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Blunt Force Trauma (Special Edition)
Blunt Force Trauma
Inflikted (Bonus Tracks Version)
Cavalera Conspiracy Oct 05, 2017
Napalm Records
Cavalera Conspiracy Oct 05, 2017
Cavalera Conspiracy
Cavalera Conspiracy Oct 05, 2017
Cavalera Conspiracy's cover photo
Cavalera Conspiracy Oct 05, 2017
NEW SONG & LYRIC VIDEO PREMIERE! Check out the killer new Cavalera Conspiracy track "Insane" here: Also to keep you all updated, here is some info from the latest Press Release from Napalm Records about our upcoming album "Psychosis" " Now it's time to get ready for one of the most heaviest and hotly anticipated metal records of 2017, when the mighty CAVALERA CONSPIRACY will strike back this Fall: 'Psychosis' will be coming out on November 17th on Napalm Records! Now the Cavalera brothers have unleashed a first lyric video for the album opening track 'Insane', says Max Cavalera: "Let’s open the mosh pit and go insane!!!!!!" Coming as CD digi pack, Digital Download and LP Gatefold editions, 'Psychosis' is now available for pre-order. Get your hands on it at: The track list of CAVALERA CONSPIRACY's new masterpiece will read as follows: 1. Insane 2. Terror Tactics 3. Impalement Execution 4. Spectral War 5. Crom 6. Hellfire 7. Judas Pariah 8. Psychosis 9. Excruciating "
Cavalera Conspiracy Sep 29, 2017
You will not be disappointed!
Cavalera Conspiracy Sep 29, 2017
NOVEMBER 17, 2017....."Psychosis". Get ready for it, because it's a fucking brutal one!
Cavalera Conspiracy Sep 29, 2017
You can now download "Chaos B.C." from CHAOS A.D.: EXPANDED EDITION on @Itunes.
Cavalera Conspiracy Sep 29, 2017
We are on the cover of Deezer's service for "New Releases!"
Cavalera Conspiracy Aug 08, 2017
FULL Professionally filmed Return to Roots set at this years Wacken Festival. Give it a watch!!!! This link is only available for 1 month, so watch it before then if you want. Max, Igor and crew play Sepultura's Roots album!
Cavalera Conspiracy Jul 21, 2017
Check it out everyone. Max's interview with Revolver Magazine!
Cavalera Conspiracy Jun 29, 2017
Cavalera Conspiracy May 31, 2017
Who collects Vinyls?
Cavalera Conspiracy May 23, 2017
What's up everyone....Press Release for you all to read below: Brand New Album Coming in Fall 2017! The Cavalera brothers are back! Max and Iggor Cavalera, who created some of the most influential metal records in music history with SEPULTURA and inspiring the heavy and extreme music scene over decades, are currently hard at work in the studio in Phoenix, Arizona, to record the fourth album of CAVALERA CONSPIRACY! Produced by longtime friend Arthur Rizk, the recordings of CAVALERA CONSPIRACY's upcoming album will be documented by Horns Up Rocks, titled 'The Conspiracy Diaries'. These exciting studio episodes will be released over the next months and will share an in-depth view behind the scene's of CAVALERA CONSPIRACY's work in the studio. Get ready for one of the most heaviest and hotly anticipated metal records of 2017, as the CAVALERA CONSPIRACY will strike back this Fall!
Cavalera Conspiracy May 10, 2017
MTV Headbangers Ball Tour
Cavalera Conspiracy Apr 06, 2017
Coming to Europe!!!!!!! Buckle your seatbelt!
Cavalera Conspiracy Apr 05, 2017
What's up everyone!!! We will be Headlining the MTV Headbangers' Ball Tour with Max & Iggor Cavalera Return to Roots! We will be thrashing with Overkill, Insomnium and DESERTED FEAR! Come get some!
Cavalera Conspiracy Mar 17, 2017
Happy St Patrick's Day! Does anyone here have any HD footage from any of the Return to Roots shows? I need about one minute of film for a tour add I am working with. If you do, please hit me up in a private message. Thank you!!!! Have fun and don't get nabbed! Be safe!
Cavalera Conspiracy Mar 01, 2017
Orange County California!!!! You are the LAST stop on our Return to Roots Tour and its been a great couple years. This is an exclusive show. We are ready to go out with a bang, so get your dancing boots on for these bloody roots. We will be looking for you in the pits!
Cavalera Conspiracy Feb 23, 2017
Max & Iggor Cavalera Return To Their Roots In New York City
Cavalera Conspiracy Feb 22, 2017
Max and Iggor Cavalera Show New York City Their 'Bloody Roots'
Cavalera Conspiracy Feb 20, 2017
MAX & IGOR (Back To Roots) on Robbs MetalWorks 2017 - YouTube
Cavalera Conspiracy Feb 19, 2017
Maximum Cavalera Store
Cavalera Conspiracy Feb 19, 2017
Robbs MetalWorks
Cavalera Conspiracy Jan 13, 2017
Sepultura recorded a series of albums for Roadrunner Records that had a major influence on heavy metal music throughout the 80s and 90s. THE ROADRUNNER ALBUMS 1985-1996 combines Sepultura’s debut EP BESTIAL DESVESTATION with the group’s first six studio albums: MORBID VISIONS, SCHIZOPHRENIA, BENEATH THE REMAINS, ARISE , CHAOS A.D., and ROOTS. The collection will be released on January 27 as a 6CD set and also on vinyl as a 6LP set, with each album pressed in a different color. Pre-order your copy today: CD: LP:
Cavalera Conspiracy Dec 09, 2016
Max will be a guest on the Full Metal Jackie Radio show this weekend! Find a station airing/streaming the show: