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Caliban at Musik & Frieden (April 5, 2018)
Venue: Musik & Frieden (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Caliban at Luxor (April 6, 2018)
Venue: Luxor (Cologne, Germany) Find tickets
Rock im Park Rock im Park 2018
Venue: Zeppelinfeld (Nuremberg, Germany) Find tickets
Caliban Mar 16, 2018
Yes! See what @patrickcaliban has in his hands!!! Our new baby ELEMENTS. Make sure to pre-order now! #caliban #elements #newalbum #centurymedia #centurymediaeu #impericon #emp #preorder #06.04.18 #stoked #inyourface
Caliban Mar 15, 2018
Krefeld! Patrick wird morgen zu Gast im Magnapop sein. Da gibts dann was auf die Ohren! Wer bock auf Metal hat - hin da!!!
Caliban Mar 14, 2018
You can find us at these days at Rock am Ring and Rock im Park. Come out and join us.
Caliban Mar 10, 2018
Have a good weekend fellas!!!
Caliban Mar 09, 2018
Hier unser Support für die 2 exklusiven Release Shows in Berlin und Köln. Herzlich Willkommen Anchors & Hearts. Die Tickets werden sehr knapp. Also ran da!
Caliban Mar 07, 2018
We have some fine bundles at available. Go check out the mighty Caliban fidget spinner!
Caliban Mar 06, 2018
In einem Monat ist es soweit und "Elements" ist endlich am Start. Wer Bock hat hört sich das Album auf einer der geplanten Release Parties an. Dort wird das Album in voller Länge laufen!
Caliban Mar 06, 2018
Our song #BeforeLaterBecomesNever was added to the #BreakingMetal Playlist on @AppleMusic. Give it a listen here:
Caliban Mar 05, 2018
Tickets selling fast!!! Wer ist hier noch ohne Fahrschein? Sichert euch die Karten an allen bekannten Vorverkaufsstellen.
Caliban Mar 02, 2018
Here you go!!! Our new video for "Before Later Becomes Never".
Caliban Mar 01, 2018
TOMORROW 11am - New song and video.
Caliban Feb 28, 2018
New video is coming on Friday!
Caliban Feb 27, 2018
Oh shit... Friday is coming for something new 🍭 #caliban #elements #newalbum #newvideo #whenlaterbecomesnever #centurymedia #centurymediaeu #2 #thatguyfromthatband #longhair #oz #australia #downunder #tais
Caliban Feb 26, 2018
Our album "Elements" is currently featured on iTunes under the Pre-Order link in Germany and the UK. Genre: Metal Pre-order Slider Germany / UK Go and check this out!!!
Caliban Feb 26, 2018
We are happy, cause Caliban has been added into two Spotify Filtr Playlists (Worldwide): ‘Make Rock Great Again’ & ‘Metal Hits’ And one Apple Music playlist (Worldwide): ‘Trends: Metal’ Check out and join - links below:
Caliban Feb 23, 2018
Listen to our first single "Intoxicated" on Apple Music and/or pre-order the album "Elements" on iTunes! ▶
Caliban Feb 22, 2018
Impericon offers an awesome Pre-Order Package. Check it out and get yours!
Caliban Feb 22, 2018
Different Pre-Order Packages available here! Did you place your order already? If not do so and check this out.
Caliban Feb 21, 2018
Budapest!!! We are coming to your beautiful city again in June with awesome bands like Bullet for My Valentine, Asking Alexandria and Bless The Fall. Super stoked to play Budapest Park. Wow...
Caliban Feb 20, 2018
50% of ALL tickets sold!!! If you wanna join - HURRY UP #caliban #elements #release #show #cologne #berlin #eswirdeng #hurryup #tickets #selling #fast #impericon #eventim #emp #kingstar #centurymedia #centurymediaeu
Caliban Feb 20, 2018
Our first show for 2018 will be at the Rise Up Festival 2018 in Austria. Hope to catch you there!!!
Caliban Feb 17, 2018
Before we leave you into this weekend a little last tease! We are unbelievably proud to announce that our friend Brian Head Welch of the mighty Korn and Love and Death also did a vocal-feature on our upcoming album ELEMENTS. Horns up!!!
Caliban Feb 16, 2018
Here you go again...another great dude who shared his voice with us...back in the days and now again...say hello to @kotschekotsche #caliban #newalbum #elements #shadowhearts #forsakenhorizon #callejon #guestvocals #friday #weekend #teamgeil
Caliban Feb 16, 2018
Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to these two amazing fvckers who did also a guest vocal feature on “Elements”... @sebastiansushi @matthias_odysseus #caliban #elements #newalbum #soon #eskimocallboy #sushi #nasty #intoxicated #ichblutefuerdich #vocals #studio #scenelove
Caliban Feb 16, 2018
Do yourself a favor and check out this playlist. Including Intoxicated!