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Higher Truth
Sonic Evolution / January 30, 2015 / Benaroya Hall (Live)
Songbook (Live)
Songbook (Live)
Carry On
Euphoria Mourning
Chris Cornell Oct 19, 2017
Two years ago today, Chris brought his daughter Toni onstage to duet on Redemption Song at The Beacon Theatre in NYC. Were you there? See more:
Chris Cornell Oct 14, 2017
"Cochise the Avenger, fearless and resolute, attacked everything in his path with an unbridled fury. This song kinda sounds like that." - Tom Morello Audioslave released 'Cochise' fifteen years ago today.
Chris Cornell Oct 06, 2017
The Impact of Chris Cornell "When I first met Chris he said to me, “Man I saw you on Youtube, you were playing in the street, and I just stayed up all night watching your stuff.” Someone had sent him a link to Fantastic Negrito. Mutual parties connected us and my name surfaced as a potential tour opener on his “Higher Truth” tour. I was kind of hoping I would not get the gig because I thought I was too roots, blues and edgy to be paired with the Rock God, Chris Cornell. But credit to him, he thought if you listen to Soundgarden and strip it down, you can find roots music there too. He had the vision and just knew. He was right. The first time I opened for Chris was in Oslo. I was nervous because people were sitting down. After my set, I went to the side of the stage and watched Chris. His body language taught me there was a way to do it, and then I realized I could do it. I can to play to people sitting down now because of Chris. He was my teacher in many ways. He was also my biggest supporter. The biggest lesson Chris Cornell taught me was that no matter what position you are in, being a loving, giving person was most important. Aside from him being one of the best vocalists rock music has ever had he was such a loving and giving person. He didn’t act like some big star. He’d come knock on my door each night and see how I was doing. I started calling him Christmas Cornell. Every time he would call me it would be something amazing. We went to Europe, I thanked him and told him how special it was. Then he’d call me and ask if I wanted to come open on the American run. After the third time, when he called to open for Temple of the Dog, I immediately thought — “Christmas Cornell”. I’m the only band that only opened for Temple of the Dog, it’s unbelievable and it was such an amazing experience. He’d always say, “you’re a force.” He had a heart of gold. I would go to shake his hand and he would hug me." - Fantastic Negrito
Chris Cornell Oct 02, 2017
"We played the whole song in the amazing opening credit scene. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra behind, the original Chris vocal kept forever." - David Arnold. Casino Royale in Concert pays tribute to Chris Cornell.
Chris Cornell Sep 28, 2017
Chris Cornell was honored at a fundraising event for Program for Torture Survivors (PTV) for his humanitarian efforts and his original song and music video "The Promise." #KeepThePromise
Chris Cornell Sep 26, 2017
Chris Cornell and The Chris And Vicky Cornell Foundation awarded the Human Rights Hero Award #KeepThePromise
Chris Cornell Sep 19, 2017
Chris's wife and daughter #KeepThePromise
Chris Cornell Sep 12, 2017
I was first introduced to Chris Cornell’s music back in high school when my friend James turned me on to Audioslave’s self titled album. I instantly connected to Chris’s lyrics and fondly remember listening to their discography on loop. As I became more engrossed with his ability to paint beautiful landscapes and imagery with words, I delved deeper into his back catalog of music. Euphoria Mourning was my next fixation. To this day, I cannot say I’ve connected more to an album in my life than I have with Euphoria Mourning. The lyrics were so sad yet beautiful that they always provided a strange sense of comfort in my own times of sadness. Flash forward 10+ years and there isn’t a single piece of Chris’s music that I haven’t heard yet. From Temple of the Dog to him filling in with Mad Season, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to some of the most beautifully composed music one has ever been so generous to share with the world. To say his songwriting has gotten me through some tough times would be a massive understatement. Still, the best gift Chris ever gave me, was the chance to perform music with him side by side. At one of Soundgarden’s shows in 2013, I had the grand idea to hold up a poster asking to perform Spoonman on guitar with him and the rest of the band. Even I knew the odds of this happening were extremely unlikely but I figured, “What the heck, can’t hurt to try”. As the set progressed that evening, Chris kept making eye contact with me, almost in a teasing manner, keeping me in suspense if my wild wish would be granted. After the 4th song ended, he addressed me directly and said “Can you actually play it?”, to which I enthusiastically nodded yes. At that point he gestured for security to let me on stage and I was given his personal guitar to play. Never have I been so nervous in my life. One of the most prolific and influential songwriters in my lifetime has just brought me on stage to perform with him. The song progressed wonderfully and at its conclusion we shared a brief embrace and waved to the crowd. Moments like this are what defined Chris. Not just as a musician, but as a caring and compassionate human being. He had no obligation or duty to invite me on stage. But he did. He saw my face in the crowd and took a chance. For one brief moment in my life, he made me feel like a rock star. Moments like that are how he should be remembered. I really miss you Chris. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. As you once said, “No one sings like you anymore”. -Adam Baczkowski
