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Vibraciones Doradas
Summer Sessions, Vol. 3
Summer Sessions, Vol. 2
Return to Sky
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Euporie Tide
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Free Ride
Summer Sessions, Vol. 1
Causa Sui Mar 18, 2018
1 year old! 🍻
Causa Sui Feb 14, 2018
Freedom Fuzz!
Causa Sui Feb 13, 2018
FREEDOM FUZZ! Here's a spanking new live clip from when we won an award last month!
Causa Sui Jan 15, 2018
These stunning, high quality reprints of "Return To Sky" (transparent green vinyl) and "Vibraciones Doradas" (transparent red vinyl) are now shipping!
Causa Sui Jan 09, 2018
The 2 latest albums have been out of print for a while - now they're back in green and red vinyl... Also for the lost followers of the unofficial Causa Sui page...
Causa Sui Dec 29, 2017
Beautiful write-up on 2013 album Euporie Tide from the mighty The Obelisk! "Call it a watershed moment, or a point of arrival, or whatever you want, there can be no doubt 2013’s Euporie Tide put Causa Sui in their own echelon of progressive heavy psychedelia."
Causa Sui Dec 26, 2017
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ review in danish newspaper Politiken yesterday - happy holidays indeeeed!
Causa Sui Nov 30, 2017
Sold out, m'ija.
Causa Sui Nov 28, 2017
New shirts are available once again - as well as Euporie Tide on CD and the LP boxset!
Causa Sui Nov 27, 2017
El Paraiso Records
Causa Sui Nov 23, 2017
We're going slow, deep and hard on this one!
Causa Sui Nov 17, 2017
Vibraciones Doradas is out today! We've worked on this for years - overlapping with Return to Sky! We're damn proud of it. Blast the full album if you havn't already! Cheers, and have a great weekend!
Causa Sui Nov 16, 2017
Out tomorrow! This is The Drop!
Causa Sui Nov 13, 2017
"For fans of: Eternal Tapestry; Kyuss minus the vocal tracks; that bit in The Simpsons when Homer eats the Guatemalan Insanity Pepper and befriends a talking coyote." Right on! The Quietus reviews Vibraciones Doradas in this month's edition of Columnfortably Numb...
Causa Sui Nov 11, 2017
Surf's up! Here's a brilliant review of VIBRACIONES DORADAS - officially out next friday! "Vibraciones Doradas shows Causa Sui continuing to build upon their musical journey, blazing through genres, styles, vibes, and moods with ease. For the most part this record is a barn burner, a rock and roll feast for the ears. It showcases the band’s ear for riffs and grooves, but also their willingness to pull back and let the universe expand our brains a bit. Munk, Kahr, Rasmussen, and Skott continue to be one of the most vital musical forces creating today. Vibraciones Doradas is proof of that."
Causa Sui Nov 10, 2017
New album = new swag!
Causa Sui Nov 06, 2017
El Paraiso Records
Causa Sui Nov 03, 2017
Now shipping!
Causa Sui Nov 02, 2017
Out november 17th! 2017 on
Causa Sui Oct 26, 2017
Our favourite kinda fuzz!!! Get it here:
Causa Sui Oct 23, 2017
New track: EL FUEGO!! This has become something of a live favourite: one of our all-time favourites to play and the crowd digs it. So we’re thrilled to finally debut it in a recorded version! Waste away 11 minutes of your monday while soaking away in El Fuego!
Causa Sui Oct 21, 2017
Sweet competition over at El Paraiso! Win the new LP as well as some limited shirts!
Causa Sui Oct 20, 2017
Vibraciones Doradas is up for preorder NOW! Mint green vinyl limited to 1000 copies. We also had some brand new shirts and caps made: And head over to The Obelisk for an in-depth review of the record and premiere of 11-minute epic EL FUEGO!!!
Causa Sui Oct 10, 2017
Causa Sui Sep 25, 2017
New LP being printed!