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The Singles
Out of Reach
Saw Delight (Remastered)
Landed (Remastered)
The Lost Tapes
Soon Over Babaluma (Remastered)
Monster Movie (Remastered)
Soundtracks (Remastered)
Anthology (Remastered)
Ege Bamyasi (Remastered)
Tago Mago (2011 Remastered)
Future Days (Remastered)
Tago Mago (40th Anniversary Edition)
Delay 1968 (Remastered)
Rite Time (Remastered)
Live 1971-1977
Unlimited Edition (Remastered)
Inner Space / Out of Reach
Can (Remastered)
Flow Motion (Remastered)
CAN Mar 07, 2018
Interesting list. Artists with the most albums are: David Bowie 4 Led Zeppelin 4 Miles Davis 4 Pink Floyd 4 Brian Eno 3 Wire 3 and Can with 3 albums !
CAN Jan 25, 2018
Michael Rother and Damo Suzuki at "Jaki Liebezeit - A Tribute" at Philharmonie in Cologne, Germany, on 22 January 2018. They performed together in a unique lineup with Drums Off Chaos, Dominik von Senger (guitar), Rosko Gee (bass) and Helmut Zerlett (Hammond organ).
CAN Jan 24, 2018
Sunday, Cologne. Tribute concert to Jaki. Amazing night!
CAN Dec 11, 2017
DAMO Suzuki' s Network en Buenos Aires
CAN Nov 30, 2017
Great article, thanks Jason !
CAN Nov 30, 2017
TOMORROW FRIDAY 1/12/17 from 22:04 - 24:00 “Can you jazz?” WDR3 Live Stream Amazing 2 hour Can Special "Der Einfluss der schwarzen Musik auf die Kölner Avantgardeband CAN"
CAN Oct 22, 2017
Jaki Liebezeit Tribute Concert. An amazing line up of Jaki's friends and collaborators. 22. January in Cologne.
CAN Oct 21, 2017
Instagram post by Gareth Jones • Oct 21, 2017 at 9:44am UTC
CAN Oct 21, 2017
... more of Gareth and Irmin's magic here...
CAN Oct 21, 2017
Gareth Jones and Irmin are working on Irmin's new album!
CAN Sep 13, 2017
CAN Sep 09, 2017
Holger Czukay Bestattung Funeral 14. September 2017, 13:30 Uhr Melaten Friedhof. Trauerhalle Piusstraße, 50823 D-Köln Blumen und Kränze können vorher and die selbe Adresse geschickt werden. Ref: Bestattung Holger Schüring 14.9., 13:30Uhr, Bestatter: Christoph Kuckelkorn. Fans sind wilkommen, aber bitte lassen Sie die Plätze in der kleinen Trauerhalle für den Familien- und Freundeskreis frei. Wenn Sie lieber direkt zum Grab kommen möchten, Uschi und Holger Schürings Grab ist im Flur T, Grab Nr. 73 ––– Flowers and wreaths can be send to the same address as above. Ref.: Bestattung Holger Schüring 14.9., 13:30Uhr, Bestatter: Christoph Kuckelkorn. Fans are welcome to come to the funeral, but please, leave seats in the small chapel for friends and family. If you wish to come to the grave directly and not attend the ceremony, Holger and Uschi Schüring’s grave is to be found at: Flur T, Grab Nr. 73
CAN Sep 06, 2017
CAN - Spoon Records
CAN Jul 19, 2017
CAN Jul 10, 2017
Now here is a cause well worth funding! Jono Podmore, long time CAN collaborator and friend, is writing a book about JAKI LIEBEZEIT's unique drumming and his legacy – a complete practical theory of drumming. Find out more and pledge (generously) here:
CAN Jul 09, 2017
So we did this contest: FREE Monster Movie Shirt anyone? And now he have 5 winners: Darren King (UK) Tobias Kresin (Germany) Nikolas Rayne (US) Pierre Philippe (France) Akihito Fujita (Japan) Winners will be contacted in the coming days…. Congrats !!!!!
CAN Jun 30, 2017
EVERYBODY! Please vote for CAN THE SINGLES for the Reissue Of The Year at the Progressive Music Award 2017!
CAN Jun 22, 2017
Yay!!! You can win this brand new CAN shirt by signing up to the newsletter info. Also lots of super good news on there re. buying from the US shop!!
CAN Jun 16, 2017
CAN - Spoon Records
CAN May 24, 2017
Spoon Records Newsletter and web shop discount !
CAN Apr 02, 2017
Mega Merch Stall at CAN Project Barbican Concert, 8th April!!!!
CAN Mar 11, 2017