Chris Cornell Sep 05, 2017
Dearest Vicky, I would like to start by giving you my deepest condolences to you and your family. Imagining you are still receiving so many messages I intended to wait a while before writing to you, but never had I imagined writing the words I am about to share. As you know Chris touched my Kali’s heart when she was turning 10. The birthday party you helped organize, the gifts, and meeting him helped her recover from a medical crisis with her blood disorder. Well many years later….I believe he helped her from Heaven. On August 24th our lives changed drastically. Kali was involved in a critical auto accident; she was t-boned by a truck at a high rate of speed. It was early morning and I had called into work to let them know I was taking my dog into the vet for an emergency appointment for a possible broken leg. I had just finished at the vet and was putting my dog in the front seat, started the car and “Like a Stone” was playing on the radio. This was the song Chris dedicated to Kali on stage. He asked her what her favorite song was and that was her answer. Seconds later my phone rang into the car's Bluetooth system. My first thought was "Dammit, who is calling me? I love this song!" It was Kali’s number showing up, so I answered and said “Hello, Hello” and a man’s voice said "Is this Kali’s mom?" I said "Yes! Who is this?" He said his name was Trooper such and such from the Michigan State Police. He said "Your daughter has been in an accident and is being taken to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing." He asked how close I was. I told him I was driving my dog back home and I would be right there. It was not even 10 minutes later and her phone called me again, this time it was a Sergeant from the Ingham County Sheriff Department. He said "I wanted to make sure you were notified Kali is being brought to Sparrow Hospital." I said "Is she alive?" He said "Yes, but she has substantial injuries and they need you up there right away." I don’t remember much else about the drive. I arrived to find myself signing consent forms for emergency surgery. Her injuries were so many and so severe we were told her chances of making it through the next day or two were 50/50. She spent her first few days here on life support and remained in ICU until Thursday. 7 days, countless units of blood and several major surgeries later, the swelling in her face started to come down enough so she could keep her eyes open. My husband and I went to where her car was towed to see if we could salvage any of her belongings a few days ago. After we got in through a back passenger door I looked inside and tears just rolled down my face. To see the aftermath of what she went through, EMS gloves still on the floor, pools of dried blood with glass everywhere. What I saw left me with no doubts her life being spared was a miracle. The fact that her favorite song by Chris was playing can’t be a coincidence. We believe he was with her and helped save her again. She remains in pain, her jaw is wired shut, but is now getting therapy every day with multiple modalities, Speech, Occupation, Physical, every type of rehabilitation available she is getting. Some of her spunk is returning and she was talking about driving in the future. But, she did say she never wants to be low to the ground again. She put all of her savings into the car she had. Her hopes are to get a large truck or jeep so her anxiety about driving is lessened. I would be okay with an armored tank. I want you to know Chris told us that you were the one who planned all of the arrangements to make Kali’s day so special. He told us you were an amazing mother and it came naturally. Without you she may have never got to meet her music icon. Vicky, you are such a beautiful and amazing person. I want to thank you for everything you did for Kali, because without you how else would’ve Chris known to watch over her from Heaven if they’d never met? His love to help others will never end he truly remains with those in need. Your family will always remain in our prayers. Love, Shannon Stone and Kali Shelton
Chris Cornell Aug 27, 2017
Chris, you held many roles in your life. You were a devoted, loving husband and father, a family man, and a musician. Most people were preoccupied with the musician status and all that came with that role. You loved music and while your music was part of your life and spirit, it was also an expression of your insightfulness and compassion for people and their lives. Being a musician was only a result of your internal life and the beauty that resonated with others which made them feel so close to you. The love and respect you had for and from your fans drove your humanitarian and philanthropic efforts. Although your benevolence was diverse, your most powerful devotion was to children. You always wanted to help mitigate the pain and suffering of others; I will always remember you as the loving and devoted man that you were and for the love, devotion and pride you had for others in need. I recall the time I was at