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Thick as Thieves
Bright Nights * Dark Days
The Painful Art of Letting Go
Cavo Oct 18, 2017
Sometimes life is hard.....sometimes it’s not!!!
Cavo Oct 17, 2017
Another trip around the sun!! Happy birthday to our Uber talented guitar hero! We are extremely lucky to have your skills and brotherhood. To many more. Chris Hobbs
Cavo Oct 02, 2017
We are sending prayers to everyone affected by this senseless act of violence in Las Vegas. Just horrific. We have walked onto countless stages, festivals or otherwise, and can not imagine the horror that took place last night. Please send love and support to the people that were there last night. Many of them have had their lives changed forever. Casey, Chris, Brian, Andy
Cavo Oct 01, 2017
Chris Hobbs making it do what it do!
Cavo Sep 13, 2017
CAVO - Cover - "Thrice - Black Honey"
Cavo Sep 13, 2017
You want to hear "Bridges" at The Bridge Jefferson City? Want to hear "Champagne" "Let It Go" and a few other songs from our previous records? Well if the answer is yes, then you'll need to come down this Saturday (9/16/2017) for a night of CAVO with special guests Cost Of Desire Dark Below and Shades of I . Doors are at 7pm. See you there!!
Cavo Sep 11, 2017
Champagne from the The Loft sessions
Cavo Sep 08, 2017
These guys are the real deal! THIS record is the real deal!!! I got a copy of the record a week ago and it's seriously amazing. There are so many angles and beautiful moments on this record. Well done Hounds.
Cavo Sep 08, 2017
Nights from the Loft Sessions
Cavo Aug 29, 2017
We are so excited to announce that we will be playing with our very close friends and mentors Modern Day Zero Saturday September 23rd at the Delmar Hall. We are honored to be apart of this amazing reunion of the band that started a music movement in St. Louis! It will be a night you won't forget so don't miss out and get your tickets at the link below before they're gone! See you all there!! Brian, Chris, Andy, Casey CAVO
Cavo Aug 24, 2017
Love this band. Stoked to see them back at it! Pre-order? ☑️ Middle Class Rut
Cavo Aug 15, 2017
Rolla we are coming for you this Saturday at Shots 3rd Annual bring a friend and we'll bring the Champagne!!! Come out early and stay late to see all these great Missouri based rock bands! Also featuring: TROY, Discrepancies, Madora, Cost Of Desire Doors 5pm TICKETS are $15.76 and can be purchased at this link:
Cavo Aug 10, 2017
Felt great to play this song again last Saturday at Delmar Hall 🤘🏻 #tbt #warwithin
Cavo Aug 09, 2017
Cavo Aug 07, 2017
Sounds like it's gonna be some sort of party or something.
Cavo Aug 05, 2017
Tonight at Delmar Hall we'll have one last dance party in your honor @patrickwhitwam. Miss you brother.
Cavo Aug 05, 2017
Tomorrow night we'll be celebrating our new deal with Pavement Entertainment at Delmar Hall! The Hush List and Captains Courageous will be joining us on this one. See you there. 🤘🏼🔥
Cavo Aug 04, 2017
Cavo Aug 02, 2017
We're celebrating our new deal with Pavement Entertainment this Saturday night in St.Louis at Delmar Hall! Our pals The Hush List and Captains Courageous will be joining us on this one. We'll be dusting off a ton of old tunes and a couple news ones as well. Until then, here's a little WayBack Wednesday for ya. 🤘🏼
Cavo Jul 31, 2017
Sat down with to discuss our new record label, touring, and our big hometown show at Delmar Hall this coming Saturday night. 🤘🏼
Cavo Jul 28, 2017
Hello CAVO-Family, we wanted to make the announcement that we have signed with Pavement Entertainment and we are proud to be a part of the Pavement Family!!! Thank you for your continued love and support!! These are some exciting times, so check back often for updates, shows and everything CAVO! P.S. We also want to give a special thank you to Joe Litvag, Juan Ibanez and everyone at Pavement!!! Brian, Chris, Casey, Andy CAVO
Cavo Jul 25, 2017
At a moment like this, there are no words. We lost one of the best souls we have ever had the privilege of knowing. From late night back of the bus hangs to dance parties, Pat was always a shining example of pure goodness. His smile literally would light up every room he walked into. You will be missed and loved forever!!!
Cavo Jul 22, 2017
The boys are playing a hometown show in a couple of weeks....
Cavo Jul 21, 2017
August 5th Delmar Hall CAVO with special guest The Hush List and Captains Courageous. Tickets are available now at the Box Office and at Ticketmaster - CAVO is donating a portion of proceeds to Autism Speaks St. Louis.
Cavo Jul 20, 2017
Wow. 💔💔💔