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Cardiknox Oct 22, 2017
hung with the hair genius beau dieda today 💁🏼
Cardiknox Oct 13, 2017
Cardiknox Oct 09, 2017
ready for the week 💪🏼💪🏼
Cardiknox Oct 04, 2017
such a treat to chat with The Vinyl District about my dad's record collection and vinyl-filled childhood!
Cardiknox Oct 02, 2017
sadness and shock. no words. turn to your loved ones. turn to family. turn to animals. turn to art. turn to spirituality. turn to the light. and then share it. our world needs it now more than ever before. ✨💔
Cardiknox Sep 29, 2017
just released :: fun article on Billboard where we playlist our fav old school jamz!! thanks for the inspo, dad! 💖
Cardiknox Sep 27, 2017
Cardiknox Sep 23, 2017
thank gawd for the freakin weekend
Cardiknox Sep 21, 2017
oh hi there 💋
Cardiknox Sep 20, 2017
BAD BOYS up on hype machine. give us your ❤️💛💚💙💜s!! ❤️❤️ —>
Cardiknox Sep 20, 2017
we stole this fence and hawked it roadside. cuz we’re #badboys 😜
Cardiknox Sep 19, 2017
we spoke with Milk Media about all things lyfe, bad boyz, dream collabs, etc. peep it:
Cardiknox Sep 18, 2017
stripped down BAD BOYS for idobi Radio today. coming soon to a screen near you!
Cardiknox Sep 17, 2017
have u heard it yet?! BAD BOYS avail everywhere:
Cardiknox Sep 16, 2017
we spoke with our fav human Justin Thomas Moran at Out Magazine all about music, life, and how lucky we feel to be embraced by the LGBTQ community. read on:
Cardiknox Sep 16, 2017
yo bad b0yz, where u at?!? new single out EVERYWHERE!! on allll the streamingBUYINGpirating sites and wherever else u get ur tunes. so so excited share this with you:
Cardiknox Sep 15, 2017
Hear our new single BAD BOYS over at NYLON!
Cardiknox Sep 15, 2017
our new single BAD BOYS just premiered on NYLON!!! we are so so so excited about this one. go listen & dance & share: 🔈🚨🚨🔈
Cardiknox Sep 15, 2017
🖤 T O M O R R O W 🖤 #badboys
Cardiknox Sep 14, 2017
whatchu gonna do when they come for you, #badboys #badboys ...TOMORROW! 🚨🚨🚨
Cardiknox Sep 14, 2017
Cardiknox Sep 13, 2017
missing the stage & can’t wait to play all these new songs for u all! 😘
Cardiknox Sep 13, 2017
The limited edition #BadBoys trading cards are collectible fun for the whole family. Trade with your friends and collect them all. Comes with 1 stick bubble gum. Share the fun of #BadBoys trading cards today. 😎
Cardiknox Sep 12, 2017
COLLECT ‘EM ALL! #badboys
Cardiknox Sep 12, 2017
calling all the #badboys! 🕶⚡️🤘🏻 new tune coming your way fridayyyyy