your house and you left to get on a call. It was then I learned about Rory De LaRosa who lost his baby girl, Ainslee to brain cancer and was now suffering the same fate himself in a hospice. No one made you be there for him, but that's who you were, you wanted to help him any way you could and give him hope. You were moved by the words from the poem that Rory wrote about his daughter’s tragedy and turned it into a song. When I hear the song I Promise it's Not Goodbye it still tears my heart. It is a song about love, loss and hope which I'd urge everyone to listen to . How many rock stars would take that time to get so personal? And then to continue to be there for Rory's son, Xavier who also recently lost his battle with brain cancer. When my mom suffered a stroke, you made every effort to come to visit her in the hospital several times, and again when she went to rehab. The nurses were surprised to see how long you stayed and how you made sure she was comfortable. You made her laugh told her stories about Vicky, Toni and Christopher and your mother in law. This is the Chris Cornell my family knew and will always remember - full of kindness, respect and love. I was privileged to witness and experience all of your roles. The common thread was the love that you felt for my cousin and your children. Your love for Vicky, Toni, Christopher and Lily was evident in all that you did with them and for them. You treated all of us with kindness; you were always Uncle Chris to my children, with whom you had a great bond that they will always cherish. I'm certain that your humanitarian and philanthropic efforts will continue on with your wife and children; not only to keep your memory alive but to perpetuate the goodness and kindness that you believed we all possess. Chris, our family vows to keep the promise to love and support Vicky and your children; we will never leave their side. #KeepThePromise - Ria
Chris Cornell Aug 23, 2017
Thank you all for your love and support in helping us bear the unbearable. Post here:
Chris Cornell Aug 19, 2017
I run an advertising company in England. About two years ago I ran some material for Chris Cornell, it was for his forthcoming Higher Truth release. This was through his record company and as someone who admired his music I was able, due to it being my company, to run some extra promotion for him. I had never spoken to Chris at that point, however I sent him a message on twitter and attached the photographs of what we had done, and kind of forgot about it. About two weeks later I was sat watching TV and my phone pinged and it was a message from Chris. He said he was really grateful for what we had done and was really impressed by how it looked. Over the next few months I ran some more stuff for him, promoting the CD release and then the UK tour and kept in touch with him. Every time I wrote to him he wrote back and was always very courteous and interested in what our company was doing. Eventually it so happened that I was in Sydney at the same time as he was playing there. Chris invited me to the show and arranged the tickets, and also said we should meet up beforehand. The first time I met him he was sat playing his guitar in one of the rooms at the back of the Sydney Opera House. The first thing I noticed as we met was how tall he actually was. Im 6ft 4 and he was easily as tall as me. He was warm and friendly, but in a very reserved way. We spent ten minutes just chatting, he was really interested in my business and it was just very special to me. He said he didn’t really like to talk so much before gigs as he was very protective of his voice. He was such a charming guy and extremely humble, down to earth and interesting. The concert itself was amazing and it was one of the best nights I have ever had Over the next few years I met him on numerous occasions. As he got to know me he was less guarded and his sense of humour came through. He had a very sharp wit and was very funny in conversation. He rarely talked about himself, not egotistical in any way. He was extremely proud of his family and I could tell that whilst he toured a lot he missed them greatly. I think that is what helped keep him grounded. One on memorable occasion I picked him up at his hotel in Manchester and we went on a tour of the city to look at the promotions we were running for him. Here’s me and Chris Cornell driving round Manchester and chatting about this and that. He never ever made me feel like he was a ”star”, he was just a normal guy with a special talent. He was happiest with a guitar and an audience, he said it was intimate, like being in his front room with a few friends round. My favourite memories are of those acoustic concerts. Whenever he was in town or where I was near I would go and watch the gigs and meet up to say hi. Every time I saw him he was relaxed and content, and was very easy to be around. I went to see his charity performance in Malibu earlier this year and even though there were lots of celebrities there he made sure he invited me up to his dressing room to say hi. That’s the guy he was, thoughtful and kind. I am just a normal guy, yes I was a fan of his music but I was lucky enough to get to know him and I consider that such a privilege. Have no doubt that he was as genuine and nice as he came across in interviews. - Steve Smith
Chris Cornell Aug 16, 2017
