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In Contact
The Tide, The Thief & River's End (Re-issue 2017)
Moments from Ephemeral City (Re-issue 2017)
Caligula's Horse Oct 13, 2017
Check out this great interview with Sam over at MusicRadar - "First guitars, lost loves, and a chord voicing you need to learn right now!" Hit the link below to find out more about Sam's guitar favourites: - Jim Grey [Image courtesy of Nicole Matthews]
Caligula's Horse Oct 09, 2017
As C-Horse unwind for the rest of the year, don't forget that our awesome pals in Voyager Australia are on tour in Europe right now! European friends take note and DO NOT MISS THIS BAND. They're bringing one of the most fun, lively, and all-around special live shows in the world. Get amongst it!
Caligula's Horse Oct 08, 2017
That's a wrap! Thanks to everyone who came along, and to all who made the In Contact tour a huge success. Much love to our intrepid crew, and special mention must go to our new friends in I built the sky. Absolutely incredible musicians, and the very best of touring companions! Brisbane: Did you make it into the pic? Tag yourselves and your mates! - Jim [Image courtesy of Gethin Hill Photography]
Caligula's Horse Oct 07, 2017
BRISBANE TONIGHT! The very last show of the In Contact tour is upon us. Roll on down to The Triffid for a night to remember - let's close this thing out in style. ❤️❤️❤️ - Jim [Image courtesy of Mark Hoffman Photography]
Caligula's Horse Oct 05, 2017
THREE SHOWS TO GO! The In Contact tour with I built the sky is rolling into Newcastle tonight, Sydney tomorrow, and then off to our hometown of Brisbane. It's been nothing but good times and good people so far, come join us to celebrate the new album! FYI Tickets for Sydney and Brisbane are really moving, so make sure to grab yours now at the link below! Tickets ▸▸▸ - Jim
Caligula's Horse Oct 01, 2017
THANK YOU MELBOURNE! The In Contact Tour has been incredible so far - shoutouts to our people in Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne for joining in and celebrating the new album with us! Next week brings us to Canberra, Newcastle, Sydney, and our home town of Brisbane! Be there, bring your mates, come have a sing, several beers, and a friendly mosh. Tickets available from - see you all soon! - Jim [Pic courtesy of Mark Hoffman Photography]
Caligula's Horse Sep 30, 2017
That's a Moustache Episode II: The Making of a Man Another one bites the dust #thatsamoustache See you tonight Melbourne! Tix available at and on the door. - Adrian
Caligula's Horse Sep 27, 2017
BEGIN! The boys are well and truly on the road - we'll see you in Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne THIS WEEK! Don't miss out - Get your tickets now:
Caligula's Horse Sep 26, 2017
IN CONTACT: TRACK BY TRACK Part 4: Graves Here it is, the final video in the Track by Track series, in which Sam and I talk at length about the inspiration and meaning behind the huge closing track of In Contact: Graves. This is probably my favourite song on the album, with some really personal themes that are very close to my heart. I hope you've enjoyed this series and some small insight into our creative process! Meanwhile, our Australian Tour kicks off THIS WEEK! Tickets are flying out the door, so don't miss out! ★TICKETS★: ★TOUR DATES★ THU SEP 28 ▸ Jack Rabbit Slim's, Perth FRI SEP 29 ▸ Fowler’s Live, Adelaide SAT SEP 30 ▸ Max Watt’s, Melbourne WED OCT 4 ▸ The Basement, Canberra THU OCT 5 ▸ The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle FRI OCT 6 ▸ The Factory Theatre, Sydney SAT OCT 7 ▸ The Triffid, Brisbane - Jim
Caligula's Horse Sep 24, 2017
Hi all, we're thrilled to let you know that In Contact has debuted at #50 in the Australian ARIA charts overall, and at #9 among Australian artists! For a band with no regular radio rotation, this is a huge achievement, but is entirely thanks to you guys. Thank you all for taking the time to seek out new music and to appreciate what we do. Keep spreading the word! - Jim
Caligula's Horse Sep 22, 2017
So we know what the critics think - but now that you've had a week to digest, how are you all enjoying In Contact? What are your favourites? Hit the comments thread below and let us know! - Jim
Caligula's Horse Sep 19, 2017
IN CONTACT: TRACK BY TRACK Part 3: Ink Now that you've had a chance to give In Contact a few spins, you can watch Part 3 of the Track by Track series! This time we're discussing the poet's chapter, Ink - including the meaning and process behind the spoken word piece, Inertia and the Weapon of the Wall. Check out the music video for Songs for No One here: AND DON'T FORGET: Purchase your copy of the album here (or at all good music retailers): - Jim
