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Count On Me (feat. Peter Heppner)
Methods of Silence
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CAMOUFLAGE Aug 10, 2018
CAMOUFLAGE - VOICES & IMAGES (30th ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION) Preorder now! Release: October 12th, 2018 2-CD Version (limited to 1500 copies) 3-LP Version (limited to 500 copies) The LP version includes a signed coverprint - only available in the shop by Bureau B More details and photos of the finished product are coming soon! A lot of time and effort was invested in: - Remastering the album, singles, B-Sides & remixes - Rerecording and restoration the 1988 US remixes from original vinyls (original tapes were not longer available) - Editing - Selecting and scanning photos - Writing liner notes - Design & Graphics: Two different booklets. 1x 20 page Booklet for vinyl. 1x 32 page booklet for CD. - Licensing and negotiation with our former record label Only available on vinyl & CD - no digital or streaming available. Thank you for buying records! Preorder: LIMITED 2-CD EDITION Tracklisting CD1 01) That Smiling Face 02) Helpless Helpless 03) Neighbours 04) The Great Commandment 05) Winner Takes Nothing 06) Stranger's Thoughts 07) From Ay to Bee 08) Where Has the Childhood Gone 09) Music for Ballerinas 10) I Once Had a Dream 11) They Catch Secrets 12) Pompeji Tracklisting CD2 01) The Great Commandment - Extended Dance Mix 02) The Great Commandment - Extended Radio Mix 03) Pompeji 04) Stranger's Thoughts Longer 05) They Catch More Secrets 06) Zwischenspiel 07) Neighbours - Extended Version 08) Every Now and Then 09) That Smiling Face - German Band Version 10) The Great Commandment - US 12" Mix 11) The Great Commandment - US Dub Mix (2018 Edit) 12) The Great Commandment - Justin Strauss Remix 13) The Great Commandment - Acid Commandment (2018 Edit) 14) That Smiling Face - Justin Strauss Radio Version 15) That Smiling Face - Justin Strauss Remix LIMITED 3-LP EDITION Tracklisting LP1 A1 That Smiling Face A2 Helpless Helpless A3 Neighbours A4 The Great Commandment A5 Winner Takes Nothing B1 Stranger's Thoughts B2 From Ay To Bee B3 Where Has the Childhood Gone B4 Music for Ballerinas B5 I Once Had a Dream Tracklisting LP2 C1 They Catch More Secrets C2 Pompeji C3 Stranger's Thoughts Longer C4 Zwischenspiel C5 Every Now and Then D1 Neighbours - Extended Version D2 That Smiling Face - German Band Version D3 The Great Commandment - Extended Dance Mix D4 The Great Commandment - Extended Radio Mix Tracklisting LP3 E1 The Great Commandment - US 12" Mix E2 The Great Commandment - US Dub Mix E3 The Great Commandment - Justin Strauss Remix F1 That Smiling Face - Justin Strauss Remix F2 That Smiling Face - Tech A Pella (2018 Edit) F3 The Great Commandment - Acid Commandment F4 The Great Commandment - Deep Commandment (2018 Edit)
CAMOUFLAGE Jul 30, 2018
1988-2018 ... Something special coming soon!
CAMOUFLAGE Jun 08, 2018
once again ... back to the archive :-)
CAMOUFLAGE May 26, 2018
This is the story, we should shout out loud... the first album of M.I.NE - get your own copy!
CAMOUFLAGE May 25, 2018
M.I.N.E - "Unexpected truth within" The debut album of Marcus Meyn's, Jochen Schmalbach's and Volker Hinkel's project is now available worldwide on CD and via streaming/download.
CAMOUFLAGE Apr 19, 2018
And now for something completely different … Our friend and long time companion Volker Hinkel (guitar) released a new album with his band Fools Garden Take a listen to "Rise And Fall"! Hinkelstone Productions Peter Freudenthaler
CAMOUFLAGE Apr 10, 2018
CAMOUFLAGE Mar 19, 2018
1989 Sankt Peter-Ording, North Sea coast, Germany. Shooting of "Love Is A Shield" video and photosession "Methods Of Silence" Photo by Walter Cimbal.
CAMOUFLAGE Mar 06, 2018
This is a very nice article about our first album...
CAMOUFLAGE Feb 16, 2018
Heiko's latest work as a film composer. Including our song "Still"! :-) Available on all digital stores and streaming services.
CAMOUFLAGE Feb 09, 2018
30 years "Stranger's Thoughts" February 1988 Our second single "Stranger's Thoughts" was released. The video was directed by Rainer Thieding, Chopstick Films Hamburg. Filmed on location near Alicante, Spain. We enjoyed a few days in the sun, before flying back to cold Germany ... to finish our last recordings for "Voices & Images"
CAMOUFLAGE Jan 14, 2018
On January 19 , M.I.N.E the new project of Marcus ist releasing their first single THE ONE of the upcoming album UNEXPECTED TRUTH WITHIN - here comes the first look at the video!