He was my first born and like most first time mothers, the thought of someone else holding your newborn baby can be a little unnerving. You took him and cradled him in your arms, enveloping him with your warmth and kind spirit. I watched you, and you put me at ease, as you held my baby as if he were yours. The way you held your Godson for the first time is an image that will be forever ingrained in my memory. It’s an amazing talent to create, write, and sing as you do, but for me you were a family man...a devoted husband, doting father of three, loving Godfather, and trusted friend. You were a husband who adored and loved your wife beyond imagine. The way you sat back and watched her intently, as we recounted funny stories from our childhood, or the way you smiled when she laughed, waiting for your eyes to finally meet. And when they did, there was a sparkle. And for Vicky, you are the love of her life; her adoration for you is unparalleled. And though touring and your craft may have pulled you away from the home at times, you were alway present and available. You not only had an immeasurable love for your children, but a patience and calmness, whether it was guiding C with his instruments, singing and collaborating with Toni, or playing the guitar in my den, with C, Toni, and my son gathered around you. You were the father at the birthday parties and school concerts. You were the husband that treasured his wife and invited us over for family dinners. You were the friend that always checked in, despite being thousands of miles away. And you were the Godfather that, regardless of how long it was since you last saw my son, always carved out a little alone time to have a conversation with a 4 year old. These are the moments that I will always remember….not the backstage concerts, not the musician Chris Cornell, but the man who cherished his family and the Uncle Chris we loved and respected. You touched everyone….with your songs, your words, and your music. But for me, it was the love for your wife and children that made that connection for me. You were taken from all of us before you were ready because this is not a life you would leave willingly. There were so many adventures ahead of you, and some you were already in the midst of planning. Your spirit and legacy will continue through C, Lily, and Toni and your wife’s love. Your Godson will know you and always be reminded of you. Our family will ALWAYS be here for yours, and we will give them the truest love and support they deserve. We will stand by them and protect them as they painstakingly move forward and try to figure out this life without you. Rest assured Chris, we will be by their side and they will persevere and thrive. ALEX
Chris Cornell Aug 13, 2017
It is humbling to share this with all of you and pay respect to such a great man - writing this is not something I ever imagined having to do for such a dear friend, and at such a young age. It has been incredibly difficult for me and I know that is just a fraction of the pain shared by many of you ... particularly Vicky, Toni, Christopher, and Lily. Chris lived for his family, and they were his whole world. Those of us who were blessed to know him well felt this love for his family like a wave of warm energy any time Chris spoke, sang, wrote, or even just cast a glance towards Vicky and his children. He was filled with love for them… Only my wife knows some of the kind and encouraging words Chris used to share with me over the years, and they gave me such support. I wish to share some of these private messages with you today. I first met Chris about 10 years ago through our Greek friends in the Los Angeles community. That is about a quarter of my life, but I think that quarter for me – and a little less for him -- had been so formative because we grew up as parents and as 2 people trying to contribute to the world and make it better...I'm grateful to God that over the years he became like a big brother that I could lean on and trust, and I'm honored that he literally pulled me so close to him in the way that only Chris could -- through his words, his actions, and with his heart. It feels so real to me, but I'm still not sure that it happened... Although I knew about his music of course, my life had taken all sorts of twists and turns that by the time we met, music wasn't really a part of it in those days. Greeks and Armenians have a lot of shared history, tradition, religion, tragedy, and joy -- he was fascinated by all of this and connected so much with Vicky's family heritage. Ironically, what I had heard about Chris was very much consistent with Greek mythology. I had anticipated him being like a character out of The Iliad or the Odyssey. He was tall, powerful, and he had voice like a benevolent version of a mythological siren -- a voice that could hypnotize and captivate anyone who heard it. While he very much was that person to people who didn't know him, and there is nothing wrong with that legendary image, from the moment I met him, he was not that person to me. Chris was such a pleasant surprise. Above all, he was just sweet, generous, and a child at heart. It seems strange to think of a grown man as being “sweet,” but that's what I felt from day one. For the first several years of our relationship, we just talked about families, life, culture, and had a lot of laughs. He loved his wife and children so much, and he set the bar so high for the world's greatest son-in-law award. We joked about the surreal world of picking