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A Taste for Bitters
Anything Near Water
Chokebore Oct 04, 2017
The Dark Slide is offering a special $5 discount code for Chokebore fans on their online store: CHOKEBORE5OFF (valid until October 15). A nice chance to grab one of their classic Chokebore T-shirt reissues!
Chokebore Sep 21, 2017
Another classic Chokebore shirt, this time from the Anything Near Water era, and once again featuring the OG Amphetamine Reptile Records logo on back, is getting reissued by The Dark Slide! Shipping in October, now available for pre-order!
Chokebore Sep 17, 2017
A Taste for Bitters promo poster...
Chokebore Jul 29, 2017
20 year old interview from Spain! Thanks BCore Disc for the memories! Toc, toc, toc...
Chokebore Jul 25, 2017
Old school German zine... Wahrschauer Magazin 1996!
Chokebore Jul 01, 2017
Chokebore polar bear t-shirts by The Dark Slide... Now shipping!
Chokebore Jun 28, 2017
R.I.P. TvB's first Chokebore guitar...
Chokebore May 28, 2017
The classic Chokebore "polar bear" t-shirt, complete with the original Amphetamine Reptile Records logo on back, is getting re-issued by The Dark Slide! Now available for pre-order!
Chokebore May 20, 2017
Throwback to the beginning of time... First Chokebore press photo! #TVBarchive
Chokebore Apr 30, 2017
It could ruin your day... Los Angeles riots, 1992
Chokebore Mar 31, 2017
March 31, 1997. Old school VHS! #telecasterfrontflip
Chokebore Jan 29, 2017
Thank you Mowno for including us in that list!
Chokebore Jan 11, 2017
Check out this new song from French rockers NARROW TERENCE featuring Troy Von Balthazar on vocals!
Chokebore Nov 19, 2016
Chokebore Nov 11, 2016
Farewell Leonard.
Chokebore Oct 19, 2016
October 2011...
Chokebore Oct 17, 2016
AmRep showcase with Love 666 at The Great River Roadhouse... 20 years ago!
Chokebore Oct 13, 2016
The rest of your evening...
Chokebore Oct 07, 2016
1994... Thank you Erwan!
Chokebore Oct 02, 2016
Now available on Bandcamp!
Chokebore Sep 30, 2016
These days and days of nothing...
Chokebore Sep 21, 2016
This style of living...
Chokebore Sep 05, 2016
Chokebore May 19, 2016
Great cover of Cleaner from Anything Near Water (and Motionless) by The Silence Kit! And it's a free download, yay!
Chokebore May 18, 2016
Chokebore is OK? Another great Chokebore tattoo!