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In Contact
The Tide, The Thief & River's End (Re-issue 2017)
Moments from Ephemeral City (Re-issue 2017)
Caligula's Horse Mar 16, 2018
We're very pleased to announce that we'll be headlining Day 1 of the new Very Prog Festival in Toulouse on Friday October 12! More European announcements coming soon... stay tuned! - Jim
Caligula's Horse Mar 14, 2018
So while we're super keen for ProgPower EU in October, we wouldn't travel all the way to Europe for just the one show... News coming soon! Any guesses? [Picture sexy as fuck but unrelated.]
Caligula's Horse Mar 12, 2018
Wishing the happiest of birthdays to our baby boy Adrian, pictured here at the tender age of 2, accidentally wearing some OG C-Horse merch. Everyone show our special boy some love! ❤️❤️❤️🐴🐴🐴 - Jim
Caligula's Horse Mar 01, 2018
TBT to that time we joined Opeth in Pratteln, Switzerland. If you listen closely to the end of Daughter of the Mountain, you can hear Josh's snare drum being dropped down a canyon by our fearless TM and Sound Wizard Chris Edrich, bringer of all things spice. Enjoy that phone audio! - Jim
Caligula's Horse Feb 22, 2018
👌What should we be listening to in the lead up to PPEurope 2018? We've made a collaborative Spotify playlist for you to add your favourite tracks from the confirmed artists - AND to give you a crack at predicting tracks from the 7 unconfirmed bands!
Caligula's Horse Feb 21, 2018
Thrilled to announce we’ll be returning to Europe in October for ProgPower Festival! ...and we really mean it this time 😉🐴🐴🐴 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱
Caligula's Horse Feb 10, 2018
What does Sam Vallen dream about? Jim finds out exactly what he suspected all along. Comment with an appropriate emoji of Jim's reaction! 😮 wow reacts only 😮
Caligula's Horse Feb 08, 2018
Check out the new Prog Metal Essentials playlist on Spotify! You might recognise some spicy boys from Australia in the cover photo 🐴🐴🐴 Plus heeeeaps of good tunes on this list. Get amongst it! - Jim
Caligula's Horse Jan 22, 2018
Getting our submission in early for the InsideOutMusic Christmas Calendar, father and son edition feat. Baard Kolstad (Official) of Leprous - they grow up so fast.
Caligula's Horse Jan 16, 2018
"To disconnect from the shadow, I must leave the ground..." What's your favourite lyric from In Contact? - Jim [📸: Incredible snap taken by Paul Tadday Photography]
Caligula's Horse Jan 10, 2018
Our Melbourne show with Twelve Foot Ninja and I built the sky is officially SOLD OUT! This Friday will be huge - who's coming?
Caligula's Horse Jan 09, 2018
Hey Melbourne, how's it going? We've missed you heaps! 😘 We're headed your way on Friday for a huge show with Twelve Foot Ninja and I built the sky at 170 Russell! Come get amongst it with us and kick off 2018 the right way. [PS the right way involves riffs] - Jim
Caligula's Horse Dec 31, 2017
Fantastic way to close out 2017 with some In Contact love from the one and only Mike Portnoy - we can't wait to kick off 2018 with our mates in Twelve Foot Ninja and I built the sky in a few weeks! Stay safe everyone! ❤️ - Jim
Caligula's Horse Dec 22, 2017
Happy Holidays from Caligula's Horse! We hope you all have a safe holiday season, and spend time surrounded by friends and family. Before we sign off for the year, we thought we'd leave you with a very special treat. Earlier in the year, Adrian had a particularly bad flu. And it was his flu-ridden decision to create this monstrosity: a montage of behind-the-scenes footage from the Firelight film clip that (appropriately) feels like a fever dream. Witness this upsetting and mildly terrifying collage of Jim being a prima donna on set, falling out of frame into the mud, a goat, and a good time. Happy Fucking Holidays.
Caligula's Horse Dec 18, 2017
JOSH'S SPOTIFY TOP 10 OF '17! Another awesome playlist - we're starting to see some crossover here, but what are you going to do when the boys in Leprous and Pain of Salvation keep WRECKING OUR LISTS with their INCREDIBLE ALBUMS? Just follow the link: - Jim
Caligula's Horse Dec 15, 2017
JIM'S SPOTIFY TOP 10 OF '17 Sorted a pile of my varied favourite tunes from this year into a bit of a positively emotional musical journey - enjoy! - Jim
Caligula's Horse Dec 14, 2017
🎄 🎁 CHRISTMAS SALE! 🎁 🎄 All C-Horse merch 20% off for the rest of the year - Hit the link below and don't miss out! We want more Christmas-themed and absolutely shithouse C-Horse song title puns, hit the comments below with your best! - Jim
Caligula's Horse Dec 13, 2017
SAM'S SPOTIFY TOP 20 OF '17 He could’ve done a top 10, but then we’d all miss out on a whole pile of awesome non-album singles from this year. Dig in!
Caligula's Horse Dec 12, 2017
ADRIAN'S SPOTIFY TOP 10 OF 2017 Hey there facebook! This list encompasses the songs and artists that have inspired me this year. I've had the privilege of working with Voyager Australia, Ne Obliviscaris, The Iron Eye, The Stranger, Orsome Welles and Osaka Punch. (Still waiting on Leprous and Pain of Salvation ;) ) It's these artists that have forced me to create and think beyond what I do as a guitar player. They've made me dance in the kitchen, sing in the car, pump out one extra rep or run for an extra few minutes. If it was my 'Top 10 guitar nerd songs, it'd be VERY different. I hope you find something a little special in here, and if you know which clips I've done for those bands you can link them in the comments to spread the word! ENJOY! - Adrian
Caligula's Horse Dec 11, 2017
Starting tomorrow we'll be releasing our individual top songs of the year as a convenient link for you to enjoy on Spotify! Any guesses of which bands will be most likely to appear?
Caligula's Horse Dec 08, 2017
A very loving Happy Birthday to that guy that will wait until the drums are packed away before asking if we need help - Jim Grey. Your very many sounds that come out of your mouth are lovely, sometimes confusing, but for the most part. I think we have to agree - lovely. You know the rules, sad reacts only. 😥🍰
Caligula's Horse Dec 07, 2017
A very special welcome home to Ne Obliviscaris after a hugely successful US tour. Also, a very special apology to Tim Charles for replacing your beautiful violin leads with guitar nonsense! If you could hear any Caligula's Horse solo on violin what would it be? (No pressure Tim)
Caligula's Horse Dec 05, 2017
Sam recently rediscovered a solo from an In Contact song that he and I never finished - he loved the forgotten piece so much that he promptly relearned every note! We just might have to revisit this at some point... - Jim
Caligula's Horse Dec 03, 2017
That look from Josh when you forget to post a Happy Birthday on social media. Sad reaccs only please. ☹️ 🎂 [Follow the not quite birthday boy on Instagram: @joshgriffindrums]
Caligula's Horse Dec 01, 2017
The accolades for In Contact just keep rolling in - we've cracked the Top 10 in PopMatters Best Progressive Rock and Metal of 2017! Follow the link below to see the rest of the list: Here's an unrelated picture of us playing in the scorching heat in Barcelona for Be Prog. My Friend. for your enjoyment. [Image by]