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All the Ways You Let Me Down
The Best Ways to Disappear
Everything's Amazing & Nobody's Happy
Candi Hearts Dec 08, 2014
Candi Hearts's cover photo
Candi Hearts Dec 08, 2014
Candi Hearts
Candi Hearts Jan 17, 2012
See Inside Me (acoustic)
Candi Hearts Nov 09, 2011
It's been a while...but the Candi Hearts have recorded a new song! Take a listen...and let us know what you think!
Candi Hearts Jul 07, 2011
A slightly different sound to the song
Candi Hearts Jul 02, 2011
New Candi Hearts song "Find You"--check it! : )
Candi Hearts Jun 27, 2011
"Are we just the selfish ones...because we want love? Am I just the selfish one...because I want love?"
Candi Hearts Jun 13, 2011
One of the Candi Hearts has entered a picture contest! She needs your help to move to the next round! Here are the step by step directions (takes 2 seconds) 1) Go to the Love and Pride facebook page and click LIKE 2) Scroll down to find her picture post and click LIKE to vote! (you will see Candice Kuligowski's name and the picture is titled "Equality Breakthrough") 3)You are all done! Thanks : )
Candi Hearts Jun 07, 2011
Check out our acoustic version of "Why"....because you wanna, gotta, have to know what it sounds like! : )
Candi Hearts Jun 07, 2011
Check out our acoustic version of "Here With Me" : )
Candi Hearts Jun 06, 2011
Candi Hearts spotted on the loose in New Jersey! On the beach, in a bar, in the park, in a white SCION......did you see them?!?!?!?...Oh well tooo slow, better luck next time fans! ;)...Be prepared for some new upcoming music!!!!
Candi Hearts May 06, 2011
There is a Candi Heart on the loose in Colorado....can u find her?!?!....Also, a very big Candi Hearts congrats to Erica!!! U go girl!
Candi Hearts Mar 07, 2011
Howdy Candi Hearts fans! We hope lifes been sweet for you all! The Candi Hearts are still alive and well.....with career changes and a little bit of relocating behind the scenes the Candi Hearts hope to start making more tunes in a few months! So stay tuned!!! And ROCK ON!
Candi Hearts Dec 31, 2010
Candi Hearts' New Years Resolution: For Speedy to move to D.C. and to make more music! Happy New Years everyone! : )
Candi Hearts Dec 17, 2010
It's time for a Candi Hearts Christmas song! : )
Candi Hearts Nov 24, 2010
The Candi Hearts are thankful for music and all of their fans! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! : )
Candi Hearts Nov 14, 2010
"The Broken Heart" (yet another Candi Hearts hit) has been recorded! Check it out at!
Candi Hearts Nov 14, 2010
New song is complete! Check out "From the Start" at : )
Candi Hearts Nov 13, 2010
<-----in the process of recording a new stay tuned! : )
Candi Hearts Nov 11, 2010
Happy Veterans Day Candi Heart fans! Don't forget to listen to Candi Hearts on myspace when you need some sweet love! Also, don't forget to checkout our own "Vet" Speedys youtube page, which also has live Candi Heart performances!....check out Speedys latest video!......
Candi Hearts Nov 06, 2010
Bday girl Speedy is 28 today! Her bday quote of choice is: "music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"........rock on Candi Heart fans!!!
Candi Hearts Nov 02, 2010
NEWS Update....Candi Hearts next reunion is the second weekend in music to come and maybe even a new vid! Stay tuned fans!!!!
Candi Hearts Oct 25, 2010
Don't know what your going to be for halloween???? There's always the idea of a Candi Heart!...;)....Be safe this upcoming Halloween and may you gain lots of sweets!!!
Candi Hearts Oct 20, 2010
Today the Candi Hearts support Purple! All Humans are to be treated equal with Love and are to not be attacked or bullied! Love is more Powerful than Hate.....Represent!
Candi Hearts Oct 15, 2010
Hey EVERYONE! Don't forget TOMORROW is the CANDI HEARTS favorite day! 16 October is the "Sweetest Day" of the year! Make sure you tell all those special people in your life how sweet they are tomorrow!!!! Enjoy the SWEETEST WEEKEND!!!