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Caravan Palace / Panic
Caravan Palace
Caravan Palace Oct 16, 2017
100 Million THANKS in return!!! We couldn't be any prouder.
Caravan Palace Oct 13, 2017
Happy release day to our good friend Ténéré! His first EP is out today for the world to enjoy! 👉👂
Caravan Palace Aug 29, 2017
Summer's almost over and it's time for the very erratic but always joyful update of our "Mixed Bag" Spotify playlist. Enjoy!
Caravan Palace Jul 28, 2017
/// Informal poll /// Just wondering... which is your favorite track? dI*__*Ib
Caravan Palace Jul 16, 2017
That was a great Saturday night! Thank you so much Chicago!
Caravan Palace Jul 15, 2017
Merci à la Ville de Paris d' avoir choisi Dramophone pour leur playlist du feu d'artifice du 14 Juillet!!! Proud to be part of the Paris firework! #Bastilleday#Paris#Dramophone
Caravan Palace Jul 13, 2017
Yesterday was special.. What a birhday party! Thank you DENVER , we love your city!
Caravan Palace Jul 07, 2017
People in NYC! We're super excited to be in the big apple and play Irving Plaza tonite! Ursula 1000 will spin some records to get you in the right mood before we hop on stage so make sure you come early! See you tonight!! Picture (c) Justin Scalera
Caravan Palace Jul 07, 2017
So we decided to put this little DJ mix together for you guys! Play it loud and have fun! dI^__^Ib
Caravan Palace Jul 06, 2017
When 9:30 Club gets crazy.. It's always so cool here! Thank you Washington DC!
Caravan Palace Jul 05, 2017
Souvenir de Montréal..
Caravan Palace Jul 02, 2017
BOSTON , You were on Fire last night!!!
Caravan Palace Jul 01, 2017
Nice to meet you Rochester! what a crowd! thanks to the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival , we enjoyed a lot!
Caravan Palace Jun 26, 2017
Hugo had a great flight and seems to already enjoy a lot Toronto! :) The tour starts tonight at The Phoenix Concert Theatre and we are obviously Super super excited!!!
Caravan Palace Jun 25, 2017
On our way! North american tour starts tomorrow in Toronto!
Caravan Palace Jun 15, 2017
#throwbackthursday Live footage from our US tour last year In 10 days we'll fly over the atlantic ocean again for more shows and fun in North America! Info, tickets :
Caravan Palace Jun 09, 2017
Some nice editorial love from Spotify in several countries already and here's our updated Mixed Bag playlist for your weekend <3<3<3
Caravan Palace Jun 02, 2017
Please show some love to our good friend Ténéré (formerly known as Vendredi). He's now going solo and showing his awesome remix skills again! Perfect chill music for your friday!
Caravan Palace May 27, 2017
Itchy feet!!! This is gonna be so much fun!
Caravan Palace May 26, 2017
So our own version of the classic yet mysterious traditional song Black Betty is now available from your favorite streaming or download service: Bam Ba-Lam! 🎶♩♬
Caravan Palace May 22, 2017
A lot of you guys have been asking us to make Black Betty available on all streaming/download services, so we did! Effective this friday. Bam-Ba-Lam!
Caravan Palace May 19, 2017
Really looking forward to those Canada and US shows Come party with us ! Info & tickets :
Caravan Palace May 18, 2017
/// FAN ART CONTEST /// So we're putting together a mixtape of our catalogue for our youtube channel Because we're already getting some pretty awesome fan art (thank you, thank you !!!), we thought we'd offer you the opportunity to make the art for this mix. Only guidelines : It must be the size of a youtube video (1920×1080 or higher) and read "60 minutes mix of Caravan Palace". The rest is up to you! You can send your submissions to before June 5th Go ahead, have fun and surprise us!
Caravan Palace May 16, 2017
The lovely people at YouTube Space Paris invited us to celebrate 500K subscribers to our channel Make sure you've joined us too!
Caravan Palace Apr 27, 2017
Hats off to the man who discovered us and produced our first three albums! Here's his new baby, Republica ideal de Acapulco, enjoy! 2017 · Privacy note · Contact · BTC donations: 1HDDu3N3PhW8kMZq7UfXD1Ma7h3vzTAUu4