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The Muse in the Machine
Lost + Directionless
The Muse in the Machine
Candle Nine Jun 30, 2018
June Update posted!
Candle Nine May 29, 2018
May Update | Candle Nine on Patreon
Candle Nine Mar 18, 2018
Candle Nine Jan 20, 2018
Buy Candle Nine a Coffee.
Candle Nine Nov 21, 2017
Adaptation #1 in progress! | Candle Nine on Patreon
Candle Nine Nov 09, 2017
Finally put my current demos and WIPs on the Patreon page for "Back + Forth" tier patrons. So, if you want to jump in and throw some thoughts at me, it's there for you.
Candle Nine Oct 26, 2017
Clip #2! (+current plans) | Candle Nine on Patreon
Candle Nine Oct 22, 2017
For those who couldn't be there last night (and those that were, for that matter): My setlist from the show....
Candle Nine Oct 15, 2017
This Saturday! 🎼🎛️
Candle Nine Oct 11, 2017
I realize this news comes a little out of nowhere, but I've just launched a Patreon! Especially, in the beginning, I'll be feeling it out to see how to handle it exactly, but if you want to follow along you can find it at the link below:
Candle Nine Oct 04, 2017
Hope to see you there!
Candle Nine Sep 30, 2017
Just browsing the internet, and suddenly I come across a short dance routine someone did with one of my songs. Neat!
Candle Nine Sep 18, 2017
Candle Nine Sep 11, 2017
Fingers crossed...
Candle Nine Sep 09, 2017
Lost + Directionless, by Candle Nine
Candle Nine Aug 28, 2017
's cover photo
Candle Nine Aug 25, 2017
Still trying....
Candle Nine Aug 02, 2017
Lollapalooza is this weekend! So... I'm linking to this t-shirt I have somewhat hidden away in an online shop:
Candle Nine Jul 27, 2017
Continuing attempts...
Candle Nine Jun 30, 2017
Candle Nine Jun 23, 2017
Just a note: If I appear rare sometimes, it's mostly that I have an aversion to the idea of gating off who sees my posts by how much money I give, and it makes me less motivated to post at all.
Candle Nine Jun 21, 2017
Candle Nine Jun 16, 2017
One thing I like about sharing videos of me playing random things is that it hints at things I'm working on without the anxiety of having to actually put up the works that result from them.
Candle Nine May 13, 2017
Kick back with this oldie... #NowPlaying