schools for our children, birthday parties, talked about how we were grown men who liked to play video games, had epic sushi dinners, and had literally traveled around the world together. After his 50th birthday party, he wrote me this note: "Thank you my brother. I consider you one of my best friends and I mean that sincerely. I was failing in my describing to you and Kim that my closest friends are the ones I think of all the time and see very little because, like me, they are always doing." Chris then made sure that we were “always doing” together…When I was charged with overseeing our film The Promise, Chris was one of the first people I entrusted with the idea and he became one of my closest confidants over the past 7 years. No one could take an idea and make it a reality like Chris Cornell. He saw more in me than I even saw in myself and gave me so much confidence... "You're one of these guys who can do everything Eric" ... for some reason when Chris used to say these types of things to me, I believed it. He was always trying to pump me up and boost my spirits – I soon realized that he had that effect on millions of people. Chris had studied so much about Greek history and culture, and he felt so personally connected to it all. Chris and Vicky started their foundation to protect the most vulnerable children and he saw so many parallels between the Armenian Genocide, the human rights issues of today, and the countless children who are now in harms way. That was Chris -- not the towering rock star – that was the husband and father who's heart ached for people he never met -- whether it was a 102 years ago or now. Even though he was an essential part of the soul of my life, and certainly the film, over all these years, he wanted me to officially ask him to write the title song. I always thought that after all the laughs and tears over the years, that he would be doing it. However, in his own unassuming way, Chris wasn't sure I wanted him to sing, and he wanted me to formally ask him. Our wives were sitting there, and it was almost like an awkward prom proposal between two grown men. I didn't know how much it meant to him until he wrote me the following note the next day: "I want to tell you that I am honored and that I am devoted to this film and I will give it my absolute best and feel like my thirty years of discovery and development as a songwriter have led me to this!" Chris poured his heart and soul into The Promise, and he wanted it to not to just be an anthem for the oppressed, but he wanted it to be a source of inspiration for people around the world with its themes of hope and perseverance...literally filling the world with life as he says in the lyrics. We were invited to the Vatican with our families just a few weeks ago, and he was so proud and happy. He was so proud that his song was going to be played on those holy grounds...while on a private tour of the Vatican Library and archives, I remember him hugging me and getting emotional with joy because of the beauty of it all...true to Chris' philanthropic spirit, he went from our screening in London to a refugee camp in Athens and had already decided to donate all of the proceeds from The Promise to help refugees and children...that was Chris Cornell. The husband, the father, and the protector of children around the world. I feel so blessed that we traveled on this journey together...but I would give it all back to have him here with all of you -- especially his I could just be a spectator on the sidelines before we met…and not have him so interwoven into the fibers of my heart. Chris always gave the biggest hugs, said the funniest jokes, wrote the most beautiful words, and sang like an angel. When we were lamenting the fact that our busy lives and geography would periodically limit our time together, one personal note Chris wrote to me, in particular, gives me solace… because it makes me feel like he will always be with us. I hope it gives you all some solace too: …."We are neighbors in the modern world where proximity is relative and the threshold to our hearts moves outside time and space." Eric Esrailian
Chris Cornell Aug 09, 2017
This is a stream of conscious so please forgive me for misspells or typos. I have remained pretty much silent until now about the death of one of my clients, Chris Cornell. I was introduced to Soundgarden when I worked at Rockpool in 1991 when I dropped out of college. I interned there, and one week I would be on the phones chasing down retailers for their top selling records and hustling commercial radio and college radio music directors for their airplay charts. The following week would be spent stuffing the magazine and retail posters into envelopes which I walked to the post office at the World Trade Center to ship to everyone. Megan Frampton loved Chris Cornell. At the time, I had recently come out of the closet and could see how a woman could love someone so beautiful, but it wasn’t until I met Chris and worked for Chris where I could actually say I loved him. I didn’t love Chris like a potential boyfriend. I loved him like a brother. I had met him a few times, and I had seen him in various musical incarnations be it Soundgarden or Audioslave or solo, but when I started working with him on Higher Truth it was like our lives were meant to cross and meant to be together. I was enraptured by him. His story. His family. His selflessness. His magic. When I told him