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Higher Truth
Sonic Evolution / January 30, 2015 / Benaroya Hall (Live)
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Songbook (Live)
Carry On
Euphoria Mourning
Chris Cornell Mar 18, 2018
“Until I had children I didn’t really give a shit about what happened to me. necessarily... I didn't feel afraid for my own future so much. Now, I feel concerned for my future because I feel concerned for my children's future.” - #KeepThePromiseForChrisCornell
Chris Cornell Mar 15, 2018
Just like a stray dog in the rain I can run all night and get nowhere Photo Ross Halfin Photography
Chris Cornell Mar 09, 2018
Would you believe this wasn't a photo? Seattle artist Keegan Hall specialises in photorealistic pencil portraits. #fanartfriday Read more at Artist Waves:
Chris Cornell Mar 07, 2018
You Never Knew My Mind was added to the #AListHardRock Playlist on Apple Music . #ForeverWords Give it a listen here: Video courtesy Chris Cornell Tribute.
Chris Cornell Mar 06, 2018
‘Heavy Is The Head’, featuring Chris with the Zac Brown Band, was released 3 years ago today.
Chris Cornell Mar 02, 2018
New Chris Cornell Signature hoodies available now! Order yours in the store at
Chris Cornell Mar 02, 2018
Watch MSNBC interview with Vicky Cornell and General McCaffrey about The White House #OpioidSummit and why medical professionals need more education on how to diagnose/treat #addiction.
Chris Cornell Feb 26, 2018
“You Never Knew My Mind” features a powerful vocal from Chris Cornell and previously unpublished words written by Johnny Cash. The song, one of Chris’ last solo recordings, is on ‘Johnny Cash: Forever Words,’ a new album featuring songs created from Cash’s unknown poetry, lyrics and letters. Listen Here: #ForeverWords
Chris Cornell Feb 26, 2018
The words of Johnny Cash. The voice of Chris Cornell. Tune in to Beats 1 on Apple Music at 12:05 pm EST to hear the world premiere of “You Never Knew My Mind,” from the new album ‘Johnny Cash: Forever Words.’ Listen Here: #ForeverWords
Chris Cornell Feb 25, 2018
A brand new Chris Cornell song from the upcoming ‘Johnny Cash Forever Words’ album, makes its world premiere Monday at 12:05 p.m. EST on Apple Music’s Beats 1. #ForeverWords
Chris Cornell Feb 24, 2018
In Paris on the 2009 Scream tour, nine years ago today.
Chris Cornell Feb 23, 2018
Nina Rose Barber is selling 150 limited edition prints of her original artwork to benefit the newly established Chris Cornell Music Therapy Program at Childhaven in Seattle. Head over to, or email Nina at to place your order. #fanartfriday
Chris Cornell Feb 21, 2018
My husband was and is the love of my life , my other half really. Losing him I have lost a part of myself. My only hope is that others can be spared this pain. - VC
Chris Cornell Feb 20, 2018
The weather on your face Turned to match the mood outside
Chris Cornell Feb 17, 2018
Think of a time when morning will come And you will wake up Without the feeling that half the world Has gone insane Live video from MSN, 2007
Chris Cornell Feb 15, 2018
One promise that always remains #KeepThePromise
Chris Cornell Feb 12, 2018
“No matter what I'm writing, I'm writing a soundtrack to a somewhat imaginary world.” - Chris Cornell
Chris Cornell Feb 09, 2018
Backstage with Peter Thorn, Reykjavik, 2009 #fbf Photo Ross Halfin Photography
Chris Cornell Feb 08, 2018
Chris was very happy to be included on the upcoming 'Johnny Cash: Forever Words' project, an album featuring unknown poetry, lyrics, and letters written by Johnny Cash and set to music by an amazing selection of musicians. Coming April 6. #ForeverWords
Chris Cornell Feb 05, 2018
“The best way to find yourself as a singer and try different things is literally just to sit in a room and see what your voice will do and try not to be shy about it.”
Chris Cornell Feb 02, 2018
Rehearsing for 2007 solo tour. #fbf Photo Ross Halfin Photography
Chris Cornell Jan 31, 2018
“My friend Chris Cornell was committed to helping children and refugees” - Josh Brolin #KeepThePromise
Chris Cornell Jan 28, 2018
Hugh Jackman pledges to #KeepThePromise for Chris.
Chris Cornell Jan 26, 2018
Oil on canvas by Lisbon-based artist Alexandre Alonso. #fanartfriday
Chris Cornell Jan 25, 2018
Fan gives Chris flowers, New Jersey November 2011 #tbt Photo: Joe Papeo