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Psalms for the Dead
Ashes To Ashes
Death Magic Doom (Bonus Track Version)
From the 13th Sun
Tales of Creation
Ancient Dreams
Chapter VI
Dactylis Glomerate & Abstrakt Algebra II
Lucifer Rising
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
King of the Grey Islands
Candlemass: Live
Introducing Candlemass
Candlemass: Live
Candlemass Oct 16, 2017
Cool poster for the Rome show, thanks for giving us copies!
Candlemass Oct 13, 2017
Last year at Gefle Metal Festival, Papa from Ghost came up and did ’Well Of Souls’ with us. #candlemass #ghost
Candlemass Oct 12, 2017
LoudPark 2016 was one of our best experiences during the last few years, just great.
Candlemass Oct 10, 2017
Doomy tunes, ghastly fumes and dancing graveskulls in Leeuwarden (NL) next Oct 20-21: INTO THE VOID fest! Got a ticket yet?!? #candlemass #candlemass_sweden #doommetal #doommetal💀 #intothevoidfest #intothevoidfestival
Candlemass Oct 09, 2017
Remember this show, it was raining from the ceiling ha ha...good show. #candlemass #candlemass_official
Candlemass Oct 09, 2017
Check out and follow our own official instagram page (candlemass_sweden)
Candlemass Oct 07, 2017
Tons Of Rock in Norway this summer
Candlemass Oct 06, 2017
Lasse's electric possession last weekend in Rome! Photo: Roberto Scorta #candlemass #candlemass_sweden #doommetal #doom_metal #larsjohansson #lassejohansson
Candlemass Oct 02, 2017
THROWBACK DOOMSDAY! ...if you ever wondered what Janne and Leif were headbanging to back in May '88? #candlemass #candlemassband #candlemass_sweden #doom_metal #doommetal #doommetal💀
Candlemass Sep 30, 2017
Lasse’s arm looks weird, Nakke’s too tired to give a f**k... #candlemass #candlemass_sweden #candlemass_official #doomoverrome #italiandoom
Candlemass Sep 30, 2017
Instagram post by Candlemass Official • Sep 30, 2017 at 9:38am UTC
Candlemass Sep 27, 2017
EPICUS DOOMICUS ROMANICUS this Saturday when Candlemass finally returns to Rome (IT) with a set full of heavy classics! Will you be there? Ci vediamo lì! At Doom Over Rome 2017, Saturday 30th September. #candlemass #candlemass_sweden #candlemass_official #doomoverrome #italiandoom #italyisdoomed
Candlemass Sep 26, 2017
Now you can follow Candlemass on Instagram! Stay tuned for exclusive content, news and all things DOOM at @candlemass_sweden . Pic by @sebastiandominguez_photography #candlemass #candlemassband #candlemass_sweden #candlemass_official #doommetal
Candlemass Sep 22, 2017
Candlemass will play at the Into the Void festival in the Netherlands on October 21st, with Saint Vitus, God Is An Astronaut and many more. Tickets are available here:
Candlemass Sep 06, 2017
For all you doom lovers, there’s a very cool 3 disc edition of NIGHTFALL coming your way soon! Not only the legendary album, but also a whole cd full of outtakes from the mix of the album. Versions of such songs as “Bewitched” “Well of Souls” and “At the Gallows End” as you never heard them before. The third disc is a rehearsal a week or so before the recording. Not super sounding, but very intense, and shows a band burning for metal, determined to success! if you’re a true fan of Candlemass, you’ll love this expanded version of a true classic doom metal record!!
Candlemass Sep 01, 2017
Mappe & his 12-fret guitar by Framus & Warwick.
Candlemass Aug 14, 2017
Nightfall ziphood. Limited run!
Candlemass Jul 23, 2017
Candlemass Jun 20, 2017
Finally - Nightfall and Epicus shirts are back in stock. Ships same day as order is placed!
Candlemass Jun 19, 2017
PARTY.SAN METAL OPEN AIR Tickets: Party.San Metal Open Air 2017
Candlemass Jun 12, 2017
The classic skull discharge (vintage) printed! Limited run!
Candlemass Jun 08, 2017
HELLO DOOM LOVERS!! I'm very sad to tell you that I can't participate in Candlemass performance at Sweden Rock this weekend. It would have been absolutely fantastic to celebrate 30 years of NIGHTFALL with my old mates in C-mass! I'm now much better from a long fatigue syndrome illness, so a couple of weeks ago I ended a two year medication of strong anti-depressives. It has been a lot harder than I thought with nausea, vomiting, dizziness headaches, sleeplessness, shakes, bad rashes as the result. I'm so sorry about this. Would have been the highlight of the whole summer for me to be back playing this great album with my friends in the band + all of you wonderful fans of Doom! But sometimes things don't work out as planned. This time that is sooo true! Per Wiberg will help out as he so skillfully has done for some time, while I will rest for a little bit more until the drugs finally will be out of my system. Meanwhile i'm sure Candlemass will KILL at Sweden Rock! Don't miss it!!! (but I miss you..) Yours Sincerely, Leif Edling
Candlemass Jun 05, 2017
DOOMSDAY KINGDOM LIMITED EDITION TRIFOLD! Up for grabs are 50 totally unique trifold albums (150 ex in total). The debut album comes with a triple foldout including green OBI, poster, and 8 page booklet for €35 plus shipping. The double LPs are private pressings and sound absolutely great! If you're interested, please send a PM to the The Doomsday Kingdom page and reserve a copy. The self-titled album has received rave reviews all over the world, so make sure to get one of these super rare items while we have 'em! #thedoomsdaykingdom #doommetal #trifold