my boyfriend and I were having a baby via surrogate he told me he had to meet the baby when he was here. He was one of the first people to congratulate me on the birth of my son and to ask me when we were having family dinner. Mind you he was always between Seattle, New York, Miami and Los Angeles, and when my son was five months old, Chris, Vicky, Toni and Christopher were in LA and he insisted that we have family dinner. I was nervous to bring the baby because I know how babies respond to energy and thought he would freak out, BUT when we got to dinner Chris picked up baby Hardy and they just stared into each other’s eyes…and they stared…and they stared. It was magical. It was like souls reunited. I was in awe of the whole thing. Days and months would go by and Chris would text me and email and ask about Hardy. How is he doing? What is he doing? He would tell me all about Lily and Toni and Christopher when they were infants and toddlers and the things they would do and what I could expect. And you know what? He was right. Every time. I shared family dinners with the Cornells. It was wonderful. They were a family I never had. So much so that when they were touring Europe in March for The Promise, Chris sent me an email of a baby tuxedo that he wanted to buy for Hardy. I have that email. I have the photo of his hand holding it up to get a clear shot and show me the size to make sure it was right. Two weeks later we were in New York shooting CBS Saturday Morning. It was a three song performance and an extended interview. I asked him if he wanted to be alone so he could do vocal warmups, and he said no. It was better for him to go into with raw because it would be more real. He nailed it. He sat with Anthony Mason and did his interview. It was incredible. Anthony told him that his son was in an a capella group and they were singing Black Hole Sun, and I totally queened out saying “Chris you must record a video saying don’t kill my song.” He had Anthony record him and he Congratulated them and said “don’t murder my song.” They went on to sing it and dedicated it to him after his passing. That same week we went to the United Nations and spent the day meeting with various depts about the refugee crisis. He was engaged and engaging. It was exquisite. We had another family dinner. We went to the premiere of The Promise followed by another dinner with the family. He performed on the Tonight Show and met Anthony Bourdain (I have the photo of the two of them). He thanked me for everything which is a joke because I always thanked him for everything. He gave so much more than I could ever. Three weeks later I got a phone call in the middle of the night. There is nothing that can prepare you for that, and nothing that ever will. I didn’t sleep for three days. I re-read ALL of the emails he ever sent me. I thought about all of the phone calls and the press days. The music that inspired me from my teens. It was as if I lost a member of my family. I was numb. I’m still numb, but my emotions don’t mean anything compared to Vicky, Lily, Toni and Christopher’s. They are who he has left behind. Sure he has left all of us behind in some way shape or form BUT it is them who I will always be there for. I can never not be. Addiction is a cruel and punishing disease. No matter how many autopsies or toxicology reports we can do on a person, we will never know her/his state of mind when they take drugs. An addict’s mind doesn’t function the way most people’s minds do, and if you think otherwise, maybe it’s time to think again. The guilt, the shame, the solitude. I’ve attended many an AA meeting with friends for their anniversaries or even just to help them on their roads to recovery, and I’ve listened to many stories of relapsing and wishing to be dead and trying to kill oneself. It’s a reality. So before you pass judgement, you need to put yourself in their shoes. You need to feel their pain. I promise you. It’s heartbreaking. - Brian Bumbery
Chris Cornell Aug 07, 2017
Dear Chris, It all still doesn't seem real yet. Our hearts are still so heavy, not only with the sadness of losing you but also with the fullness of how blessed we are to have you as part of our family. Putting aside your magical artistry, we knew you as the thoughtful family man and Godfather to our son. You were always genuine in every aspect of our relationship. We saw and felt first hand the deepest love and adoration you had for your wife and children. We know it wasn't ever your will or any real intention to deprive your family of a long life, full of love, creativity, and immeasurable experiences with you but rather an unconscious act, an act of delirium not of your control. You leave a strong wife and mother to Toni and C, who will always fight for the truth of your legacy. Be comforted that they will be brought up well. The void will never be filled, but we have a lot to look back on. We are all truly fortunate to have had you in our lives. You made a promise to us that you would be our son's Godfather, which you knew that my wife and I placed a high value on. My promise to you is that I will be the backbone of a support system for your family that will never be broken. I promise to love and guide them as they make this journey called life without you. AJ
Chris Cornell Aug 04, 2017
Chris's daughter Toni sings 'Hallelujah' with OneRepublic in honor of her father and Chester Bennington on Good Morning America.