Caligula's Horse Sep 15, 2017
HAPPY IN CONTACT DAY! Our new album, In Contact, is finally here. We are incredibly proud of this album, and we hope that the music and stories contained within it connect with you in the way they have for us. So now we need your help! You, your friends, your family - make sure to grab your copy today! Let's push this thing far and wide this week, and help In Contact to make biggest splash possible. Without further ado, we present the official video for Songs for No One, produced by our very own Adrian Goleby. LISTEN, LOVE, SHARE! - Jim
Caligula's Horse Sep 14, 2017
1 DAY TO GO! Only one more night's sleep until we release our new album 'In Contact'! There's a little extra treat on the way too! -Adrian #hypetrain
Caligula's Horse Sep 13, 2017
2 DAYS TO GO! We're on the front cover of The Music magazine in Sydney and Melbourne, which is out today! Check it out! You can also read the feature story here ▸ Only 2 days to go until we release our new album 'In Contact' into the world! Get hyped! AUS Pre-Orders ▸ EU/UK Pre-Orders ▸ USA Pre-Orders ▸ Don't miss out on our upcoming Australian headline tour, kicking off in Perth on Sept 28! Grab your tickets ➤ Photo Credit Luke McClean of Shots For Bands
Caligula's Horse Sep 08, 2017
ONE WEEK TO GO! In Contact will finally be released in just 7 days time - who's hyped? Let the countdown begin! In the meantime, Adrian is working on something special... stay tuned! - Jim
Caligula's Horse Sep 07, 2017
IN CONTACT: TRACK BY TRACK Part 2: The Caretaker This time, Sam and I focussed on the concept and construction of the second chapter of In Contact, 'The Caretaker'. This series in which we discuss the details of the story and inspiration behind the new album (Read as: RIFE WITH SPOILERS) will continue... Pre-order the album now here: AUS Pre-Orders ▸ EU/UK Pre-Orders ▸ US Pre-Orders ▸ - Jim
Caligula's Horse Sep 05, 2017
We're very pleased to announce that we've joined the roster of Artery Global for UK/European bookings - looking forward to our next journey to Europe!
Caligula's Horse Sep 01, 2017
NEW SINGLE: SONGS FOR NO ONE Here it is! Another taste of In Contact, this time from the second chapter, 'The Caretaker'. Songs for No One carries great emotional weight for me personally - the ideal to be a force of positivity in the world is an enormous challenge, but one that we should all strive for. Enjoy, listen, love, share! - Jim Pre-order details: Digital pre-orders of ‘In Contact’ through iTunes & Amazon receive ‘Songs for No One’ & ‘Will’s Song (Let The Colours Run) immediately, and the track is available on streaming services now! The album is also available to pre-order on CD & 2LP + CD (including exclusive coloured versions). AUS Pre-Orders ▸ EU/UK Pre-Orders ▸ US Pre-Orders ▸
Caligula's Horse Aug 31, 2017
New music tomorrow? New music tomorrow. #newmusic #tomorrow
Caligula's Horse Aug 25, 2017
IN CONTACT: TRACK BY TRACK Part 1: To the Wind In this series, Sam and I discuss the details of the story and inspiration behind each chapter of In Contact - SPOILER ALERT! But if you'd like to hear about our process and what to expect from the album's journey, dig in. Pre-order your copy of 'In Contact' here: AUS Pre-Orders ▸ EU/UK Pre-Orders ▸ US Pre-Orders ▸ - Jim
Caligula's Horse Aug 23, 2017
Watch the official video for Will's Song (Let the Colours Run), the blistering first single from In Contact, right here! Remember, you can help In Contact make the biggest splash possible by pre-ordering your copy now: AUS Pre-Orders ▸ EU/UK Pre-Orders ▸ US Pre-Orders ▸
Caligula's Horse Aug 22, 2017
NEW MUSIC VIDEO! Prog have got the scoop - Watch the official video for Will's Song (Let the Colours Run) below! Don't forget to pre-order your copy of In Contact now: AUS Pre-Orders ▸ EU/UK Pre-Orders ▸ US Pre-Orders ▸
Caligula's Horse Aug 17, 2017
So these look pretty sexy... In Contact on limited edition coloured vinyl! Pre-order yours now at the links below: RED - Australian Pre-Order Special: ▸ CLEAR - Inside Out Music Shop Exclusive: ▸ BLACK - Available Worldwide Don't miss out! - Jim
Caligula's Horse Aug 10, 2017
Sam and I sat down with the good people over at Inside Out Music between shows while we were on tour in Europe, and had a good old chinwag about the concept of our new album "In Contact". There's plenty more juicy detail to come, but here's the first video in the series, in which we discuss the album's overall concept and its beautiful artwork. #notaboutaliens Pre-order In Contact now: AUS Pre-Orders ▸ EU/UK Pre-Orders ▸ US Pre-Orders ▸ - Jim