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Call Us Forgotten Aug 06, 2018
Cram it and ram it, that’s what I always say 👊
Call Us Forgotten Aug 03, 2018
If you haven't had a chance to check out our latest release "Swaggernaut," listen below or find it on all streaming platforms.
Call Us Forgotten Jul 28, 2018
New song released today, now streaming on all platforms.
Call Us Forgotten Jul 14, 2018
Our bro Neil Engle produced the new Not My Weekend single. Check it out and whether you love the band or not, scope Neil for all your mixing and production needs!!
Call Us Forgotten Jun 30, 2018
If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out our latest release, give it a listen here.
Call Us Forgotten Jun 16, 2018
Call Us Forgotten Jun 09, 2018
New song dropped yesterday.
Call Us Forgotten Jun 09, 2018
Call Us Forgotten Jun 07, 2018
B-side single dropping on all streaming platforms tomorrow!
Call Us Forgotten Jun 07, 2018
We have a B side track coming out in a couple days for you guys. Thanks so much to all of you for all your support. We still manage to hold over 6,000 monthly listeners Spotify and that’s crazy to us. Get ready for this single.
Call Us Forgotten Jan 24, 2017
Hey guys, we worked with Neil Engle on A Hope Remains and he has been a bro ever since. He's been busting his ass and since working with our band, has done a ton of impressive work on some legit label projects (check out his discography credits and you'll definitely recognize some names). He's worked closely under Kristofer Crummett and is now managed by Stateside Management and booking projects of his own. We can say firsthand that Neil will put 120% into your project and do everything he can to capture your band and bring your project to life in a unique way to showcase to your current fans and capture new ones. So stoked to see how far he has come in his career and all he'll do in the future. He also has accommodations for out of state bands looking to get their new EP/LP nailed. We're proud of you man!!
Call Us Forgotten Nov 14, 2016
's cover photo
Call Us Forgotten Nov 14, 2016
Call Us Forgotten
Call Us Forgotten Nov 14, 2016
's cover photo
Call Us Forgotten Sep 01, 2016
Soo, I know for the last few years we've been hypin n shit, but, we actually have 2 new songs. Done. Mixed. Ready. . . . Get ready!
Call Us Forgotten Apr 13, 2016
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Call Us Forgotten Nov 01, 2015
Check out our homies in 0racle with their beasty new track. Well done lads!!
Call Us Forgotten Apr 12, 2015
Taking Call Us Forgotten international.
Call Us Forgotten Mar 09, 2015
Call Us Forgotten Mar 01, 2015
Call Us Forgotten Feb 24, 2015
You're welcome.
Call Us Forgotten Feb 15, 2015
Hey guys, guess what:)
Call Us Forgotten Feb 14, 2015
LOL!! Wow, Burnt Biscuits featuring another CUF song. Get it, Jesse.
Call Us Forgotten Jan 18, 2015
Our old bassist, Jesse, started a sketch comedy page on you tube. Show him some love.
Call Us Forgotten Dec 10, 2014
Haha you'll never look at the mockingjay the same