Chris Cornell Jul 25, 2017
"I keep waking up in the middle of the night and remember, fresh again, that you are gone. An absence grows in my stomach and slowly turns circles like a far off galaxy on a grainy tv. The same questions follow and my heart races...searching for reasons and what ifs.. I'm so selfishly sad that I'll never get to see you again, never play with you again, never feel the bask of your approval or be part of your life. Fuck.... We all miss you so was always a given in my mind we would all spend more time together when we got older, we would play more music and love and be loved like we dreamed...this was your time and you shared it with us...thank you. You were too much... Your talent was jaw dropping...your songs, lyrics, your could you have all 3... And then, the not so obvious...your wicked sense of humor and your playfulness... all of us are heartsick and we will never get over losing you. We hope you're in peace and that your particles are mutating and transforming in harmony with nature. We wish your family our utmost condolences and sympathies. We love you Chris, Happy Birthday" Words by: Stone Gossard
Chris Cornell Jul 24, 2017
A shot that my recently gone buddy, Chris, sent to me. A great moment of pride (probably taken by his lovely Vicky). It's his birthday today and he is one to be celebrated wildly and remembered fondly: one of the greatest hearts I've ever met. He cared deeply. That's the thing that stands out the most: how much he cared about people, about our country, about his family, about the world, and about defending the art of expression. I've had a lot of friends die, but his was a moment lost in oblivion: not him, a chaotic ghost descended upon. I love you deeply brother and I send my heart out to Vicky, Toni and Christopher and Lily and the rest of his family. And to all the rest that loved him back. Happy Birthday, buddy. xoxo JBKB(stucktogether) #theheartreigns #happybithdaychriscornell ❤️❤️❤️
Chris Cornell Jul 21, 2017
For my love @chriscornell. We will #keepthepromise for you forever. You are so special, so loved, so missed. VC
Chris Cornell Jul 11, 2017
In his song Sunshower, Chris wrote: All you’ll be, you are today. It’s alright when you’re caught in pain and you feel the rain come down. It’s alright when you find your way, they you see it disappear. It’s alright. Though your garden’s gray I know all your graces someday will flower, in a sweet sunshower. Chris, I love you, brother. I love your unparalleled artistry. I love your smile. I love your ridiculously beautiful hair. I love your willingness to help others. I love your love of family. I’d like to ask everyone present to consider making two pledges today in memory of the great Chris Cornell. First, to pledge to offer unconditional forever support to his family, especially his three beautiful children. Lily, Christopher, Toni, if you ever need to talk, need a hug, would like to hear stories about your dad, would like to TELL stories about your dad, need a guitar lesson, OR if you need to be reminded how very much your father loved you with all his heart, every one of us here today is there for you. Through Chris we are your extended family and lifelong resource of love and support. Second, I’d like to ask everyone here to make a pledge to each other. Look to your right, look to your left. If you ever find yourself in a moment of sadness and doubt, if you fall off the wagon, if you are depressed, if you’re in trouble, if you feel like you might slip off the tightrope of life, in that moment you can call the person sitting next to you right now, you can call me. For Chris’s sake let’s make a commitment to look after one another. And Chris, please say hello to some old friends for us. Say hi to Kurt, give my love to Layne, and I know that you will enjoy being roommates with Andrew Wood again. That’s one spectacular All Star grunge choir right there. I’d love a bootleg of those heavenly campfire jam sessions. Chris was many things but I think of him as a redeemer. As the driving force of Soundgarden he redeemed hard rock and metal. Unapologetically embracing badass riffs, he eschewed lyrics about dungeons or dragons and instead wrote deep dark soul searching poetry that opened the door for generations of artists who felt empowered to use their brains along with their musical brawn. Then Chris redeemed me and Timmy and Brad. It was Badmotorfinger that was one of