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Chase Bryant Oct 12, 2017
Honored to have partnered with Band Against Cancer With Sarah Cannon to help deliver letters of encouragement to cancer warriors. Check it out!
Chase Bryant Oct 10, 2017
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Chase Bryant Oct 03, 2017
You're now really learning to fly. Losing Tom Petty is one of the worst days of my life! You were a true influence to not just a genre of music but music in general. May you Rest In Peace #tompetty ... Your voice will live forever!
Chase Bryant Sep 24, 2017
Thank you to Brad Paisley for showing me the greatest summer of my entire life. I've learned so many things from him as someone who looked up to him for years. The most valuable lesson I've learned is to stay humble, treat everyone with respect, and not to take any of this for granted. Thank you to everyone who came out to these shows this summer! This is a memory that will last a life time. Tonight we wrap up the #weekendwarriortour ! PS. Lindsay Ell and Dustin Lynch you guys are absolutely incredible human beings.
Chase Bryant Sep 19, 2017
You've never had to listen to me, but you do. You've never had to show up, but you did! I thank you for being the greatest fans in the world. I just wanted to remind you that you're why I do this. I love you all!
Chase Bryant Sep 15, 2017
I’m so happy to share this demo I did with Fender for the new ’64 Custom Deluxe Reverb amplifier. It’s the perfect amp for any player and any gig. Watch here:
Chase Bryant Sep 13, 2017
Thanks People for helping put this whole story together. #engaged
Chase Bryant Sep 11, 2017
Virginia Beach
Chase Bryant Sep 08, 2017
Charlotte Tonight
Chase Bryant Sep 05, 2017
Pictured in the back is my best friend. My brother Tyler. Showing his true colors. Being supportive of who I am as a musician, but more importantly a brother. The kindest person I've ever known and ever will know. A true man of God, a great husband, and son! Tyler I love you more than words could ever say! You have more talent than most people ever dreamed to have. Happy Birthday. Gracing this world for 30years and 24years of mine this far has been the best! Here's to so many more. -Chase
Chase Bryant Aug 29, 2017
CMT Cody
Chase Bryant Aug 26, 2017
Minnesota // Tonight
Chase Bryant Aug 25, 2017
Buckwheat Bryant
Chase Bryant Aug 25, 2017
Chase Bryant Aug 24, 2017
Got bored painted Homer Simpson on my tele... Why? #HellIfIKnow
Chase Bryant Aug 23, 2017
In case y'all missed it...#HellIfIKnow Share with your friends!
Chase Bryant Aug 20, 2017
Hope you guys are loving #hellifiknow !! This video is from the day we tracked guitars and I played b3 on the track over at SonyATV in Nashville. Sometimes it's tough to remember these little moments, but I thank God that I have little snippets to help me recall them. I remember being nearly frustrated at this point in my career just dying to get new music out, but I couldn't until it was right. I remember walking out of the studio that night knowing we had something special. Something that I really was eager to share with the world. It's here now and I hope you latch on to it like I have. Thank you for your patience in me just trying to get it right. Here's to more music. Here's to not just being fans of me, but friends to me! -CB
Chase Bryant Aug 18, 2017
A look at what life is like on the road... Had fun filming the lyric video for my new single! Hope you enjoy it #HellIfIKnow
Chase Bryant Aug 18, 2017
TODAY, I release new music for the first time in over a year - "Hell If I Know” out now! #HellIfIKnow Get it here -
Chase Bryant Aug 18, 2017
Chase Bryant's cover photo
Chase Bryant Aug 17, 2017
2 days until... #HellIfIKnow
Chase Bryant Aug 16, 2017
3 days until I get to share new music with you guys...#hellifiknow
Chase Bryant Aug 15, 2017
Chase Bryant's cover photo
Chase Bryant Aug 15, 2017
Chase Bryant
Chase Bryant Aug 14, 2017
Illinois State Fair last night. Brad Paisley