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Between the Lines
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Beatpatrol Festival Beatpatrol Festival 2017
Venue: VAZ St. Pölten (St Pölten, Austria) Find tickets
Camo & Krooked Oct 19, 2017
If you think we did well this year, vote for us at the D&BArena Awards:) Btw we have 25+ Mosaik remixes ready for you, so we are far from done! Voting link in comment, thanks for your support:)
Camo & Krooked Oct 11, 2017
Very happy with our new live setup:) After 2 sold out shows in Vienna and Graz, we continue the MOSAIK tour in Linz and Innsbruck this weekend! Like and leave a comment for a chance to WIN 2x2 tix for any forthcoming C&K show of your choice this year:)
Camo & Krooked Oct 07, 2017
MOSAIK live! What we have been planning over months in our minds became alive yesterday. This show took a lot from us, but gave it all back in front of a sold out Gasometer. Thank you Vienna ❤️ pic by Dennis Bora
Camo & Krooked Sep 26, 2017
Check out the new edition of our MOSAIK Diaries with a recap of our Tomorrowland gig and a big announcement:)
Camo & Krooked Sep 05, 2017
Black Or White Remix by Signal is such a beast! #gopro5 The first Mosaik live show will be held in the Gasometer Vienna on the 6th Oct and we will bring Sub Focus, High Contrast, Mefjus, Kimyan Law and many more with us! You can WIN another 2x2 tix for that. Just like and comment, and join the event: Camo & Krooked - Mosaik Tour presented by Volume - Vienna
Camo & Krooked Aug 06, 2017
Camo & Krooked Aug 03, 2017
In October we are touring Austria with our brand new Mosaik live show and will bring Sub Focus, High Contrast, Mefjus, Kimyan Law and many more with us! The first show will be held in the Gasometer Vienna on the 6th Oct and you can WIN 2x2 tix for that. Just like and comment, and join the event, which we posted as first comment <3
Camo & Krooked Jul 31, 2017
Happy birthday Markus! I'm very grateful to have you with me on the journey of life, a great travel companion, music inspiration, a dude to have fun and make the best of every situation. We've built something nice over the years and music friends became family. I wish you all the best for the time to come and I am looking forward to another exciting year! :) 🎂🎉🎊 R.
Camo & Krooked Jul 08, 2017
It's been 2 weeks since Mosaik came out and the response has been overwhelming. Huge thanks to everyone supporting us on this never ending journey <3 What's your favorite tune of the album? This is the original handpainted portrait by Roman Träxler, on which our album cover is based on!
Camo & Krooked Jun 23, 2017
Now that MOSAIK is out today, we can finally get some rest :D Listen: Like + comment for a chance to win 2x1 signed Vinyl and 2x2 vip tickets for our NuFormsFestival next weekend!
Camo & Krooked Jun 21, 2017
For stories behind some or our favourite tunes of album 4 - check our MOSAIK diaries :) We are now live on FB with the full album and lots more background info!
Camo & Krooked Jun 20, 2017
"Dissolve Me" is one of our personal favorites on the album, hope you enjoy it as well:) MOSAIK out this Friday!
Camo & Krooked Jun 17, 2017
The college of higher education Salzburg made a mesmerizing video for "Come Together"! It's probably the most classic D&B piece on MOSAIK, which is finally hitting the shelves this Friday :)
Camo & Krooked Jun 13, 2017
Check the official video for „Like I Do Ft James Hersey“ on our VEVO channel:) The C&K x Filmspektakel Landscape-Timelapse-Trilogy is complete now. MOSAIK drops on 23/06/2017, very excited to show you the full thing, thanks for your support so far!<3
Camo & Krooked Jun 11, 2017
MOSAIK is out now! :) So awesome to finally be able to hold our "baby" in our own hands 😌🤣
Camo & Krooked Jun 02, 2017
As the countdown to MOSAIK continues "Like I Do" Ft. James Hersey is the next piece and OUT NOW :) Listen:
Camo & Krooked May 28, 2017
MOSAIK out 23/6/2017 - can't wait to show it to you guys! All preordered CDs and Vinyls through the RAM store will be signed by us :) Pre-order here:
Camo & Krooked May 23, 2017
Camo & Krooked - MOSAIK [Album Release: 23.06.2017] Artwork by the amazing Roman Träxler and BLKStudio:) Pre Order:
Camo & Krooked May 17, 2017
Those feelings working on a collab with Mefjus vs. when you finally nail that thing! "Mandala" OUT NOW:) Catch us, Mefjus, Dimension and many more at our MOSAIK Fabric show on 26/5 :) More MOSAIK stories:
Camo & Krooked May 14, 2017
Mefjus has been a good friend of ours for almost ten years. We exchange music knowledge and track ideas on a daily base. Our mindset is quite similar, but the music is pretty different. With "Mandala" we tried to make something that is both musically and sonically a mixture of our styles, breaking the barriers of subgenres within D&B.
Camo & Krooked May 07, 2017
Listen to our debut Essential Mix in full :) Share with your friends if you like the music <3
Camo & Krooked May 05, 2017
Tonight our BBC Radio1 essential mix will be airing while we are on album-finished-holidays in the Maledives and Sri Lanka :) Good times, very thankful🙏😌 #gopro5
Camo & Krooked Apr 21, 2017
Bootlegs4days - we finally got the chance to do an BBC Radio1 essential mix and working hard to get you as much exclusive material as possible:)
Camo & Krooked Apr 13, 2017
MOSAIK is finished and we couldn’t be happier about the outcome, cant wait to show it to you guys :) Next piece that we are going to reveal soon will feature our good buddy Mefjus! #Schnitzelpower
Camo & Krooked Mar 29, 2017
Here is the official video for Good Times Bad Times! Thanks for all the support on the "Mosaik" project so far :) Video by Filmspektakel