the main inspirations for Rage Against The Machine and then years later we found ourselves in a band, Audioslave, with the man himself, opening a wonderful chapter of musical exploration and global rocking. Getting to watch firsthand Chris’ effortless conjuring of gorgeous and ferocious melody and his epic rock god-ness on a daily basis is one of the highlights of my life. We made music that I’m so proud of and then rocked Cuba, the first American band to do it, fulfilling a lifelong dream. And then Chris redeemed himself. Coming out of a period of addiction in the early 2000’s he turned his life around. I’d like to acknowledge and say thank you to someone here today, Tim Commerford. During this period it was Timmy who with an inspired, heroic act of love saved Chris Cornell’s life in 2001 and helped give us all sixteen more years of this beautiful man. But it was Chris himself, with the support and boundless love of Vicky, who built a wonderful, close knit, loving family, who made some of the best music of his career. He played beautiful solo concerts across the planet and after a twelve year break he reconnected with his Audioslave brothers on January 19th of this year. It was the last time I saw Chris. I felt so blessed to stand next to his feral rock fury and soaring vocals one last time. He was just SHINING. His last words to me were, “I had such a great time, let’s do that again. Whenever you guys want.” It is important today to honor Chris Cornell, the devoted husband and loving father, the warm friend and bandmate, but I’d also like to tip my hat to the darker corners of Chris’ soul because I believe that’s where his brilliance as an artist stemmed from. Chris once texted me in the middle of the night, “If you swallow the coin from the wishing well, your dreams will come true in heaven or hell.” The demons he wrestled with were real. But he harnessed those demons and rode them like a mother flippin’ Chariot Of Lightning strapped with Marshall Stacks to make some of the greatest rock n roll of all time. Loud Love. Just thinking about that awesome jam throws me into headbanging convulsions. Hands All Over. The beauty of Seasons. Try not to cry. Badmotorfinger top to bottom. It’s INSANE. You thought you were safe? Here comes Spoonman. Then Audioslave. He’s back! Cochise, Like A Stone, Show Me How To Live, I Am The Highway. You’re rocking, you’re crying, you can’t make up your damn mind. Chris is as melodic as the Beatles, he’s as heavy as Sabbath, he’s as haunting as Edgar Allen Poe. Thank you, Sunshower. Thank you for your love, your friendship, your peerless talent. The body is weak. The psyche is fragile. Things decay and are gone in time. Gardens turn gray. But, Chris, I know two things that are fucking invincible and will endure forever, your beautiful voice and our love for you. TOM MORELLO
Chris Cornell Jul 01, 2017
Oscar-nominated director Evgeny Afineevsky remembers how his footage of the refugee crisis became part of the video for Chris's last song, "The Promise". #KeepThePromise
Chris Cornell Jun 24, 2017
The Mourning Dove While sitting in our family room the other day, my father, still reeling over the loss of his beloved son-in-law, saw a bird beyond the sliding doors pacing back and forth on the patio. At first, he didn't make much of it. The next day, however, the bird was still there, trying to flap its wings to take flight to no avail. He told my brother who, knowing how much Chris loved birds, gently gathered the bird and took it to a rescue facility on the west side. Once there, we were told the bird was a young mourning dove suffering from respiratory issues. We checked back a few days later and were told the bird is healing and will be released into a sanctuary once fully recovered. I am told the Mourning Dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, of peace and hope. I don't know if this is a sign from my sweet Christopher but it sure feels like one. VC Think on the cov'nant thou hast made, And all thy words of love; Nor let the birds of prey invade, And vex thy mourning dove. - from Psalm 74
Chris Cornell Jun 21, 2017
Stars pledge to #KeepThePromise to help refugees & uphold Chris Cornell's legacy of fighting for human rights. We encourage you to share how you will #KeepThePromise.
Chris Cornell Jun 20, 2017
Today we honor Chris's wish to launch his video on #WorldRefugeeDay and #KeepThePromise to support refugees and children.