CAMOUFLAGE Dec 25, 2017
's cover photo
CAMOUFLAGE Dec 24, 2017
----------------------------------------- Camouflage X-Mas Download 2017 ----------------------------------------- (English translation below) 2017 war nicht nur das Jahr des 30-jährigen Jubiläums der ersten Camouflage Single "The Great Commandment", sondern auch des 20-jährigen Bestehens des Camouflage-Online-Auftritts durch den Camouflage-Info-Services aus Jena. Diesen runden Geburtstag wollen wir zum Anlass nehmen und mit Euch auf eine digitale Zeitreise gehen. Starten wollen wir unsere Reise 1999, in dem Jahr in dem Camouflage ihre erste Single wieder zu dritt veröffentlichten und auch Jochen Schmalbach das erste Mal für Produktion und Mixing mit verantwortlich war. "Thief" war der erste Vorbote des im 2003 erschienenen Albums "Sensor". Unter findet Ihr den Stand der Camouflage Webseite vom Juli 1999, zwei Wochen nach der Veröffentlichung von "Thief". Passend dazu ist der diesjährige Weihnachtsdownload eine bisher unveröffentlichte Extended Version des Songs "Thief". Diese durch das Devote Jena DJ Team speziell für Clubs optimierte Version wurde auf der Grundlage der von Camouflage Fans sehr gesuchten "Layout" Versionen zusammengeschnitten und hat eine Länge von 5m 55s. ---- 2017 was not only the year of the 30th anniversary of the first camouflage single "The Great Commandment", but also the 20th anniversary of the camouflage online presence by Camouflage-Info-Services from Jena. We want to take this milestone birthday as an opportunity and go on a digital journey through time with you. Let's start our journey in 1999, in the year in which camouflage released their first single again as a trio and also when Schmalbach, Jochen - Stehende Welle was for the first time responsible for additional production and mixing. "Thief" was the first harbinger of the 2003 released album "Sensor". At you will find the Camouflage Website as of July 1999, two weeks after the release of "Thief". Fittingly, this year's Christmas download is a previously unreleased Extended Version of the song "Thief". Optimized by the Devote Jena DJ Team especially for clubs, this version has been edited based on the "layout" versions much sought after by camouflage fans and has a length of 5m 55s.
CAMOUFLAGE Dec 23, 2017
Christmas? (Wer mitmachen möchte: Bitte direkt bei Rat Pack Filmproduktion posten )
CAMOUFLAGE Nov 29, 2017
Die Vierhändige (Filmmusik von Heiko Maile) - ab morgen im Kino & exklusive Verlosung ---------------------------- Morgen ist es soweit - Kinostart von Die Vierhändige! Nichts für schwache Nerven, aber extrem sehenswert. Spannendes Buch, gekonnte Regie, tolles Schauspiel, beeindruckende Kamera und die Musik ist auch nicht schlecht ;-) Mit: Frida-Lovisa Hamann, Friederike Becht, Christoph Letkowski Buch & Regie: Oliver Kienle Produzent: Klaus Dohle, Markus Reinecke Produktion: Erfttal Film GmbH & Co. KG, Niama-Film, Pantaleon Films GmbH Kamera: Yoshi Heimrath Musik: Heiko Maile Danke für die tolle Mithilfe: Volker Hinkel - Gitarren, E-Bow und Studio Alexander Scholpp - Gitarre und Riffs Torsten Kamps - Raspelstrings und Cluster und natürlich auch dem ARRI Team München für die tolle Mischung! Eine digitale Veröffentlichung des Soundtracks ist bereits in Planung. Der Camouflage-Info-Service verlost exklusiv 5 CD-R Promos des Titeltracks mit handsignierte persönlicher Widmung von Heiko Maile. Um dieses extrem seltene Sammlerstück zu gewinnen, müsst ihr eine Postkarte mit eurer Adresse sowie den Namen von 3 anderen Filmen, für die Heiko die Musik gemacht hat, bis zum 20.12.2017 an den Camouflage-Info-Service schicken. Die Adresse findet ihr unter Viel Glück und viel Spaß im Kino! Weitere Infos unter:
CAMOUFLAGE Nov 05, 2017
Dish of the day: "Bodega Bohemia" ;-)
CAMOUFLAGE Aug 16, 2017
30 years ago: Camouflage's first TV appearance
CAMOUFLAGE Aug 15, 2017
Photosession "Voices & Images" 1987. Photo by Heike Hilgendorff.
CAMOUFLAGE Aug 15, 2017
's cover photo
CAMOUFLAGE Aug 10, 2017
Apple Music: Please add song credits to your platform! Sign the petition! A great idea about including all the credits in the music we listen to. What do you think?
CAMOUFLAGE Jun 27, 2017
Last chance!
CAMOUFLAGE May 27, 2017
CAMOUFLAGE "GREYSCALE" & "SHINE" T-Shirts - Summer Sale !!! This deal goes until the end of June! Our last pieces - there will be no reissue. Last chance :-)
CAMOUFLAGE Apr 16, 2017
7" picture disc. Limited edition - 700 copies only. Remastered from original analog master tapes. Available at the "RECORD STORE DAY 2017" in selected record stores (Germany only) - 22th of April 2017. More information: