed. Self doubt kicks in and you start to question yourself. Am I good enough? Can I actually do this? If I mess up, am I not a 'real' musician? I acknowledge those thoughts but push them aside for a brief moment, and do my best to focus on that next guitar riff or vocal line. The song is the output of a challenging mental process against my own limiting beliefs. The irony is it doesn't get easier, that self doubt is always there... waiting to prove itself. It won't ever disappear and that's ok, I try to remind myself it exists for a reason, to show the best things happen outside the comfort zone.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Feb 24, 2018
Recording studio time, yeah baby! #metaract #newmusic
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Feb 12, 2018
This guy rawks!
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Jan 21, 2018
Started tracking more music stuff #homestudio
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Dec 21, 2017
LIMP BIZKIT!!! #DidItAllForTheNookie2018
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Dec 15, 2017
May need to make plans to visit France in 2018...
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Nov 26, 2017
When I took this photo of Dan from ELIM at the recent shows Metaract did with them, I thought it captured a muso fully in the moment...which is a beautiful thing. I've just found out that the hoodie he wore was a custom-made design by Hazelmade. Hazel's other crafts are pretty awesome also, check out her FB page or website at to find out more.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Nov 26, 2017
Over the weekend, Metaract shared the stage with two amazing bands, Heavy Metal Ninjas and ELIM. Huge thank you to them and BV Entertainment. Here are a few snaps I took from our Auckland show.
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Nov 23, 2017
Good times ahead this weekend!
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Nov 20, 2017
It's on! Metaract performing with Heavy Metal Ninjas and ELIM Fri 24 Nov Auckland Sat 25 Nov Mt Maunganui #LoudMusic #TurnItUp
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Oct 18, 2017
=== I Wonder Wednesday === Laura McCarthy was keen to know what Tadpole song had the most meaning to me? And also, what song would I go back and change? #IWonderWed #AskChris
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Oct 17, 2017
It's true 😉 🎶 Photo: Chalice of Blood Photography
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Oct 11, 2017
=== I Wonder Wednesday === Richie Bennett asked me about marketing your music, comparing my days in Tadpole to today. Here are my thoughts. #IWonderWed If you have a question or simply curious about something, let me know by commenting or PM me. Chur!
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Oct 09, 2017
Did I enjoy supporting Disturbed at the Auckland/Christchurch Town Halls in 2006? HELL YES! Awesome Redline tour memories. Did you attend those concerts?
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Oct 04, 2017
=== I Wonder Wednesday === Nikki Lewis asked me about songwriting and my writing process. Here's my answer. #IWonderWed If you have a question or simply curious about something, let me know by commenting or PM me. Chur!
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Oct 01, 2017
My little bundle of joy has arrived! Chris Yong is ecstatic to welcome little PRS Navarro into the world! Born on the 30th of September 2017. 24 frets • 25 inch scale length • 3-way toggle PRS Guitars #baby #newborn #cuddle #cute #love
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Sep 28, 2017
A little while back, I recorded this cover with Dave Rhodes and Paul Matthews for a Channel Z competition. Each radio host had to do an Exponents song with a nominated instrument. We teamed up with Angelina and Mel from Channel Z, a recorder, and Fleur from Foamy Ed on backing vocals. It's a fun version we recorded, it's free to download if you dig it :D
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Sep 27, 2017
Alright team, I'm going to try something new. Each Wednesday will be 'I Wonder Wednesday' where I respond to a question sent to me. If you have a question, comment below or message me! To kick things off, Ed Ludlow asks me how I manage nerves before a big show. #IWonderWed
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Sep 26, 2017
Check out mine and Emma G's live acoustic version of Static Era's Dear Me from the RedRoom Session Radio Show. Full version on YouTube -
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Sep 25, 2017
Hey Craig Broadbridge, guess what arrived in the mail today?
Chris Yong - Rock Musician Sep 24, 2017
Awesome to share the stage with these fantastic musos at our Metaract-Checaine-Stones in the Ocean (aka SITO) show in Hamilton. SITO are super smooooth and Checaine know how to rock. Highly recommend checking them both out! .