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Desire Lines
The Nights Are Cold
My Maudlin Career
The Sweetest Thing
If Looks Could Kill
If Looks Could Kill
Let's Get Out of This Country
Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi
Underachievers Please Try Harder
Camera Obscura Oct 19, 2017
Morning folks, we're having a sale on some of the items in our shop! You might want to check it out....
Camera Obscura Oct 11, 2017
We lost our dear friend and band mate two years ago. She is always in our thoughts. Love to Carey and thinking of all her family and friends today x
Camera Obscura Sep 29, 2017
Very happy to have been included on this playlist of bands recorded at Chem19 over the years. A great list of artists to be included with, and a great place to record music.
Camera Obscura Sep 27, 2017
Four years ago today, we filmed this.... The Troublemaker video was our nod to 70's and 80's sci fi, and was top fun to film. Lots of references to spot from Doctor Who and Blakes 7 to the Tomorrow People, Saphire and Steel and the film Death Watch.
Camera Obscura Sep 20, 2017
Love to all our friends in Mexico, Stay safe x
Camera Obscura Aug 19, 2017
You might remember some time back we mentioned that Chop Pop was creating a paper cover version of the Let's Get Out Of This Country video.... They have just finished it. 196 frames of hand done animation. Looks incredible. We'll let you know what happens with it.....
Camera Obscura Aug 17, 2017
Amor A Barcelona
Camera Obscura Aug 15, 2017
Nice to see French Navy in the Guardian's Unexpectedly good running tunes. Get your gutties on and go for a run.
Camera Obscura Aug 08, 2017
The artwork for Desire Lines now compliments the back wall of a charity shop in Glasgow, The Magpie's Eye Gallery, which rasies money for Starter Packs Glasgow (a charity which is, entirely coincidentally, managed by Gavin)
Camera Obscura Jun 18, 2017
Knee Deep At The NPL gets a mention in Glasgow Live's Top Ten songs about Glasgow.
Camera Obscura Jun 16, 2017
Thanks to the Going Up The Country Charity Pop Weekend 2017 and everyone who attended. £2161.49 has been raised for Sarcoma UK in Carey's name, which is a tremendous achievement. Thank you very much x
Camera Obscura Jun 10, 2017
Have a great weekend to everyone going to the Going Up The Country Charity Pop Weekend 2017, have a good one, and big thanks to everyone who helps raise money for Sarcoma UK for Carey.
Camera Obscura Jun 06, 2017
June was a popular month for releases at Obscura Towers. Today is the 11th Birthday of Let's Get Out Of This Country on Elefant Records in Europe and Merge Records in North America. Happy Birthday! Here is the title track, and another video by the wonderful Blair Young and Forest Of Black
Camera Obscura Jun 05, 2017
A wee reminder folks that this weekend is the Going Up The Country Weekender in Congleton. This year, they are raising money in memory of Carey for Sarcoma UK. If you live locally, its definitely worth a trip.
Camera Obscura Jun 03, 2017
Happy Birthday to Desire Lines, which came out four years ago today. Here is the title track as performed by us in our 4AD Session at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow.
Camera Obscura May 26, 2017
On this day in history..... Teenager was released in 2003 on Elefant Records. Our video was a tribute to Nuts In May. Smashed in at 182 in the UK charts.
Camera Obscura May 17, 2017
On this day in history...... in 2010, we released our 7" of The Nights Are Cold (Richard Hawley Cover) which came backed with Hawley's Remix of The Sweetest Thing
Camera Obscura May 15, 2017
Order one of these shirts and £10 goes to Sarcoma UK on behalf of Carey
Camera Obscura Apr 27, 2017
Eight years ago today we were playing in the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow. Much of the footage from this video was filmed on that very evening.
Camera Obscura Apr 20, 2017
Happy Anniversary to My Maudlin Career, our 4th album, which came out eight years ago today on 4AD
Camera Obscura Apr 19, 2017
Happy Anniversary to French Navy, which was released eight years ago this week!
Camera Obscura Mar 25, 2017
Loving the BBC Radio 6 Music Glasgow Music Map.
Camera Obscura Mar 09, 2017
Camera Obscura Feb 28, 2017
Honorary Obscura Francois has a new album, Solide Mirage out this Friday on Domino. Cannae wait!