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Count On Me (feat. Peter Heppner)
Methods of Silence
Camouflage: Live In Dresden (Bonus Track Version)
Spice Crackers
Live In Dresden
Voices & Images
CAMOUFLAGE Nov 05, 2017
Dish of the day: "Bodega Bohemia" ;-)
CAMOUFLAGE Aug 16, 2017
30 years ago: Camouflage's first TV appearance
CAMOUFLAGE Aug 15, 2017
Photosession "Voices & Images" 1987. Photo by Heike Hilgendorff.
CAMOUFLAGE Aug 15, 2017
CAMOUFLAGE's cover photo
CAMOUFLAGE Aug 10, 2017
Apple Music: Please add song credits to your platform! Sign the petition! A great idea about including all the credits in the music we listen to. What do you think?
CAMOUFLAGE Jun 27, 2017
Last chance!
CAMOUFLAGE May 27, 2017
CAMOUFLAGE "GREYSCALE" & "SHINE" T-Shirts - Summer Sale !!! This deal goes until the end of June! Our last pieces - there will be no reissue. Last chance :-)
CAMOUFLAGE Apr 16, 2017
7" picture disc. Limited edition - 700 copies only. Remastered from original analog master tapes. Available at the "RECORD STORE DAY 2017" in selected record stores (Germany only) - 22th of April 2017. More information:
CAMOUFLAGE Feb 16, 2017
CAMOUFLAGE Jan 20, 2017
WE PROUDLY PRESENT: Today Marcus and his new project M.I.N.E is releasing his first single THINGS WE'VE DONE! Please also watch the new video and share it if you like:
CAMOUFLAGE Jan 08, 2017
A bottle of wine - inspired by our song "Les Rues" from the album "Methods Of Silence" (1989). Very nice ;-) Camouflage loves "Malbec"!
CAMOUFLAGE Dec 24, 2016
"Chase" - X-Mas Download 2016 ------------------------------------------ Wir wünschen Euch frohe Weihnachten und ein gesundes neues Jahr mit "Chase"! "Chase" ist ein Song, der es nie auf ein Album geschafft hat, es blieb immer bei einem Demo. Die Version für den diesjährigen Weihnachtsdownload ist aus dem Jahr 2002, also "pre Sensor". Allerdings ist ein guter Teil der Melodie des "Refrains" später in den "Relocated" Song "Passing By" eingeflossen. Der Text ist natürlich auch noch in einer Demo Fassung. "Chase" hat uns also eine Weile begleitet. Auch interessant: Einige Sounds im Demo entstammen noch der "Spice Crackers" Welt. Anspieltipp: Chor-Sounds und Atmosphären bei ”Ronda’s Trigger”. --- We wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year with "Chase"! "Chase" is a song that has never made it onto an album and has remained as a demo. The version for the download is from the year 2002 as a pre-Sensor track. However, a good part of the melody in the refrain found its way into the "Relocated" song "Passing By". The text remains of course also in a demo character. "Chase" has been traveling with us for a while now. An interesting tidbit: Some of the sounds in the demo originate from the world of "Spice Crackers". Point of reference: Choir sounds and atmosphere from "Rhonda's Trigger"
CAMOUFLAGE Dec 09, 2016
And Now for Something Completely Different … WINNETOU - DER MYTHOS LEBT Heiko Maile - Soundtrack available! Heiko’s latest score for a german television film directed by Philipp Stölzl, based on three adventure novels by Karl May (1842–1912). Winnetou is a fictional Native American hero of several novels written in German, one of the best-selling German writers of all time with about 200 million copies worldwide, including the Winnetou-tetralogy. On 25 December, RTL Television Germany will broadcast »Winnetou – Eine neue Welt« (Winnetou – A New World), followed by »Winnetou – das Geheimnis vom Silbersee « (Winnetou – The Secret of Silver Lake) on 27 December and »Winnetou – Der letzte Kampf« (Winnetou – The Final Battle) on 29 December. Airing on three different evenings, these TV films, remakes of the old classic Winnetou movies, will bring old memories flooding back for parents and grandparents and introduce Karl May's tales of adventure and the Winnetou story to today's children for the first time.
CAMOUFLAGE Dec 03, 2016
CAMOUFLAGE Oct 09, 2016
10th Anniversary of "RELOCATED" Originally released: 25th of August 2006. Once again: Thanks to Conny J. Winter for his great photo! WE ARE LOVERS!
CAMOUFLAGE Oct 09, 2016
CAMOUFLAGE's cover photo
CAMOUFLAGE Aug 20, 2016
great version ... thanks & greetings to Italy!
CAMOUFLAGE Apr 11, 2016
Camouflage - "Winter" unbelievable ... 20 years ago we released our cover version of that beautiful song. Written by Adrian Borland (1957-1999) for his band "The Sound". Available on our album "Archive #01"
CAMOUFLAGE Feb 09, 2016
Da CAMOUFLAGE 2016 eine Pause machen wird, nutzt Marcus die Zeit um mit Freunden ein gemeinsames Projekt zu starten, welches er bestimmt seit 20 Jahren machen möchte aber erst jetzt geschafft den richtigen Weg dazu zu beschreiten und gemeinsam mit Jochen Schmalbach, Volker Hinkel und Jakob Nebel Songs zu produzieren und auf die Bühne zu bringen: M.I.N.E ist geboren und ihr könnt live dabei sein - bleibt dran - es wird großartig und spannend! Due to the fact that CAMOUFLAGE will pause in 2016, Marcus is using the time to start M.I.N.E - a project together with Jochen Schmalbach, Volker Hinkel and Jakob Nebel. At the moment they are in studio - stay tuned - there's a whole lot to come in the near future - this will be fantastic!
CAMOUFLAGE Dec 24, 2015
X-MAS DOWNLOAD @ ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- We wish you all a Christmas celebration full of reflection as well as a happy new year! Behind us lies an exciting "Greyscale" year 2015. The Christmas download for this year offers you an impression of the origins of the Greyscale song "Leave Your Room Behind". ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- Leave_Your_Room_Behind_(Halfbeat_Demo_Version).mp3 X-MAS DOWNLOAD @
CAMOUFLAGE Nov 02, 2015
really nice :-)
CAMOUFLAGE Oct 29, 2015