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Imago Dei (feat. Charon, T.N., Savage, Goatlord, The Omegha & Mr.Obscure)
Songs for the Sinners
Songs for the Sinners (Finnish version)
Charon Oct 16, 2017
“The party, the stage, the lights, the DJ, the journey, the feeling, the music in you. The music, the record, the label, the radio, the voice, the vibe, the music in you” Sylenth and Glitch - Music In You (Scope DJ Loves The Reversebass Remix) is featured in R«WND 016, dropping friday the 27th of October, enjoy! :)
Charon Oct 06, 2017
I had the huge honor of the most Italian Dutchy, aka. mr. reverse bass, aka. Blear to do a guestmix for his monthly podcast ‘Italiaans Heropvoeden’ (Re-educating Italian). The most Italian podcast ever, where only italian releases or tracks from italian producers will make it to the podcast. Today it’s time for part 4. The first hour is an ‘older to newer’ set by Blear himself, the other 90 minutes are mixed and selected by me, with tracks between ‘98 and ‘05, with even a track from 1992. Anyway, let’s get into it, don’t waste your time, and check it out now! Grazie and Bon Appetito!
Charon Sep 28, 2017
''On the day we created hardstyle, a new element was born. We're all connected with each other through a universal language. And we all speak it well, only we forget how to listen...'' Charon​ pres. R«WND 015 is now available for stream and download, enjoy! »» ps. link and tracklist in comments down below :) ««
Charon Sep 27, 2017
Tonight it’s time for the Roughstate Fifa 18 tournament 🙌🏽 Who’s gonna win the prestigious Roughstate trophy?
Charon Sep 25, 2017
'My dealer is a DJ, and music just my drug...' Can't wait for R«WND being released this friday? Then spend your time on this one for the next couple of days ;) ×× #BITcast 105 × Charon (25.09.17) ×× Tracklist. 00. #BITcast Intro 01. Tatact - Back To The 90's 02. Deepack vs. Showtek - Like The Bass 03. Luna - Cut The Break 04. Mr. Puta - Green Stuff 05. The Beholder and Max Enforcer - Got To Be There 06. KAT - Gimme Da Bass (A-lusion Mix) 07. Gerardo Roschini - Rollerock 08. DJ Duro - D-Sucka 09. Acti and Vorti - Raw 10. JDX - Nize & Close 11. Dutch Master - We Go Party 12. Headhunterz - Digiwave 13. Outsiders - Origination 14. Pavo - Tekno Musik 15. T.A.T. - Track Addicted (Mind Hunterz Remix) 16. The Prophet - Cocaine Bizznizz (Technoboy Remix) 17. TNT - Second Match (TNT's Hard Treatment) 18. Dark Oscillators - Food For Woofers (B-Style Mix)
Charon Sep 18, 2017
Charon's cover photo
Charon Sep 17, 2017
'Live the lifestyle we call hardstyle ...' R«WND episode 015 is finished, it will bring us back to the year of 2007, when track's like 'Elements, Aliens, My Dome, Let's Rock and Shout Out' were released. I miss those days, and I think these type of tracks are way too 'underplayed' at classics events. All of these tracks named above are in this episode! This time, it will be online friday the 29th of September. Can't wait? Then check out my older episodes, filled with a bunch of other classics and early hardstyle, by pressing the link down in the comments. Cya the 29th! :)
Charon Sep 04, 2017
Had some problems with mij soundcloud page, all my podcasts are available again! Wanna check them out? Visit it here ⬇️⬇️
Charon Aug 24, 2017
'Come on down my friend ... It's time to meet your master!' Charon​ pres. R«WND 014 is now available for stream and download, enjoy! ============================== ps. Tracklist + Link in comments below ⬇️⬇️
Charon Aug 21, 2017
'This is our church ... the church of the darkside' R«WND 014 × Friday, 25th of August
Charon Aug 12, 2017
'For those of you who wants to know what it's all about ... it's like this!' Charon pres. R«WND × Credible Special ============================== Enjoy! ps. Tracklist + Link in comments below ⬇️⬇️
Charon Aug 04, 2017
This one will be special! :)
Charon Jul 28, 2017
'Between the music and me, is what the world doesn't see. There's a freak in me, and that's who I want to be...' 'R«WND 013' is now available for stream and download, enjoy! Tracklist. 01. Showtek ft. MC Stretch - Freak 02. Zany - Maximum Force (Defqon 1 Australia Anthem 2009) 03. Gostosa - Never Say Never 04. Headhunterz - Muzical Revolution 05. Scope DJ ft. Maja - Surreality 06. Williams Syndrome - Secrets 07. Wildstylez - The Phantom Beat 08. Deepack vs. D-Block & S-te-Fan - Rock Diz 09. Low-E and Alter Egosz - Vendetta 10. Headhunterz - The Sacrifice (Brennan Heart Remix) 11. Frontliner and Ruthless - One Bananaz 12. 2 Best Enemies - Unity (Chitarra Elettrica Mix) 13. Brennan Heart - Van Halen Is A Rockstar 14. Jajox - Shut Up 15. TNT aka. Technoboy 'N Tuneboy - Double Dutch Darkies 16. Activator and Ricky Raw - Street Spirit (Medley Fade Out) 17. Josh & Wesz - Overdrive O 18. Digital Punk and Waverider - Angel 19. Ran-D and Dj Adaro - Fade To Grey 20. Norman - Killed
Charon Jul 25, 2017
Yes or no to an italian (early) special soon?! :)
Charon Jul 17, 2017
Charon × The Official Dominator Afterparty 'Re-Run' (Effenaar, Eindhoven) [15.07.17] Enjoy! (tracklist in comments below)
Charon Jul 15, 2017
Last words from Bassworx, see you tonight! 🙌🏽
Charon Jul 14, 2017
Tomorrow it's finally time for Dominator + Afterparty Dominator 🙌🏽, can't wait!
Charon Jul 11, 2017
Charon Jul 10, 2017
Dominator x All you need to know 💣🤛🏽 See ya there?!
Charon Jul 07, 2017
Next week it's time to 'flame on' at the official dominator afterparty, at the Effenaar, Eindhoven, together with Dj Mad Dog, F. NøIzE, Bodyshock and Deadly Guns ... Excited!
Charon Jul 07, 2017
Charon's cover photo
Charon Jun 30, 2017
Will this be enough for an 2 hour set this saturday at Club Rodenburg? #sameshitdifferentday #mylifemyrules
Charon Jun 27, 2017
[NL] Zaterdag weer eens tijd voor een ouderwets vet feestje bij mijn 2de thuis! Euroavond at Club Rodenburg, het ultieme feest waarbij de munten maar €1,- zijn, dus je helemaal lam kan drinken, je shirt uittrekken en rond te zwaaien als een helicopter op de set van The Darkraver. Zelf zal ik van 03:00-05:00 afsluiten. Tot dan! 🤛🏽
Charon Jun 26, 2017
'There's a new form of music ... if you can call it music ...' NOW ON AIR; #BITcast 100.01 × Seismic Records Special × Charon Check out the first of 12 specials right now at (Real Hardstyle Radio), brought to you by Charon with a slammin' Seismic Records special, the very first hardstyle label the hardstyle scene brought us in the Netherlands, filled with huge classics and floorfillers that set the tone for the nowadays scene. ENJOY!
Charon Jun 18, 2017
Seismic Records!!! 💦 Loved to do this special :)