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Cellars Mar 13, 2018
jajajaja nu music FINALLY coming via @manimalvinyl foto: @ellierex
Cellars Feb 18, 2018
MuSiC nErD
Cellars Feb 09, 2018
Congrats to MGMT on another fantastic record! Yours truly does the lady vox on the first track 😍 the record is SO good you guys 🦄🌈💫
Cellars Jan 28, 2018
women in sound! history is important! thank universe for these amazing female pioneers of electronic music!
Cellars Jan 28, 2018 is finally back up and running <3 i designed it and i own ittttt
Cellars Jan 27, 2018
v happy to be working w/ Manimal Vinyl again in ~*2018*~
Cellars Jan 27, 2018
In case anyone was wondering how I make my records...
Cellars Jan 24, 2018
I’ve got some hecka exciting stuff coming up in February (my birth month!) so don’t change that channel!!!
Cellars Jan 08, 2018
I put Cellars in as an Apple Music station and I don’t really like any of the other songs 🙀😹 Spotify does a much better job! 💕 SAD!
Cellars Dec 19, 2017
helloooo everyone! I just put up a few more older songs on my bandcamp (link in bio). If you could be so kind as to purchase some songs or some merch, it would be much appreciated!! It will help me to release some songs I recorded in-studio earlier this year, as well as to purchase things I need so I can keep making music out here in the middle of nowhere ☺️ thanks to all for the support! Perhaps an east coast show coming soon? 💋xo- Cellars
Cellars Dec 19, 2017
found a few more unpolished songs from 2015 and decided to put them here !
Cellars Dec 19, 2017
Cellars Dec 18, 2017
Thanks Stephen for this great vid of Cellars at school night at the Bardot, 2016 ❤️
Cellars Dec 15, 2017
Cellars Dec 14, 2017
ideas 💡 for a dark, synth-driven, black mirror inspired meditation on technology’s effects on the emotional state of the world 🤔
Cellars Dec 03, 2017
my Sean Nicholas Savage cover playing on HOT 1039 tonight with my fran Mini bear
Cellars Nov 06, 2017
Phases merch is now up and running too! I only have about 20 vinyl left. 10% of proceeds go to RAINN <3
Cellars Nov 06, 2017
here it is!! 29 songs I've recorded since 2012, including the full 13-track 2013 demo album "Besides" which includes original versions of songs from "Phases" (2016). It's full of things I've recorded lazily when bored, just for fun, needing catharsis, feeling experimental, or just plain strange. Listening to these all again has given me so many memories and feelings, and I'm excited to share them all with you. couple things: #1- 10% of all proceeds from these songs I am donating to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network, #2-I've updated my bandcamp page to include the merch I have available, including shirts designed by Ariel Pink, Phases (2016) CDs/Vinyl, and Lovesick (2014) CDs, again with 10% of all proceeds going to RAINN I also have a pop-tastic, studio-polished 5-song EP I've been holding onto from earlier this year that should be out early 2018, so please stay tuned for more TUNES ! Thank you, SO MUCH, to everyone who has supported me and my music over the years, I truly appreciate all of you <3
Cellars Nov 05, 2017
Cellars Nov 05, 2017
coming SOON !
Cellars Oct 24, 2017
been getting a lot of love from those who managed to get their hands on my 2013 demo album 💖 to say thank you, I'll include all of the tracks from Besides in the upcoming collection instead of the few I was going to. I truly appreciate all of the love and support and I love you all! 😙
Cellars Oct 22, 2017
i'm tired of sitting idly by... releasing a bunch (20+ songs over 5 years) of unreleased stuff on, including some of the original demos from phases, some covers, and a bunch of one-off songs, all of it recorded 2012-2017!! stay tuned, love Cellars<3
Cellars Oct 18, 2017
<3<3 Casa del Puente Discos Calor/Frio <3<3
Cellars Oct 06, 2017
merci beaucoup Rebelles Soniques <3
Cellars Sep 11, 2017
it's been so long since I last posted anything on this page! Weirdo Music Forever interviewed me about what's been going on with me lately and premiered a BRAND NEW track I recorded earlier this year. I'm no longer in Los Angeles but I'm still going to keep it up with the music, of course. be well everyone <3