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Psalms for the Dead
Ashes to Ashes (Exclusive Bonus Version) [Live]
Death Magic Doom (Bonus Track Version)
Death Magic Doom
Dactylis Glomerate & Abstrakt Algebra II
Tales of Creation
From the 13th Sun
Chapter VI
Lucifer Rising
Ancient Dreams
King of the Grey Islands
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Candlemass: Live
Candlemass: Live
Introducing Candlemass
Candlemass Jul 14, 2018
Tonight at the In Flammen festival, Lord K Philipson (The Project Hate MCMXCIX) will replace Mappe who’s still recovering from his accident in april. Mappe will be back for the next show in September! #candlemass #inflammenopenair2018 #heavymetal
Candlemass Jul 11, 2018
Have you seen this amazing House of Doom baseball. Ships now!
Candlemass Jun 27, 2018
Malta June 16th. #candlemass #doommetal #maltadoommetal
Candlemass Jun 25, 2018
This is the last week of recording the new Candlemass album, mix starts next week. Pic: Radicaleyephotography #candlemass #doom
Candlemass Jun 20, 2018
Thanks Erik for the great artwork. More info at Room 14...#erikrovanpera_artworks #candlemass #ghostband #houseofdoom #vinyl
Candlemass Jun 19, 2018
Brand new Candlemass House of Doom shirt ships now. Also available in purple print on a baseball short.
Candlemass Jun 18, 2018
Right after getting off the stage at the Polar Music Prize... #candlemass #ghostband #metallica
Candlemass Jun 17, 2018
Back from Malta and tomorrow we continue with the recording of the new album! (Pic: Stefano Vella) #candlemass #doom
Candlemass Jun 17, 2018
Thanks Malta! #candlemass #doom #doommetal
Candlemass Jun 16, 2018
First time we play the House of Doom song tonight in Malta, Mats brought his whole keyboard rig... #candlemass #houseofdoomofficial #malta #doom
Candlemass Jun 15, 2018
The gang.
Candlemass Jun 15, 2018
Thanks everyone.
Candlemass Jun 14, 2018
Good times... #ghostbc #metallica #candlemass
Candlemass Jun 14, 2018
Live stream Polar Music Prize tonight: #ghost #metallica #candlemass
Candlemass Jun 14, 2018
From Freak Valley.
Candlemass Jun 13, 2018
“Receiving the Polar Music Prize is an incredible thing,” Lars Ulrich said in February when the award was announced. “It puts us in very distinguished company (including: Elton John, Sting, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, and Bruce Springsteen to name a few). It’s a great validation of everything that Metallica has done over the last 35 years. At the same time, we feel like we’re in our prime with a lot of good years ahead of us.” Members of Ghost and Candlemass will perform a Metallica song at the ceremony. Ian Paice and Roger Glover of Deep Purple will read the citation, while former Motörhead and current Scorpions drummer Mikkey Dee will perform a piece written for the occasion along with Refused frontman Dennis Lyxzen. Metallica will donate the $125,000 cash element of the prize to their All Within My Hands foundation. #metallica #larsulrich #candlemass #ghost #ghostbc #ghostband #heavymetal
Candlemass Jun 10, 2018
A day like today, 32 years ago: in solitude, a star (and doom) was born! #candlemass_sweden #doommetal #doom_metal #epicusdoomicusmetallicus
Candlemass Jun 08, 2018
It’s Doom-Friday all over the globe and we have reasons enough to raise a couple of toasts tonight: 6 years ago “Psalms For The Dead” was released...announced as the final one but destiny had a couple of cards under the sleeve and the next Candlemass album is currently on the works with GREAT progress!And also, a yet “undefined amount of years ago “ our multitalented and doom-maniac brother in arms Per Wiberg was born as well, grattis, cheers and SKÅÅL! #candlemass_sweden #candlemass #doom_metal #doommetal #perwiberg #doomfriday
Candlemass Jun 07, 2018
Malta-get ready for some doom...
Candlemass Jun 06, 2018
Today’s the Swedish National Day. Thanks Jonas Ziggy for the pic. #doom #candlemass #heavymetal
Candlemass Jun 03, 2018
Freak Valley was awesome, thanks everyone. #candlemass #marcusjidellproducer #freakvalleyfestival #doommetal
Candlemass Jun 01, 2018
Confirmed that we play Italy again on september 16th! Don’t miss out on the special offer of the 12" House of Doom EP and an exclusive House of Doom T-shirt (size Large) for only 20EUR. Payment is done through a deposit with our Casinopartner 'Metalcasino'. Click the link in our instagram bio (or go to to sign up and automatically get the bundle. Besides the EP and T-shirt we will also give you 40EUR of free gameplay on the House of Doom game. Please note that this particular deal is only valid in the following countries: SE, NO, DE, UK, CH, AT and CA. #candlemass #metal #doom
Candlemass Jun 01, 2018
First show of the year tonight. #freakvalleyfestival #candlemass #doommetal
Candlemass May 31, 2018
June 14th.
Candlemass May 30, 2018
Hi everyone/ I want to clarify why I’m not able to perform this Friday at Freak Valley. A few weeks ago I was rushed to the hospital with severe infection on the balance center of the brain. There is no direct treatment, still it’s not really dangerous. My balance is not back to 100% and my doctors said it was a bad idea to be on an airplane (+ playing a show) such a short time after the incident. I really thought I would be able to do Freak Valley but the decision to cancel was taken just a couple of days ago. I am happy and proud to have our friend and producer Marcus Jidell to fill in for me with such short notice. It will be a great show and I will see you soon out there! Mappe #candlemass #marcusjidellproducer #freakvalleyfestival